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Dan Hunt, Janet Boss and Reed Williams, Directors for ? ruel and Unusual. The American Features Competition jurors were Craig Chester, Mia Riverton and Ernest Hardy. The International Features Competition jurors were Matthew Fox, Robert Hawk and Doris Yeung. The Documentary Competition jurors were Shannon Kelley, Jennifer Morris and J. Karen Thomas. Outfest 2006 is presented by Absolut, HBO and Atrium. Premiere sponsors include Adelphia, Avis, Bravo, Directors Guild of America (DGA), here. Now being touted as the largest music festival of its kind, IPO celebrates the music made famous by such pop heroes as The Beatles, The Beach Boys and Badfinger while also focusing on the vast amount of music being made today by those artists who rely on melodic songcraft to express their musical tastes. From The Rolling Stones to Green Day and Maroon 5, the International Pop Overthrow Music Festival celebrates the evolution of pop music. In October 2003 we decided to make the festival truly International and took it to the birthplace of The Beatles, Liverpool, England, where all shows were held at the world famous Cavern Club, and we recently returned for our fourth great year there.

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Also, I do have an ongoing project that stems from the idea of looking itself. I think that having a self imposed layer -- like the camera lens, or a piece of glass, can make you truly see what is there. If people knew where it was I might have to deal with that. Actually, most people are quite awestruck when I mention that I am from Montana. It wasn't until I left that I realized how incredibly beautiful it is. Not so much in Japan, where they definitely thought we rode horses to our one room court house, but in the UK, there is a fascination with America. In particular, they love to romanticize our blue collar, down home values. Being a nation the size of Montana itself, there is an admiration for our space, our ruggedness, and to a degree, our wholesome naivety. I find myself buying into that, and to a degree, seeing how true it can be. For more of Stephanie Elliott's work, please visit her webpage and her flickr page. Two authors walk into a bookstore: Sherman Alexie, Jess Walter and the Magical Madness of Spokane Cache Translate Page “Hating the place you're from is another form of self-loathing.

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Players also regularly complain about the competing pressures on their time created by the scheduling of national and club matches. Germany beat San Marino 8-0 in a World Cup qualifier on Friday before travelling to Rome to meet Pope Francis and on to Milan. Several Germany players, including Mats Hummels, Thomas Muller, Mario Gotze and Joshua Kimmich, will then have to prepare for the biggest game on the Bundesliga calendar, with Bayern facing Dortmund on Saturday. 'I have often said that the players are already at their limit,' the coach told reporters in Rome on the eve of the match against Italy in Milan on Tuesday. 'I am specifically thinking about how to distribute the strain. Bayern Munich boosted ahead of Borussia Dortmund clash as Poland release Robert Lewandowski dailymail. o. k. To be in with a chance of winning, simply answer the following question: Which player HASN'T played for both Middlesbrough and Chelsea. EA SPORTS holds the Premier League’s exclusive Electronic Game License, which enables EA SPORTS to deliver the most authentic gaming experience possible for fans engaging with Premier League clubs and players within EA SPORTS FIFA 17. EA SPORTS FIFA 17 is out now, available for Xbox One and PS4 There is no cash alternative to the prize and the prize is non-refundable and non transferable In order to facilitate the prompt delivery of your tickets of copy of FIFA 17, your name and address details will be shared with EA SPORTS.


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After volar plate fixation of a fracture of the distal radius, upper extremity disability based on select items from the DASH questionnaire correlated minimally with impairment of wrist motion, even at the level of specific tasks. The purpose of this study was to evaluate a possible improvement of the treatment and results. This prospective cohort study investigated 40 patients with C1 and C2 Colles' fractures who had been treated with unidirectional and multidirectional locking plates. The average time for the follow-up examinations was 12. months (range 12-15 months) after surgery. The intra-operative functional (neutral-zero method), radiological and subjective (DASH score, VAS) results were evaluated. The intra-operative fluoroscopy time of the unidirectional group was 58 s shorter compared to the multidirectional group. The radiological, subjective (DASH score) and objective results for both groups were good and showed no differences. Unidirectional palmar locking plates are equally suited for the therapy of C1 and C2 fractures as multidirectional palmar locking plates but multidirectional plates require a longer fluoroscopy time. Although there are studies comparing these methods, there is no conclusive evidence indicating which treatment is best. The hypothesis of this study is that surgical treatment with a VP is more effective than EF from the standpoint of functional outcome ( patient -reported).

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Maesters swear vows of political neutrality and serve whoever the current ruler of the castle they're stationed at is, even if it changes hands in war. On top of this, Wolkan was visibly terrified of Ramsay, so there is no reason that he wouldn't faithfully serve the Starks as well, or that Jon would see a need to punish him (Jon is well aware that maesters are politically neutral and Wolkan had no choice). Back in Season 2, for example, Maester Luwin continued to serve under Theon after he captured the castle from the Starks. Instead of sending a Lannister army to retake the North from the Starks and install one of their own loyal Houses, Cersei appears content to allow House Stark to serve as the Wardens of the North once again as long as Jon bends the knee. Tully costumes, as seen with Brynden and her uncle Edmure, feature armor with a more prominent fish-scale design motif. In the novel series, after Brienne left King's Landing (corresponding to the start of Season 4), she continued to travel around the Riverlands on foot with Podrick Payne searching fruitlessly for Sansa and Arya, far away from their actual locations, without encountering either of them, and without getting involved in the siege of Riverrun either. Her storyline ended on a cliffhanger confrontation with the Brotherhood Without Banners which also involved Jaime Lannister at the end of the fifth novel. Anything Brienne does beyond this point is apparently an invention of the TV series. Then in the second half of Season 6, the TV series brought back Jaime's subplot at the Second Siege of Riverrun (which takes place throughout the second half of the fourth novel - the TV series instead invented the subplot of sending him to Dorne, while in the novels that mission was given to Ser Balon Swann). Brienne then encountered Jaime at Riverrun - while this did not happen as such in the novels they did meet again in the Riverlands under different circumstances. Brienne returning to Winterfell once again afterwards may not happen in the unreleased novels.

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We raise food that everyone can have confidence in. We are a Certified Organic farm with over 400 acres of pastures that have been grazed by animals for over 25 years. We raise grass fed beef cattle, angus and Wagyu, as well as pasture raised heritage breeds of pork. First, we plant annual grasses to supplement our animals diet through the hot months of the summer. The animals will roam through the tall annual grasses prior to the grasses reaching seed stage, and will therefore be able to gain weight through the hot summer months, an unusual occurrence when pastures tend to stop growing from the heat. Second, we finish our cattle on locally grown apples and pears to promote meat that is not only very balanced nutritionally, but is very well marbled. The result is Pork and Beef that is second to none in terms of taste and nutritional profile (our beef tests at 3. to 1, omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids, a rate almost as good as wild game and 300% better than feedlot meat). We focus on animal welfare from birth to slaughter, and take great efforts to make sure that all of our animals live in the most pleasant and humane conditions for their entire lives. We deliver in the GTA and can ship frozen across Canada. We sell our meat directly through our website or by emailing us at.

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Nothing happened except for her getting beaten up and being asked 'who are you' over and over again. It's a shame Arya didn't kill off the waife this episode so we wouldn't have to deal with the faceless cult again. But no, it'll drag out for another episode or more. Benjen Stark was a nobody in season 1, and I don't know why people are so excited about him all of a sudden. He's Ned's brother who is now half-zombie, who saved Bran. k. Bran has had flashback scenes all season which IMO have been quite good and then the Hodor part was better than anything that the 1. seasons of Arya and the Faceless Men had. IMO Arya's storyline is the worst thing this show has had and I legitimately don't care what happens to her. Hope we see more of her in the future (though I doubt we will). She's been a punching bag for 5 seasons and now she's acting all tough with getting Winterfell back.


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Enraged, Jon furiously beats Ramsay to a pulp but stops after noticing Sansa standing over them. In the opening episode of Season 7, Dragonstone, a horde of wights led by White Walkers, includes a few giants who have been converted to wights. Whilst typically passive and quiet, he will lash out if provoked. Unlike the savage giants in Old Nan's stories, he is vegetarian. With the help of some diplomacy by the new wildling recruit Leathers, they avoid a fight and manage to convince the wildlings and the giant to return with them to Castle Black. He rushes there and sees Wun Wun smashing the head of a knight named Ser Patrek of King’s Mountain. Jon commands the gathering people to keep back and put away their weapons, and tries to calm the giant down. It is then that Jon is attacked and stabbed by his own men. Wun Wun smashing Ser Patrek against the wall is incorporated into the series in Season 6 when the Wildlings, Wun Wun, and Edd Tollett take back Castle Black from Alliser Thorne's mutineers. One foolish man shoots the giant in the back with a crossbow, and in retaliation Wun Wun grabs the man by the leg and whips him into the wall, just as he did to Ser Patrek in A Dance With Dragons. Wun Wun killed Ser Patrek is due to a bet George R.