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The last country has two possible answers, which will be scored separately. So, effectively, there are 13 possible answers from these twelve choices. . While Streep holds the record for acting nominations, let’s be clear: she’s lost 16 times and has an 80% chance of losing again this year. Given any one of the films below, name the actress who bested Streep to take home the trophy (16 possible answers). Notable alumni include Jack Nicholson, Marlon Brando, Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, Ellen Burstyn and Faye Dunaway, who have won a combined 10 acting Oscars (leading and supporting roles). Name any film for which these method acting heavyweights have won the Oscar (10). 3. ONE WORD FILM TITLES. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but 22 Best Picture winners have just one word in their titles. Name the Costume Design winner from any one of the pictures below (13). Name the Makeup winner from any one of the pictures below (12). Name the film based on a book, given the acting Oscar winner(s) and year (15). Note: I want the title of the film, not the book (for most of these, it’s the same). This is a tough one, so here’s some more information. The 1952 film received 7 nominations, including Directing (John Huston) and Best Motion Picture, and also won the award for Art Direction (Color). The 2001 film, a musical, received 8 nominations, including Actress in a Leading Role and Best Picture; it also won the Art Direction award. Both the 1974 and 2013 films, based on a 1925 American novel, received two nominations, and each film won in both categories. In addition to Costume Design, the 1974 film won the Academy Award for Music (Score), while the 2013 film won for Production Design. A 1949 film with the same title was not nominated for any Academy Awards.


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Mona took the logo suggestion to Ghassan Kanafani, the spokesman for the PFLP. Kanafani the famed Palestinian novelist, was also a gifted amateur artist and he immediately understood the impact of the symbol and had it adopted by the group, after changing the square format to a circle. People in the movement liked the logo and the years and decades passed as it appeared in all sorts of posters, flags, wall graffiti everywhere in and outside Palestine. “He expressed regret for what he calls some serious mistakes made in the name of Palestine, such as the targeting of innocent civilians. In a spirit of disillusionment I left Beirut for good, and emigrated to Japan where I limited my activities for Palestine to designing posters, giving talks, and the like, devoting myself to my art and inventions. ” He clearly still couldn’t bring himself to call those “mistakes” what they really were; murder. This threat was dismissed by the commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) on Wednesday as a “joke. Iran “will keep all its military and revolutionary advisers and its weapons in Syria,” Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari was quoted as saying by the semi-official ISNA news agency. Marzieh Hashemi, who worked for Press TV's English-language service, was detained in St. Louis, where she had filmed a Black Lives Matter documentary after visiting relatives in the New Orleans area. She was then taken to Washington, according to her elder son, Hossein Hashemi. The FBI said in an email that it had no comment on the arrest of the woman who was born Melanie Franklin in New Orleans and has worked for Iran's state television network for 25 years. He also said he and his siblings had been subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury. He concluded by saying: “I’m not your lap dog and I’m not your puppet. Jewish Voice for Peace: Sloppy With Facts, But Adept With Fabrications (Daled Amos) Cache Translate Page By Daled Amos Controversy is the bread and butter of radical left-wing anti-Israel groups. The key is to grab the headlines, whether it is by preventing pro-Israel speakers from speaking, attacking groups like Hillel and Birthright for an alleged lack of balance, or saying Kaddish for terrorists. So it is really not all that surprising that often facts they claim to give are full of sloppiness and outright fabrications. Take for instance Jewish Voice for Peace and their Jews From The Middle East Fact Sheet, which adopts both anti-Israel and pro-Arab narratives.


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Methinks and mehopes that the esteemed Mr. Broadbent — he of the Harry Potter movies but also less well-known films like Life Is Sweet and Topsy-Turvy, which I can’t recommend more highly — will portray a certain mentor to a certain scion of House Tarly. You didn’t really imagine there wouldn’t be any more fights where Jon is part of the fray though did you. I don’t think its so much the supernatural aspect that she would find hard to believe, but keep in mind this information is coming from Jon Snow who is in active rebellion against the Crown (Cersei) and who has also aligned himself with her enemy (Dany). There’s no way she’s just gonna take his word for it and hand over her men just because he says there’s a threat. I’m glad the Hound is team Stark and it will be interesting to see him and Jon interact but they don’t know each other very well, though maybe by this point late in season if they’ve gone through a lot of shit together they could have a little bromance going on. Jon will most probably convince other leaders in a different way. But let’s remember that even the NW brothers assassinated their Lord Commander despite knowing about the threat of the WW. It will not be hard to convince others about the greater threat. They also want to make the whole exciting for a TV show. Wight Hunting in the far reaches of the North with Jon, Gendry, Tormund, Jorah etc. Most of the North plot the last 2 seasons was made up fanfiction that made no sense. Jon’s plot was written around giving Sansa something to do on the show. Because the writers wanted to give Sansa to be responsible for the victory so that she could be jealous later on when Jon gets the credit. On the show, her continued presence in KL, requires Jon to now convince her (Instead of someone like Aegon or Dany) and it also allows the show to have a flashy sequence like Hardhome up North. It could be anyone who can stagger, flail and howl. Where did Gendry go, would they bring him back into the fold just to have him killed off. Plus there are very likely people who just haven’t been confirmed yet. As if an outline is all one needs to determine if the show will be good or bad. Plenty of good movies have outlines that, on paper, sound silly or dumb.


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Switch between triple tap nitro for short bursts and perfect nitro for longer stretches, and remember that maintaining nitro is essential to making a fast lap. E possivel 1:12. xx Musica: ASVR - Nightmare English: Very soon I will do the Special 1K Subs. Now it’s the time for the hype about the final season trailer to calm down and leave room for rampant speculation. So let’s dig deep into it frame by frame, shall we. These are two of the many shots that amount to “character X is ready for battle. Though this is an exciting trailer, it’s quite clever in not revealing too much — as we’ll see, there’s no footage that we can positively attribute to the second half of the season. I look forward to seeing this one. Arya may not have become No One, but as we’ve seen she gained many of the Faceless Men’s abilities and beliefs. Of course, Arya’s started deifying Death all the way back in season one, with Syrio Forel. So this is probably Theon, in his quest to save Yara. Enjoy this, Theon fans, because he isn’t around in the rest of the trailer. In the background ships we can see the aforementioned sigil that Euron changed, while in the foreground we see the mercenaries on Euron’s Silence, all clad in gold, with their commander looking at them and away from the camera. Though we can’t quite see him, that has to be Harry Strickland, who, as we reported, is played by German actor Marc Rissmann. Trapped on top of the Wall, the logical destination would be to reach Castle Black. Here we can see them, fiery sword included, being led by Eddison Tollett. However, the walls seem to indicate they’re already in a Northern castle, not Castle Black. Cersei, backed by Qyburn and the Mountain, looks pleased, which probably means Euron’s back with her new army (this was shot on a familiar Dubrovnik location, so we know she’s looking out at sea. You may also notice the variation on the gown we’ve seen her wear on promotional photos: this has more golden elements, instead of red ones. Of course, the climbing child echoes Bran, who in “Winter is Coming” climbed the walls of Winterfell to have a better view of King Robert’s arrival.