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Other issues explored in the module include the modes of production associated with European trash film, as well as its representations of race, gender and sexuality. It will explore the concept of enterprise in relation to film, exploring what it is like to work as a freelance worker in the contemporary film business. Through a range of teaching approaches, which include interactive lectures, field trips, and guest speakers, you will investigate the techniques, processes and practices of innovation and enterprise. Through set readings, class discussions, e-learning and directed study tasks, we will identify and explore key debates, theoretical perspectives and concepts in studies of science fiction, so that you can develop your familiarity with this theoretical field. You will engage critically with a specific science fiction text by drawing on weekly course topics to expand your text through creative, experimental and innovative transmedia storytelling. Through this work, you will offer research-based, critical reflection on the relationship between science fiction texts and their wider social, cultural, political and technological contexts, on both a national and an international scale. This unit presumes no prior knowledge of film studies, and your introductory film skilling will be further expanded in the module Hollywood: Early Film to Blockbusters, which considers a wide range of American film formats. Further modules such as Foundations of Filmmaking allow you to experiment and develop your own short film styles and techniques, while Documentary: Theory and Practice offers you the opportunity to create your own realist films based on documentary debates in the field. As well as being able to undertake a range of optional modules around topics such as Fandom and Subcultures and Gender, Sexuality and the Body, this second year of study also provides a dedicated module on Festival programming, which outlines the key industry skills associated with the staging of cinema events. For instance, the module Global Cinema Narratives will outline the features and importance of non-Western variants of film. This module will be complimented by optional modules on Bollywood Film, Cult Film and Horror Narratives which all consider issues of film genre within global contexts. As the culmination of your final year of study you will also undertake the Major Project module, which allows you to carry out an independent study of an aspect of cinema theory, film practice or an industry convention that has interested you as a result of your time on the BA (Hons) Film Studies course. His academic interests are in the areas of film, media, cultural studies, and creative industries including: Bollywood cinema, Black British representation, popular music, diasporic and transnational media, television studies, and in cultural theory and qualitative research methods as applied to popular culture and creative industries research. He particularly draws on interdisciplinary approaches from Film and Media Studies, Cultural Studies, and Sociology to think about the development of screen theory and how best to analyse the relationship between screen industries, texts and audiences. His research interests include film and television genres, celebrity and stardom, the pornography debate, the sexualisation of contemporary media culture and contemporary cultural theory.

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Marzieh Hashemi is being used as a hostage for the purpose of threatening the nation of Iran, and opponents of America's international policies everywhere. This action is also an attack on independent journalism and the freedom of the press. The arbitrary arrest and detention without trial of Marzieh Hashemi is an affront to civilized legal procedure, and the denial of her rights as a Muslim while in custody is an attack on religious liberty and a violation of human rights,” Preston said. Denis Rancourt, international Canadian lawyer “There can be no valid reason that the FBI has arrested Iran's renowned TV anchor Marzieh Hashemi on arrival in the USA to visit her sick brother. There is also no valid reason that her personal dignity was violated by her detention conditions. This is an egregious violation of international journalistic freedom. I have viewed many of Ms. Hashemi's investigative reports and I have found them to always be of the highest standards. The incident appears as illegal intimidation that is geopolitically-motivated. The USA is acting like a lawless bully in this matter,” Rancourt said. Lauren Booth, Muslim convert and sister-in-law of ex-UK premier Tony Blair “Marzieh is a personal friend and fellow journalist. I expect all agencies involved in the protection of journalists to call US authorities to account for holding our colleague without charge and without reason,” Booth said. Myles Hoenig, American social activist “The World Press Freedom index has put the US in 2018 in 45th place. Ever since, the National Defense Authorization Act journalism and its professionals have been under attack in the US. This most recent abduction of a Press TV journalist by the FBI is unacceptable and Ms.


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A world of knowledge at a soon to be maester's fingertips. Knowledge is power. Enemies lurking in all corners of the Seven Kingdoms. A small mocking bird aligns himself with the North (knowing that the key to the North is the eldest daughter). A once proud garden of roses now reduced to one single bloom. And this particular rose knows how the game is played. She has thorns. Snakes slither around, protecting themselves in the garden of roses, combining forces. eadying their aim to strike. The young bear cub shows her grit, spunk and tenacity whilst declaring her allegiance to the North. A new King in the North proclaimed, the white wolf. A cynic is now the second most powerful man in the East, placing his belief in his undoubted Queen. Hand of the Queen. Long may she reign. Dragons fly around, intimidating and powerful, to help guide the way of the massive forces headed West.


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MrPriestInc 5 mesi fa This channel has really gone downhill Iluvatar223 5 mesi fa Yeah no way. Yoshi C 5 mesi fa The books were written far before these two broke up, let alone hooked up lol Melissa Blackwood 5 mesi fa It's possible that Bronn took Pod to free Ellaria from the dungeon, where she's being kept alive to watch Tyene decompose. Bronn and Tyene had a connection in Dorne, and it hasn't been paid off. Would be cool if Bronn met up with Jaime and then Ellaria showed up later with the Dornish army. Liam robertson 5 mesi fa All hail Jon snow (aegon targaryen vii of his name the rightful heir to the iron throne, king of the andals and the first men, the white wolf, the targaryen wolf, the dragon raised by wolves, the king in the north, the 998th lord commander of the knights watch, the bastard of winterfell Cybrludite 5 mesi fa Why not both. Solid channel but only 50%of videos worth watching CrImSoN1708 5 mesi fa I don't stretch this much even before I work out. hat's because i don't work out but that's not the point. 5Element Control 5 mesi fa This theory is so stupid I wanna Dracarys it. Jerom and Lena not wanting to be in the same scene is true yes. And it is true they could have filmed separate shots of Jerom Flynn (Bron) to include in the Dragonpit scene (just letting him be passive and watch and patch those shots up with the rest). The two did have a scene together in season 3 when Cersei was visintg Tyrion after the Battle of Blackwater. All it took was they didn't have any interactions and Cersei (Lena) moved out of the scene immediately when Bron showed up. But they could not made that scene happen without the both of them who were key in the scenario. In the case of the Dragon pit, however, it would extra effort for showing us these two (Bron and Pod) when they had to active part to play versus easily removing them from the scene. I am the most tinfoil fan theory fan person of all times.


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Each playable character in The Walking Dead has unique abilities, skill trees, squad roles, play styles and background stories. Overkill’s The Walking Dead was announced in August 2014 but was delayed in January 2016 and pushed into late 2017. Back in May, it was delayed a second time into late 2018. A release date still hasn’t been set for Overkill’s The Walking Dead, but it’s expected sometime this fall on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. While the company’s long-awaited Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes got quite a bit of press, the launch of the far more novel Fargate container service stayed under the radar. You pick your container orchestration engine and the service does the rest. There’s no need for managing individual servers or clusters. Instead, you simply tells ECS or EKS that you want to launch a container with Fargate, define the CPU and memory requirements of your application and let the service handle the rest. To Vogels, who also published a longer blog post on Fargate today, the service is part of the company’s mission to help developers focus on their applications — and not the infrastructure. “I always compare it a bit to the early days of cloud,” said Vogels. “Before we had AWS, there were only virtual machines. And many companies build successful businesses around it. He also noted that the original promise of AWS was that AWS would worry about running the infrastructure while developers got to focus on what mattered for their businesses. It’s services like Fargate and maybe also Lambda that take this overall philosophy the furthest. Even with a container service like ECS or EKS, though, the clusters still don’t run completely automatically and you still end up provisioning capacity that you don’t need all the time.


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Respectful of Hope’s loss, he’s very much in love with her and hoping to start a life with her, even though he realizes that might expose her to the dangerous secret the Dumaine family hides. He has also appeared in shows like “Madam Secretary” and “Gossip Girl. On the film side, he has appeared in “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” “The Curse of Sleeping Beauty,” and “In Time. . John Dahl will direct and executive produce the pilot. Kelly Police questioning 'persons of interest' in Jussie Smollett caseIrish weather: Watch moment TV3 reporter gets hit with a snowball during live broadcast. Watch moment Irish news reporter gets hit by snowball during live broadcast tv3 news reporter. She joined the Charter TV3 team in June, 2014 as a Freelance News Reporter. Olivia graduated from Bridgewater State University in 2014 with a BA degree in Communications Studies. Virgin Media News (formerly TV3 News and then 3News Ireland) is a news division of Virgin Media Television in the Republic of Ireland which produces news and current affairs programming broadcast on its freetoair channels Virgin Media One, Virgin Media Two and Virgin Media Three. Median salary. 45, 000 year. 25, 600. 85, 000. Television News Reporter at TV3 Estonia.