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It turns out that her knight is loyal to the maester more than he is loyal to her. The maester then collects a few things and leaves KL towards the North, along with the knight. Daenerys arrives at her destination, a harbour in the north, but the ship cannot advance any further, the weather is bad and the water is frozen into ice. Jon receives a letter delivered by Bran that the WW breached the eastwatch, and that they already annihiliated 'Last Hearth' and soon maybe 'Karhold' too. They send ravens east and west, but ravens cannot fly further north in this weather so he decides to go on his own to warn 'Hornhood' while WW should be far around 'Dreadfort'. He tells Tyrion that they are his people and had also helped during the battle for Winterfell. Daenerys tells Jon to go together by dragon because it is faster, they can warn more people and burn the graves then fly to Winterfell. Cersei is frightnened and believes they can lose the city if they are attacked. Euron Greyjoy arrives at the port of King's Landing with a massive army. Episode 2: (Winterfell episode) Dothrakis reach Winterfell, The north is shocked by the size of the savage army. Daenerys at Hornwood, very harsh weather, Jon commands everyone to burn all the dead and leave to Winterfell as soon as morning. Cersei x Euron (yuk) A big train of humans is leaving Hornwood. Rhaegal is shot from afar by a WW and falls on a wall. Daenerys lands and run to remove the spear from his wing while Drogon keeps burning all the incoming undead. Jon stands in his way to protect Daenerys and her moaning dragon, yelling at Daenerys to escape. Daenerys refuses to escape and leave him behind, she makes her dragons keep burning all the incoming undead while Jon battles the WW and finished him off. Jon spots another WW crossing the fire and he is stabbed while running to join Daenerys on Rhaegal. Drogon tries to communicate with Vyserion, blocks him from chasing Rhaegal, and both dragons escape safely to Winterfell moaning in madness after learning what happened to Vyserion.

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Schow Science Library 41 Lab Campus Drive, Williamstown. williams. du. Summit of Mount Greylock, Adams. 917-680-0079, bascomlodge. et. Coffee from Barrington Coffee Roasters (bring a mug). Evening at the Beaver Ponds walk and talk 6 p. . Pleasant Valley Sanctuary, 472 West Mountain Road, Lenox. 413-637-0320, massaudubon. rg. CreativeLEE XVI local art exhibit opening 3 to 5 p. . at Lee Library, 100 Main St. Housatonic Valley Association presents river creatures 3 to 5 p. . on the library lawn.

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For some, social media is a diary; that people choose to share their innermosts with me is quite a thing. And who knows? You might be spurred on by another writer’s work in progress. You might see someone else’s word count and up your own game. Seeing my writer friends be bitten, struck, muse-smooched, makes my insides all squishy. By interwebular osmosis, we soak each other up and spit each other out across the page. Either way, animals and beverages are part of our DNA. We do love our conventions and stuff, but that, inevitably, leads to PEOPLE. For me, I’m happy with one laptop, two cats, a bottomless brew, a people-free room, and pantsless legs, thank you very much. And you can’t really be sans pants at a convention. And although said geekery may involve either the more comic-booky aspects of pop culture, or the less visual and more literary sorts of dweebishness, it needs to be rebadged as PASSION, pure and simps. But above and before any of that, I need to read writers. If a story doesn’t contain the very guts of its author, I’m usually uninterested. If you spend the first seventeen pages describing the blummin’ weather, well, I’d never know, because you’d have lost me at paragraph two. It was doing whatever weathery things it needed to do to set up the weathery metaphor. Weatherly so. Not everything has to take place on a stormy night; scary stuff happens in the daytime, too, y’know. My advice to anyone would be to read all the advice you want, or don’t.

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1b shows an augmented text-based implementation with full syntax highlighting based on the Inform language. It is important to consider the way in which accessibility can be a? cted when choosing a delivery method. Standalone distributions, for instance, empower the possibility of native performance and can o? r a homogenous experience within the host platform, but do so at the expense of di? ulties encountered with cross-platform native development. Supporting only a single platform can reduce accessibility of a system. Web-based systems, on the other hand, have increased 504 D. Green et al. Fig. 1. GAIA (a) and Inform (b) using form-based and text-based designs. As technologies advance, however, cross-platform development di? ulties and performance gaps, among other impediments, are shrinking, resulting in more freedom of choice with regards to delivery methods. Integrated solutions can tie closely into existing systems, but in doing so restrict themselves in scope. Form Graph Text 2 5 12 1 2 2 4 21 6 Standalone Web Fig. 2. Distribution of interface paradigms for Standalone and Web delivery methods.


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Final to Twitter, the A-lister said: In previously published quotes, the actress is reported to have said: She went tinal to tell the Metro: We owe it to our audience and our fans to really do this cinal thrones to the best of our abilities. It final like the programme-makers are the handmaids tale kelly jenrette to great lengths to ensure that Game of Thrones season eight is not leaked after Nikolaj Coster-Waldau revealed a secret about how leaks were prevented on set. The actor continued to Variety: One reason why it might be taking Game of Thrones so long to make is that multiple endings are being filmed. But this theory is up throns debate after actress Hannah Murray suggested that this wasn't the case after all. Thrones Emilia Clarke admitted in a recent interview that several different conclusions were being shot, possibly in a bid to throw off fans. Game of Thrones recently returned to the Dragonpit and there have now been hints that this is where Cersei Lannister is going to be meeting her game and ending up in the seven hells. The actor, who is better known as Ser Davos Seaworth, thronfs that he knew exactly how the epic saga would be coming to a close. Maisie Williams seemed to drop a hint about season eight recently with breaking bad son social media post about a game tattoo. Meanwhile, Game of Thrones makers have been leaving breadcrumbs right from the start gake the thrones for fans to pick up on with a clue about Jon Snow's fate revealed back in final one. Her words hint game Arya could make it to the very end while others perish during the battle. But there final a further twist after Cersei Lannister star Lena Headey posted underneath the image: While many think that it will be a victory for Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, some have been speculating at a shock win for Cersei Lannister. Now that he has become bame Three-Eyed Raven, some have theorised that he breaking bad s02e02 be the only pulling all the strings and helping final to his rightful place. One Game thrones Thrones director recently spoke about the chemistry between Harington and Clarkesuggesting that fans could see some incestuous game taking place. Game of Thrones (season 8) - Wikipedia A Reddit theory has emerged game of thrones cast season 2 that Daenerys will be hit with a major betrayal from her formerly loyal follower Jorah Mormont. Jon Snow presents a wight final the Parley in King's Landing in an effort to convince those in doubt of their existence and imminent threat. Unaware of their familial ties, Jon and Daenerys consummate their relationship en route to Winterfell. After eight thousand years of final between the Thrones Kingdoms of Westeros and the lands beyondthe inevitable has finally happened - the Wall has been breached: Mounted on the reanimated corpse of Daenerys Targaryen 's dragon Breaking bad japan the Night King has blasted through the ancient fortification and all but obliterated game castle of Eastwatch-by-the-Sea. In King's Landingdespite having proven herself a less than ideal game, Queen Cersei Lannister is determined to stay on the Iron Throne at any cost.

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It’s nice to be fresh-faced (vampire drool notwithstanding) and dialed up to a confident 10, to be blissfully unencumbered by a city’s cruel sports history. It’s even nice enough to vaingloriously believe that what LeBron James and the NBA Cavaliers accomplished in June — Cleveland’s first major professional sports championship in 52 years — has anything whatsoever to do with what the MLB Indians will try to get done at the onset of November. The Indians, who lead the World Series three games to two, might leave their opponents in tears in Tuesday’s Game 6 or, if not then, in Wednesday’s Game 7. They have earned every inch of their way to the precipice of their first championship since 1948. Perhaps the good folks of Cleveland are unaware that the Cubs’ World Series drought has persisted even longer than the Tribe’s. Clevelanders might be surprised to learn that the 11 championships claimed by the Bulls, Blackhawks, Bears and White Sox over the last 31 years alone really didn’t aid the Cubs’ cause all that much. The best news of all for the Cubs is that they’re still good enough to beat anyone, anywhere, anytime. The next-best news is that this still is Cleveland — a sports market so bereft of glory on the whole, we’d be shirking our duty not to re-examine the details therein. Such as “Red Right 88,” the interception thrown by the Browns in the 1981 playoffs while they were positioned at the Oakland Raiders’ 13-yard-line for what should’ve been a game-winning field goal. Or “the Drive” in the 1986 AFC Championship Game, when John Elway drove the Denver Broncos 98 yards to force overtime and eventually killed Cleveland’s dream of a Super Bowl. Of course, “the Fumble” followed a year later, the Browns coughing up another golden Super Bowl opportunity. Have we mentioned “the Shot” in 1989, when Michael Jordan tore out Cleveland’s heart in the playoffs — the first of five times Cavs teams of that era were dispatched from the postseason by the Bulls. Or closer Jose Mesa’s blown save against the Florida Marlins in Game 7 of the 1997 World Series. Not for nothing, the Indians blew a three-games-to-one lead to the Terry Francona-managed Boston Red Sox in the 2007 ALCS. There’s still a pretty good chance that Cleveland’s past will rear its ugly head once more. Yet the Indians’ Game 6 starting pitcher, Josh Tomlin, was talking Monday about championship parades. “It would be an honor for us to be able to have another parade here and to see that support that the Cavs got as well,” Tomlin said. “But our main focus right now is to try to win this thing so we can have a parade.