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And the right shoe feels like it permanently has something stuck to the bottom of it even though it hasn't. Actually, I decided to do this some while back but I only got around to doing it today. It always takes about an hour for them to go into the back room to fetch a pair of shoes for you to try on. I'm pretty sure that they always make themselves a cup of tea whilst they're in there. Or maybe they just sit down and do a Sudoku for a bit. I tried them on, they fit, I took them off and bought them. They have fairly smooth soles so at the moment they are pretty lethal when worn on carpet. I nearly fell over in the shop when I tried them on (maybe this should have put me off. and so I think they'll need a bit of outside wear to get them a bit grippier. But at least I shouldn't have to keep retying my laces. I also, whilst in the shop, purchased some new Day Of The Week Socks - the ones that say what day you are supposed to wear each pair on. How does it come to a point where the socks I am wearing have large holes where each big toe should be, plus a big hole on the bottom of the left heel and another one on the back of the left heel. They're going in the bin. Right now.

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It's not a bad block if what you're after happens to be espresso or 24-hour pancakes, but it also may be the last place you might expect to find a sleek new restaurant from a chef with Melisse on his resume and a knack for foie gras, a bottle of Alsatian Riesling or a plate of grilled corn with mascarpone and summer truffles. Yet there you'll find Birch: matte gray exterior, blond wood tables and monkfish tikka masala hiding under airy slabs of pappadum. Read more. Khinkali are soup dumplings from the mountains north of Tbilisi, Georgia. When you check Google Maps for the mountain village in which they may have been born, khinkali is the only word you will be able to read on the screen — the location, apparently, of a restaurant. Pasanauri was a center of dumpling tourism in the Soviet era, although it has fallen on hard times. A proper khinkali is about the size and heft of a lemon, a lump of oniony meat encased in a sturdy pleated wrapper gathered at the top in a thick, doughy knob. If you poke around in old cookbooks, you see khinkali after khinkali lined up on big platters, resembling nothing so much as Eastern European folk-art heads of garlic. Tumanyan Khinkali Factory is a new khinkali specialist hidden in a Glendale shopping complex courtyard, a branch of the most famous khinkali restaurant in Armenia's capital, Yerevan. The restaurant smells good, like herbs and campfires, meat and liquor. The most emblematic dish here is the well-aged sirloin cap, that star of the Brazilian churrasceria menu; the most unexpected dish, probably the gigantic applewood-smoked short rib, is a close cousin to the beef ribs in the best central Texas barbecue pits. The Hubble telescope studies mysteries less profound than crisp yet friable perfection of the rye crust on Karen Hatfield's chocolate pie. Read more. At the same time, the exhibition has shed a good deal of the starched, carefully sealed conservatism that held it in check in Paris.

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Dudley, D. S. Clarendon, Tex. Quanah 3-8. Dyer's Greater: St. Genevieve, Mo. Edwards. J. R. Ashland, 0. Elite: Hoisington, Kan. Fleming, Wm. E. Attrs.

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The cousin, he thinks, may come armed with some arguments from DailyKos. She would know: Magyarics works as a freelance wine and spirits writer. John, the policeman, says he told his family he would bring a bottle of good whiskey to take the edge off their political conversation. That and maybe an endless series of community potlucks to bring everyone back to the idea that Americans are far more than their worst, most reactive online selves. If her family won't let it rest, she plans to go to the other room to cook or do dishes. And if not, you can just play some Adele. 5. Everyone has a respectful conversation over some turkey and pumpkin pie and comes away with a better understanding of one another. That's the case for Ian BrowningSmith, 26, of Palatine, Ill. Her son voted for Libertarian Gary Johnson, turned off by Clinton's establishment status. But the impending Donald Trump presidency comes at a unique crossroads for cable's left-ish news net. The network has made one key decision by keeping The 11th Hour With Brian Williams for now. The politics-focused late-night show originally was planned to last only through the election. Much credit there goes to lauded liberal Rachel Maddow, whose show remains the network's top-rated.

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