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The scene between Jon and Drogon having a face to face meeting was awesome. Watching Littlefinger squirm is always fun and Ser Davos continues to be one of my favourite characters. I thought it seemed cold between them last week and that seems to be true, with neither seemingly very trusting of the other. I don't quite see a point with spending time on him now but I guess we'll hopefully see why he's returned in the near future. Davos finding him in KL IMO has been probably the only real 'filler' scene to this season, but yeah that might be justified soon hopefully. I think he's struggling internally with what he's doing, and seeing him looking over the dead Lannister soldiers IMO was pretty telling. I don't know. I'm probably thinking about it too much. We saw where they started, and where they finished. Why are they going back beyond the wall and not to Winterfell. It could be that Sansa and Arya were never close to begin with. I remembered back in days when the Starks 1st arrived in KL; Joffrey lied, accusing Arya's Direwolf attacked him and it was put to death. Come to think of it, Gendry never had a important part even in the earlier seasons. I guess he's here now to represent house Baratheon. I'd have presumed he would have always thought his sister was kidnapped and not from consent. Even this show wouldn't go that far with a season and a bit to go. It's not a metal, so don't know how useful he'll be in forging glass weapons.

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Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf’s administration said roughly 520 employees will have received the notices by Tuesday. The employees’ last day on the job will be Dec. 19, when the Wolf administration plans to close unemployment compensation service centers in Allentown, Altoona and Lancaster. Labor and Industry Department spokeswoman Sara Goulet (goo-LAY) says the administration has no other source of money to keep the centers open. Goulet says people will encounter longer waits when they call the remaining centers and potentially slower claims processing. The GOP-controlled Senate adjourned until January without voting on it. The CHR said the fact that the burial rites were kept from the public affirmed the Marcoses’ history of stealing from the nation’s coffers. “He who lives the life of a thief, gets buried like a thief,” it said. “They stole from the coffers of government and deprived us of our dignity. Black Friday protest On Monday, Migrante International called on its chapters and all Filipinos worldwide to join the Black Friday Protest on Nov. 25 at Manila’s Rizal Park to express unity and rage against the burial. “Wherever we are in the world, let us all gather together and hold accountable the Duterte administration and the Supreme Court for this travesty. Let us continue to struggle for justice, genuine freedom and democracy against a system that continues to breed dictators and oppressors,” Marra Macaspac, Migrante Youth spokesperson, said in a statement. Express outrage Protesters were urged to wear black and express their outrage through social media. “Marcos is no hero. Generations upon generations of overseas Filipinos know this, especially those who were forced to flee the country in fear of their lives during martial law,” Macaspac said.


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Not Snow. I don’t doubt that will happen as well, but I am hoping they finally get to Castle Black this week and don’t continue to drag it out. He was sad, because he had to fight Ser Arthur Dayne, and I think he was sad because he expected to lose. He would have lost too, if it wasn’t for Howland Reed. Who probably poisoned Dayne in the books, but in the show will probably just pretend to be dead and then get up and stab Dayne when he’s not looking. The sword is thousands of years old and likely has an important role to play in the War of the Winter, the Second Long Night. People have spent 20 years reading a series that still has two more books to go, so they have a lot of built up expectations going into this, and a lot different elements they’d like to see incorporated into a TV show about their favorite book series. I’m not going to rage, but I’m not going to pretend to be ok with it either. I’m disappointed, but I’m disappointed with a lot of the things the show has chosen to leave out, and happy with others. However, most book readers are smart enough to realize that any book to film adaptation is going to have a lot of compromise for the sake of run time, expense, etc. But if you’re going around saying you didn’t give a crap about Dawn in the books, lol, what kind of fantasy fan are you. Magic swords, magic armor, and other magical items are almost like characters themselves and add a lot of depth and history to a story, especially an epic fantasy story. I think it makes perfect sense for the man to be determined and resolute, when he wants to save his sister, who he thinks was kidnaped and raped. In the end it, like all others it will be proven to be fake. He was fighting 7 guys, of course he would turn his back to someone eventually, it just happened to be Reed. Rickon is essentially a plot device to get Jon to leave the Night’s Watch. I feel like I have far less of a handle on Oathbreaker than I did on Home.


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(CC) CZJDOHao20 (CC) SSi D Matter of Principle. Polygamy In me Mountain Weat This look at plural marriage examines the lifestyles and beliefs of its practitioners. BE America's Most Wanted O E CD L OR Street Legal Leon. Billy Crystal. GDL FuH House Michelle learns about caring for a pet when she wins a goldfish at a carnival. (CO CXI M Ad Lib Avec Jean-Pierre Coaiiier. EST After Henry CSV Inside Edition GD David Copperf laid David proposes to Dora; Miss Trotwood loses all her money. Assumpta Serna. (SC) QD E Arsenio Hall (3D L Moviei The Champagne Murdera (1968) Anthony Perkins. Plus, we read and discuss listener-submitted confessions from England (Hexam Heads! , Illinois (Resurecction Mary! , Pennsylvania (Cry Baby Bridge! and more. Here are a few headings and my favourite for each. Some say the genre’s having a boom right now. Suits me. In both cases, I’ve seen more films I’d consider daft than serious or scary horror, which is definitely my preference.


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Silly Putty B. Etch-A-Sketch C. Lite-Brite D. Play-Doh Answer: D 21. Who was the first American female to patent her invention, a method of weaving straw with silk? A. Marjorie Joyner B. Margaret Knight C. Amanda Jones D. Mary Kies Answer: D 22. Michael Faraday B. Fahrenheit C. Sir Alexander Graham Bell D. Email Details Category: Books and Authors Hits: 105 1. Charles Dickens B. Ernest Hemingway C. Thomas Hardy D.


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Speaking of Father Tomas, it seems he is still a doubting Thomas, despite all the evidence that has been shown to him so far. Or at least he’s still not willing to rock the boat when it comes to his religious elders. And then there’s the matter of his old flame, Jessica. Give the Devil an inch and he will find a way to break you. Speaking of the devil, his hooks seem firmly in control of Casey, who starts to see a strange man, and yet is completely comfortable around him. Is this the Devil himself, come to visit and manipulate her. The first time we see this man, would indicate this. He visits Casey at the Lacrosse game, where she gets her “Carrie” on and uses some telekinetic ability to snap an opponents’ leg. When her mother Angela gets suspicious and deceptively makes Casey drink some Holy water, you’d think that the game was up, and yet, the Force is strong with this one, as Casey contains herself long enough to get through dinner before barfing up pea soup into the toilet. How long can she hold up this guise though, when there are bloody centipedes appearing under her pillow. One great piece that come out of this episode was actually centred away from The Rance’s and the priesthood and into the neighbourhood. Throughout the episode, we are shown a young guy with headphones cruising in and out of shot, leading the audience to think that there was a potential back-story that we would follow with this character. Little did we know it was a rouse to show the true length of the Devil’s reach within the community as said headphones is dispatched along with his family in a massive bloodbath and all their organs are removed. Are we about to witness a blood pact or sacrifice ala The Wicker Man. Whatever lay ahead, it doesn’t bode well for the locals. The closing image of the episode was a poster announcing the arrival of the Pope, coming to town, but strangely the image is of the back of the Pope. Could this infer that it’s not the arrival of The Pope that we should be prepared for, something much worse.


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Asavvasoon! Asavvasoon! (And to my son, the stallion who will mount the world, I will also pledge a gift. I will give him the iron chair that his mother's father sat upon. I will take my Khalasar west to where the world ends and ride wooden horses across the black salt water as no Khal has done before. I will kill the men in iron suits and tear down their stone houses. I will rape their women, take their children as slaves and bring their broken gods back to Vaes Dothrak. I swear before the Mother of Mountains as the stars look down in witness. Eyel varthasoe she ilekaan rikhoya arrekaan vekha vosi yeroon vosma tolorro! (I will not have you burned. When Dothraki are defeated in combat they cut off their braid so the whole world can see their shame. He's a savage of course, but he's one of the finest killers alive. He owns a palace in Vaes Dothrak and a nine-towered mansion in Pentos, given to him by the magisters of the city to buy him off to avoid the Dothraki looting the city. Drogo is injured not by Mago, but during a battle against another khalasar, by a bloodrider of a rival khal. In the books, the Dothraki adorn their long hair braids with various small bells, adding new ones for each victory. Game of Thrones 7x04 - Jon Snow and Daenerys in the dragonglass cave Davos Seaworth Game of Thrones, Season 7, Episode 4. Jon meets Theon again QraY Jon is furious after he sees Theon again All Rights reserved by HBO.


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