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I’m even willing to ignore her belief that the hardest thing about being a woman is deciding what to wear. In 2016, we must demand better heroes because we cannot leave a world where we are told we are not to be valued because of the journey towards our true genders, only to enter a world where we are only valued because of the journey towards our true genders. Regardless of Corbyn’s actual intentions, the news item has gotten people discussing the possibility of a pact once again. As I suspected would happen, when I first wrote a piece on this issue earlier this year, there’s been a sceptical and sometimes angry reaction from some elements within the Green Party. I’d like to respond to anti-pact sentiments, and to that article in particular. Notorious for their anthemic, straight up punk rock with the odd bits and pieces borrowed from rockabilly, hardcore and street punk, the Manchester based band are infamous among fans for their energetic and powerful live performances (I once described them to a friend when I was fifteen as the best live band on the planet after seeing them open for Misfits on their 30th anniversary tour). But like many in the punk scene, Goldblade are also known for their political and social conscience, and so we decided to talk with their frontman John Robb about his political outlook, the relationship it has to his music and how he views it in a wider political context as part of our series Music That Matters. How else can you identify the crime and help the victim. This is a very simple analogy to a very complicated issue: rape and sexual assault. The factors that protect rape and rapists are the same that perpetuate rape culture; victim blaming, lack of education, and the fallibility of consent. Over the last year I have been troubled with the Norfolk Constabulary’s attitudes towards consent and their continual victim blaming. Sure, I have a rigorous job, but it’s certainly nothing like the dirty, tiring job my dad had or the chicken farm jobs my far-too-young mum had to take on as a child. I’m the first generation in my family to be enabled to think for a job and when I stop to contemplate about what that means I’m so grateful for the sacrifices that others have made to get me here but also, sadly, embarrassed by how I’m spending my opportunity, my ability. From the creative process that designers progress through to create high fashion pieces, to the advertising campaigns used to sell them, fashion design influences the masses. But this is where the industry often encounters conflict: thousands of people are being diagnosed with eating disorders each year, and many are pointing their fingers at the fashion industry, for itss insinuation that thinness represents the epitome of beauty. Failure to comply with this new ruling could lead to up to 6 months in prison and a ? 4,000 fine.

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. State ends its season after losing to Lipscomb 94-93 in the NIT quarterfinals at Reynolds Coliseum. NC State battles LIpscome in NIT action in Raleigh, Wednesday night March 27, 2019. After a season of close calls, where does NC State go from here? NC State’s basketball team had some tense moments and good wins this season but it was mostly a season of close calls. The NC State Wolfpack faced the Lipscomb University Bisons in the quarterfinals of the NIT on Wednesday night at Reynolds Coliseum in Raleigh, North Carolina. NC State’s star freshman already has sophomore status in the eyes of her coach. Greensboro-bound: NC State advances to Sweet 16 with win over Kentucky. Photo Gallery: NC State defeats Hofstra in first round of NIT. Photo Gallery: Virginia defeats NC State in ACC quarterfinals. Photo Gallery: NC State defeats Clemson in ACC Tournament. Photo Gallery: NC State defeats Boston College in overtime. Photo Gallery: Duke defeats NC State at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Photo Gallery: Boo Corrigan is introduced as NC State’s new athletics director. Photo Gallery: NC State loses to Virginia in overtime. During this week's bye and before the Packers return to action on Nov. 9 against the Chicago Bears, defensive coordinator Dom Capers will have to decide whether to continue using both Sam Barrington and Jamari Lattimore in the spot that actually belonged to Brad Jones to start the season.

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Many times we don't even know why we did them! Yeah, that ain’t your typical legal writing, especially against the general dry as dust stuff most Michigan cases feature. It’s one reason why the brief, an amicus brief brought on behalf of the students at Father Richard Gabriel High School in Ann Arbor, has become one of the most interesting bits of legal reading one can honestly enjoy. Just to review, Michigan is one state that has allowed for an automatic sentence for juveniles to life in prison without the option or hope of parole. In 2012, the U. . Supreme Court held such punishment was unconstitutional. What was left undecided, however, was whether the ruling applied only to sentences going forward or if it was retroactive and meant any juveniles sentenced to automatic life in prison without possibility parole must receive a parole hearing or be resentenced. The Michigan Court of Appeals said it was prospective, which also is the position of Attorney General Bill Schuette. But in a passionate series of conclusions and orders U. . District Judge John Corbett O’Meara said the state should immediately begin scheduling hearings for the more than 300 persons sentenced as juveniles in Michigan to automatic life without parole. The U. . 6th Circuit Court of Appeals has stayed that order for the time being. So that’s what the issue is going before the Supreme Court on March 6: should the state at least hold parole hearings for those juveniles convicted with otherwise no hope of parole. Leading up to argument the court has allowed a big pile of amicus briefs in, far more than one generally sees in say, oooh, right of way cases.

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Playwright Sarah Burgess (Dry Powder) and Tony-winning director Thomas Kail (Hamilton, Tiny Beautiful Things, Dry Powder) team up again for KINGS, a hilariously blistering new play about money, politics and the state of the American republic. Kate is a whip-smart lobbyist who doesn't waste her time on anyone who can't get elected, stay elected and help her clients get what they want. Kate thinks Representative Sydney Millsap is a political neophyte whose staunch ideals are going to cost her a burgeoning political career. But Representative Millsap and her high-minded principles turn out to be more resilient than Washington was expecting, and for the first time Kate is faced with a choice that might change everything for her: back the system, or back what she believes in? KINGS is a scathingly funny new play about the people at the heart of our democracy. Hotbed explores the vibrant political and artistic scene of Greenwich Village in the early 20th century, where men and women joined forces across the boundaries of class and race to fight for a better world. At the heart of the downtown radicals' crusade lay women's rights: to control their own bodies, to do meaningful work, and above all, to vote. Immersive installations and more than 100 artifacts and images—drawn from New-York Historical's archives and several private collections—bring to life the bohemian scene and its energetic activist spirit. The exhibition is curated by Joanna Scutts, Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Women's History, and Sarah Gordon, Senior Postdoctoral Marie Zimmermann Legacy Fellow in Women's History, under the direction of Valerie Paley, vice president, chief historian, and director of the Center for Women's History at the New-York Historical Society, and is on view in the Joyce B. Daniel Alexander Jones returns to Joe's Pub as Jomama Jones, his critically-acclaimed alter-ego, in BLACK LIGHT. Commissioned as part of Joe's Pub's NEW YORK VOICES program, BLACK LIGHT is a musical revival for a turbulent time. The Hannah Senesh Community Day School in Carroll Gardens hosts its annual Hanukkah Community Art Festival. This holiday art fair is Brooklyn's most popular Hanukkah event featuring a variety of art workshops featuring. As a way to actively engage visitors in a conversation about immigration issues, FOLD: Golden Venture Paper Sculptures will present the story of the passengers of the Golden Venture, a ship carrying 286 undocumented Chinese passengers that ran aground in New York City in 1993. Selected from MOCA's collection, over forty sculptures collectively created by the immigrants while detained for years at York County Prison will be on display. Through symbolic representations that include caged birds and American eagles, the sculptures give shape to both the quantitative and qualitative time spent waiting for uncertain legal outcomes.