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Brensham People featured Freddie Jones in Hugh Whitemore’s slice of life about a Gloucestshire village. Parker directed the first two 1973 installments of Play for Today, Shakespeare or Bust with Brian Glover and Land of Green Ginger, a universal love story starring Gwen Taylor as Sally Brown, a girl who may take a job abroad, but returns one more time from London to her home in Hull village to see if she might want to remain with her school-days sweetheart, Mike (John Flanagan). People Like Us was another community epic, set this time in a London neighborhood and based on R. F. Delderfield’s novels The Dreaming Suburb and The Avenue Goes to War. It portrayed the restoration of families after World War I, the everyday realities of the next two decades, and the looming prospect of another war against Germany. Jeremy Nicholas and Peter Machin were amid the cast in James Saunders’s adaptation. The Biederbecke Tapes was arranged by venerable British TV scribe Alan Plater as a sort of espionage-ineveryday-life adventure for a young professional couple (Barbara Flynn and James Bolan). A tape given them by a bartender who died led to meetings with radical organizations and other intrigues. Dudley Sutton, Beryl Reid, and Victor Maddern are encountered along the way. Gwen Taylor is at the center of Sharp End as a widow who decides to run her dead husband’s debt-collection business, in the process battling his old nemesis in a rather bitter and grubby rivalry. GORDON PARKS (SR.

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Who is to say that theirs will not be the next works to be showcased in a gallery in New York. And though the tiny studio felt claustrophobic at times, what with the hundred or so bodies filing at varying intervals into a space not much bigger than my apartment, it was refreshing to be surrounded by people who share an appreciation of human creativity. I have their money, and soon the bulk of it will go to Syrian refugees or children in Flint, so it’s all good. On the other hand, I am fortunate to be acquainted with a number of tremendously talented people, encompassing many media, from music to modeling. Some are creators, some performers, and some do a little of both. I was able to add a bunch of names to that list last Thursday evening. Now, as you may know, I dabble in photography; I have an “official” Flickr, linked at the top of this page under the Contact tab, as well as a personal account under the name Auguries Imagery (note: I shoot artistic nudes sometimes, so some content is NSFW, though I think you have to be logged into Flickr and have the worksafe filters off to view the images), though I’ll be the first to admit that I’m nowhere near the level of some of the artists I met. But then, photography is and always has been a hobby for me, a side project, and I don’t have the passion for it that they do. My art is writing. And it was a welcome relief to be able to talk to people who, while they may never have considered trying their hand at writing a novel, can appreciate the talent that it takes and sympathize with many of the challenges posed to artists in every medium. For example, a budding photographer lamented the proliferation of stock photo websites, which has effectively obliterated the demand for professional editorial photographers, and we began to discuss the hurdles to getting noticed in that art, which are not so dissimilar to those that independent authors face. Sure, one or two folks I’ve met have egos the size of Texas and seem to think their shit smells like roses (though their farts would suggest otherwise), but most of them are approachable, willing to share their passion with others, and just plain fun to be around.

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