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And as you can see, Euron Crow’s Eye is specifically mentioned here by Cersei right before the line about the Bard’s “one blue eye. It’s an invitation to compare the one-eye symbolism of the Blue Bard to that of Euron, with the Blue Bard’s bloody, weeping red eye nipple matching Euron’s blood eye very well. The others must be made to understand that only through confession can they earn the king’s forgiveness, and the Wall. . The song Blue Bard wants to sing is the song of the Others, but Cersei is turning him against “the Others,” just as in the literal plot Cersei is turning him against his friends. Appropriately, he’s tied this gruesome, yet symbolically rich eye and nipple gouging scene to Euron Crows Eye and all the one-eyed symbolism that tells the story of the two moons. There’s also a Gayleon of Cuy who sings at Joffrey and Margarey’s grand wedding ( Gayl eon, Bael ). He brought no fewer than six musicians to play for him. “Noble lords and ladies fair, I sing but one song for you this night,” he announced. “It is the song of the Blackwater, and how a realm was saved. The drummer began a slow ominous beat. His Night’s King status is well known to us, but note that it’s reinforced here by more than the dark lord stuff: the song makes Stannis out to be a kind of usurper of his brother. Of course Stannis did kill Renly with the shadowbaby assassin, and the pretend “resurrected Renly” held throw down Stannis at the Blackwater, so we can see that the themes of brother fighting and usurpation run strongly in Stannis’s plotlines. His song had seventy-seven verses, though it seemed more like a thousand. A bard with a thunderous voice, singing to bring on the night, very interesting. I kid, but it’s a very important point actually, one which connects Night’s King to Azor Ahai and the cause of the Long Night: t he bard aspect of the Night’s King character has to do with singing to bring on the Long Night.

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But it is too early to declare its Midwest bet a success. That will take a few more years, and the proof will be if it delivers high returns to its limited-partner investors. “And if two guys from Silicon Valley and Sequoia can’t do it,” Mr. Olsen said, “capital isn’t going to come here. . Hopefully you are in a position to start preparing for your fantasy playoffs, or you’re at least looking to strengthen your team for its playoff push. If you are assured a playoff spot, using a roster spot for depth at positions like quarterback and defense could end up being a wise move if you are rostering strong options. This goes against conventional wisdom, but at this point in the season your starting lineup is mostly set if you are already thinking about the playoffs. This week is also unique with a few players returning to action after sitting out a good portion of the season with injury. The Jaguars rookie wide receiver Dede Westbrook did not have an amazing NFL debut, but he is worth picking up based on his potential. Jacksonville is already short handed at receiver with Allen Robinson out for the season, and Westbrook could play himself into opportunities as the Jaguars make their playoff push. After recovering from a hand injury, Corey Coleman returned for the Browns, and was immediately utilized in the Cleveland offense. Given the shortage of playmakers on the Browns offense, look for Coleman to be a solid fantasy option as long as he can stay on the field. Another wide receiver to look at is Redskins rookie wideout Josh Doctson, who had his best game of his career this past week against the Saints. Raven running back Danny Woodhead is another player who made his return, and needs to be owned in every PPR league. If you need help at tight end, Greg Olsen is a player to target if he is sitting on your waiver wire.

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When you sit down and write a play, you must approach your story as a whole. If you shortcut the process it’s a surrogate treatment. From the critically acclaimed dramas A Beautiful Mind (winning an Oscar for Best Director) and Apollo 13 to the hit comedies Parenthood and Splash, he has created some of Hollywood’s most memorable films. His more recent films include the critically acclaimed drama Rush, written by Peter Morgan; and Made In America, a music documentary he directed for Showtime, starring Jay Z. He recently completed filming on the upcoming Inferno, his third film based on Dan Brown’s best-selling novels, with Tom Hanks reprising the role of Robert Langdon. It’s visceral; it’s rich and cinematic at its core, with lots of twists and turns along the way. And though the film is set in the past, it touches on ideas about relationships, survival, humanity and nature that are relatable and thought-provoking, and connect to our own sensibilities about who we are as people. . I was also captivated by the psychological thriller aspect of the whale turning the tables on them. There is something incredibly mysterious about how this animal is portrayed—why the whale goes on the attack, which was unlike anything the Essex crew had ever encountered. But there’s beauty in that; you see the endurance of the human spirit. . But when I learned this had actually happened, it was mind-blowing. He has further contributed to the scholarship on the whaleship Essex and Moby-Dick through two notable books. He edited The Loss of the Ship Essex, Sunk By a Whale (Penguin Classics), a collection of first person accounts by Essex crew members including the aforementioned Essex first mate Owen Chase and Thomas Nickerson, the fifteen-year-old cabin boy. He is also the author of Why Read Moby-Dick?

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It’s a new identity resulting from two merged consciousness. And if you’re still on board, I look forward to losing you in the conclusion. Part 3 will wrap this series up, and reveal how I believe Jon’s return is going to play out, and what I believe Martin’s greater meaning behind all of this death and resurrection and transformation truly is. We’ll be analyzing how they function as mechanics, understanding how they function thematically, and predicting how they’ll function moving forward into the endgame. Hell, some of this will even tweak my own Weirwood Leviathan theory (parts VII and VIII ). So I hope that you’ll remember that this is fiction, and in the end none of us (unless 1 of like 3 specific people is reading this) really know what is going to happen. I bring this up because I myself am often guilty of shutting out theories before really consider them, yet it’s possible to discuss and even entertain conflicting ideas. It’s been a long time coming, but Jon Snow is dead, and I’m not so sure he is really coming back. The five years of speculation since the release of ADWD has led the fanbase to a pretty solid conclusion that after spending some time in Ghost, Jon will be resurrected by Melisandre (at least on the show), or perhaps Lady Stoneheart. Yet the details and mechanisms of Jon’s return are still debated, and often times it seems that theorists are blurring the line between what is being set up by the narrative, what GRRM has said on the matter, and simply wishful thinking. What if it’s not just a cheat to weasel him out of the vows he made in the first book. One that has been set up from the very beginning, built into the very core thematic structure of the world and the story. Ever the fan of comics, Martin understands the danger of destroying the suspension of disbelief around death. And like countless other things Martin has said repeatedly, but the fandom ignores, I suggest we start accepting that the forefront of Martin’s work is going to apply what he believes in. That was such an incredible sequence in Fellowship of the Ring when he faces the Balrog on the Khazad-dum and he falls into the gulf, and his last words are, “Fly, you fools. .

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But her words are those of someone who has seen two centuries. History repeats itself, but we must do our duty no. Remember people, sometimes we do not choose our own fate, it chooses us. In some ironic twist, in trying to change our fate we do exactly was written to be done. Good luck, in the labyrinth of life;) Ross Pate Rok temu Season 8 Stannis will return. Petter Nerman Rok temu This clip is from a time where Game of Thrones was still great. Nowadays it is just a Hollywood-esque caricature of its former self. The show died with Stannis. O. . 7 dni temu I'm afraid the show died much earlier along with Tywin. Stannis being still alive made it better, but it was still lame. I fucking hate how they killed the Blackfish and Stannis offscreen. He's an amazing actor but they ruined his storyline. Such a shame for a well written character JuaniDoesFilms Rok temu All this hype for the Battle in the Snow since S3, and when we get it in S5, not only he loses, but they skip to his death. Skelz0r Rok temu Crazy to think about how Stannis is his uncle Diego Andres Rok temu 0:08 What's the name of the song D: please ASAP Nadya Slaybaugh Rok temu Diego Andres I've been searching myself for a very long time and finally found it.