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Arya rides her horse into the frost-covered forest. Before the wolves can attack her, they are silenced by their pack leader, which turns out to be Arya's direwolf Nymeria. Nymeria is initially apprehensive towards Arya but soon recognizes her former mistress. Arya tells her direwolf that she is going home and invites her to come with her. The Archmaester tells Jorah that he should have cut off his lower arm instead of letting the infection spread. While it is customary for infected smallfolk to be sent to live with the stone men, Ebrose gives Mormont one more day, implying with a look at his sword that the anointed knight could choose to commit suicide instead. When Sam asks about sending condolences to Jorah's family at House Mormont, Jorah replies that he is estranged from his family. Sam refuses to give up on Jorah and mentions that a previous Maester, Pylos, successfully treated two cases of advanced greyscale. Ebrose responds that Pylos contracted the disease himself and died of it; because of the risk, the procedure was declared forbidden. Sam gives Jorah rum to drink after taking a fortifying swig himself, telling him that the process will be painful. Sam also provides Jorah with a mouthguard so he can focus on biting down on it to help muffle his screams, as he explains that he's performing the procedure without permission.

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Wawro: Right. I, am having a hard time stealing anything because I forgot how hard it is to be a brigand and a malcontent in this game. I also wanted to ask, in the last couple of years, Bethesda has sort of broke big on the back of Oblivion it launched Skyrim and did quite well there and did quite well with the Fallout games. Some game developers have come out and sort of publicly championed the studio and said that, “It makes very iconic, unique games. Games that in many ways, only Bethesda can make. And they attribute it to sort of a looking in from the outside, they say a key part of that is the studio’s unique culture. It’s rare that we get to talk to somebody who worked there for quite a long period of time and also had meaningful experience elsewhere. I know you worked in tabletop role playing games at west end, you worked on Kindoms of Amalur: Reckoning, you’ve worked, I think, on Hinterlands recently. So I kind of wanted to get your sense, as someone with a lot of experience at different studios and different environments, is there anything interesting or unique about the way Bethesda Game Studios makes games. Rolston: I think the key part to making Bethesda is the longevity of the major players. It has a long institutional memory and the personalities in it have fought with one another and worked together for a long time.


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For the poor person, it represents a day’s worth of wages and maybe the difference between seeing a doctor or not, or paying the electric bill or not, etc. Both of my parents were drug addicts, though my mother was high-functioning enough to hold down a steady (low-paying) job. My sister and I saw the life they led and wanted nothing to do with it, so we never touched drugs or alcohol and refused to have sex before marriage (to avoid pregnancy and disease, not for moral reasons). We both worked our own way through college, she is now a dental hygienist and I am a programmer. We are not rich, but I would say we are solidly middle-class. At the same time, I see many of my old high school friends (some from more affluent families) who chose to do drugs or have kids young, and they assume I was just lucky and that life was conspiring against them. I was lucky to be born in America, but I also made good decisions which lead to positive consequences. Life isn’t conspiring against them, they are experiencing consequences of the decisions they made earlier in life. From my own personal experience, that doesn’t appear to be the majority. Sometimes it takes a life-changing mistake to prompt people to change — it could be someone’s direct choice or their parents. I am a nurse.


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