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LOVE IT. no 1 8 mesi fa If John wanted to northern lords to see him in the Daenerys together and make an impression, they should’ve rode drogon right into the center of Winterfell and both got off the dragon Rhee Venjenz 8 mesi fa They may have already had a secret wedding. ? Rhee Venjenz 8 mesi fa Theon is a mind fuck. I'm just All kinds of fucked up in a rabbit hole on him. I got JM Brandon Stark bastards video in my head and I keep thinking about Theon with it. I Know it Has to be wrong my mind just keeps fuckin with me now. I don't know how I even got to one from the other. Don't ask. See what GRRM does to you. Jacqueline Hemmings 8 mesi fa What Aerys did to Rickard and Brandon Stark was undeniably evil. But he was a mentally ill man and people just obeyed his orders.

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There is as of yet no confirmation of this, given that the pommel design doesn't match a specific description (it doesn't overtly have a Targaryen sigil on it). Both have points about loyalty and punishment with pros and cons for each argument. Similarly, Arya Stark didn't wipe out all of House Frey and she spared the wives and children as innocents. At the same time, as with Jon's decision, this decision comes with pros and cons: mercy may earn favour with the remaining family members or risk the opportunity that they may seek vengeance later on. As in the real-life Wars of the Roses in medieval England which inspired the novels, there are examples of both families offered mercy who became loyal supporters, and families offered mercy who responded with betrayal to get revenge. Sansa isn't acting on blind vengeance, but directly points out that their father Ned Stark and their brother Robb Stark both tried to be honorable instead of pragmatic, and it got them killed. Conversely, Joffrey's decision to not show Ned mercy but kill him was also a mistake, because it irrevocably turned the entire North against him in open revolt, forcing the Lannisters to divide their forces on to fronts when they needed to focus on fighting the Baratheons to the south, and it nearly cost them the throne. The TV show removed some of the criticisms characters make about Robb in later books, that he was a great military leader but made a lot of bad political choices that got him and all of his men killed. Nor does the episode present this as Sansa harshly criticizing Ned and Robb out of disloyalty - the dialogue she is given stresses that she loved them but they made mistakes that got them killed. These criticisms of Ned and Robb are things that have been fueling debates among the book fandom for nearly twenty years, and are not an invention of the TV series to somehow make Sansa seem disloyal to their memory. This wasn't depicted on-screen and his fate was left ambiguous until now. Alys Karstark first appears in this episode: she has a much bigger role in the novels but it was heavily condensed for the TV series.

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A host of unknowns give everything in their one moment on the screen. John Williams’s haunting score and Janusz Kaminski’s breathtaking black-and-white cinematography sparkle. But the script—oh, Steven Zaillian’s majestic script—is the biggest star. He manages to take a Holocaust tale and turn it into a story of triumph, the story of how much one man can do, and the regret we’ll each someday have that we didn’t do much, much more. Oskar’s “I could have gotten more out” speech is almost too much to bear. — Michael Dunaway. There's hardly a major figure in the history of movies, from the last part of the 20th century into the 21st, that he hasn't encountered. Penelope Spheeris on Suburbia and The Little Rascals. Spheeris’s versatility as a filmmaker therefore arises from her consummate patience and humane love for all of her characters, especially the cruel ones. Finally, I spoke with Spheeris last week, after reading that Shout Factory is releasing a blu-ray of her caustic punk melodrama “Suburbia” on January 29th. This is the third time I’ve interviewed Spheeris; each conversation reveals something new and hilarious about her and her work. This time around, we talked about working with child actors, directing Donald Trump, filming the recently-deceased Germs bassist Lorna Doom, and letting Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx date her daughter.

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Natalia Tena was fantastic in the role and elevated the book character to another level. The sides of the building were on fire for maybe twenty seconds and roof beams were already falling on people. I recall that was one of Roger Ebert’s least favorite cliches. An AMAZING TV show. In only four episodes they’ve managed to pull off stuff that would have taken them an entire season years ago. I think people forget the slow builds of season 2 (remember that it took nine episodes to get to the Blackwater battle) or season 3 (the long slow build in “Kissed by Fire,” “The Climb,” etc. . There is perhaps something there bloodmagic wise or. Crazy and interesting theory but I don’t think the White Walkers are gonna team up with anyone. The show runners know this, so I think Ramsay’s death will be such a sweet thing to see. The more they make us want it, the sweeter it gets. What other reason would they have then to fight each other.

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Oceana holds the European Union accountable for this dire situation. Taken together, the Mediterranean EU member states catch the most fish in the region, and have the biggest and most powerful fleet. Underwater bulldozers Bottom trawling is another widespread problem in the Mediterranean. It rips up coral and sponge bed habitats that fish and shellfish depend on for breeding, spawning, and nurseries. This can significantly hamper the recovery of depleted fish stocks. Scientists estimate that it generates as much as half of all discarded fish and marine life globally. Undersized hake and red mullet, which live and feed near the bottom, can make up 60 percent of bycatch for Mediterranean trawlers. These fish will never have a chance to grow and reproduce, risking damage to the population. Corals, sponges, and seagrasses are particularly vulnerable. Some Mediterranean seagrass beds, which act as nursery grounds for many fish species, have already disappeared. In 2016, Oceana successfully contributed to banning bottom trawling in the Strait of Sicily, between Malta, Italy, and Tunisia, and in another region between Mallorca and Menorca in the Balearic Islands. Nuevos Productos: Givenchy - Mini GV3 Color Block Grained Leather Flat Shoulder Bag Cache Translate Page Made in Italy.

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Here’s a look at the cast of the series and what they are up to now. On his way to the Lonely Mountains, he finds a magical ring that makes him invisible and he uses that to outwit Smaug, the evil dragon that lives in the mountains. He foresees an arriving war and tricks Bilbo into joining the group as a burglar. He's also one of the few who knows the story about Bilbo's ring. The actor has also been a vocal supporter of the LGBT rights campaign since he opened up about his sexual orientation in 1988. Now living in the Lonely Mountains, he is tricked by Bilbo into exposing his weak spot. He slowly grows to respect Bilbo and even volunteers to go with him to meet Smaug. He is one of Thorin's best warriors, having fought against Azog's Orcs in Moria, and eventually pursuing him in the Battle of the Five Armies. He defends the town and kills Smaug, becoming the King of Dale. Bilbo stumbles upon him after getting lost in Misty Mountains, outwits him and takes the ring. She joins the White Council and rescues Gandalf from captivity. She banished Sauron to Mordor but at a great cost to her power.

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Benjen would be good proof but he told Bran last season that he is unable to cross the wall due to the magic embedded into it. First, they would have to find him, which would require going Beyond the Wall anyway. Benjen told Bran that he cannot pass south of the Wall whereas we’ve already seen a wight reanimated at Castle Black, a flyby convinces one person whereas displaying a corpse in KL convinces everyone who attends the parlay, sending the Night’s Watch to catch the wight is a great way to ensure that there’s no more Night’s Watch since Jon’s the most experience fighter (and wight killer) among what’s left of them, and lastly, this is a work of fiction, not a risk-management manual. Since it apparently bears repeating, trying to extrapolate and make judgement calls on the entire season based on fragmented spoilers is pointless. You haven’t got a clue what Jon does or doesn’t consider trying before deciding on this course of action, all you’ve got are assumptions piled on top of more assumptions. I know, and it won’t happen, just trying to find a loophole for him since he’s not your ordinary kinda Uncle Wight. ? Jon doesn’t even know if Benjen is alive or dead or undead (even if we the audience know) it’s only Bran who does. So why would Jon even consider the Benjen option when he has no idea what’s happened with him. Jon doesn’t even know if Benjen is alive or dead or undead (even if we the audience know) it’s only Bran who does. I like the option better than him dying, so until that whole part is confirmed by someone, I prefer to live in my little world. Benjen only comes in after Jon and co have been attacked by the NK and his army.