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Her international career has been filled with sold out shows and Billboard chart toppers. An Evening with BASIA is presented by Jazz at the Wilbur. The latter, a quartet that debuted in late 2008, features faces familiar to local traditional music audiences (flutist Shannon Heaton, guitarist Liz Simmons, cellist Ariel Friedman, and the newest member, fiddler Sarah Blair). Together, they dish up four-part harmonies, rocking jigs and reels, and ballads old and new. One group, taken with the symbols on the Veronese Room's painted ceiling, made plaster casts of their arms and faces and adorned them with patterns reflective of their own lives. Other projects include a three-dimensional model of the museum's enchanting central courtyard, pieces employing light and silhouette, and foil-embossed drawings based on architecture and design. All are on view in a special exhibit that carries Gardner's mission of involving Boston youth in art. Reception June 4, 5-8 p. . Free. Exhibition on view June 5-13. See June Wulff and Courtney Hollands's picks for the top things to do around the Hub this weekend. You can also play a few games and earn your spy certification. The 19th-century bronze, cast iron, and granite landmark was dismantled, restored, and reassembled, and on May 26 at 3 p. .

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Narrated by Emmy Award-winner Stephen Johnston and dramatized by a full cast, this DVD presentation is taken word-for-word from the King James Bible. The onscreen menu allows you to choose individual chapters. Includes Holy Land footage. Approx. 10 hours. QW Retail CBD Price 1. 9 Fruitcake and Ice Cream: Passion Talk Series Join author and founder of the Passion Talk series Louie Giglio for a life-changing presentation. A college senior and party girl, Ashley loves a good time until unexpected events and a new roommate change everything. Unpolished and unscripted, her personal journal entries offer hope to seekers and encouragement to believers who proclaim God s story of redemption. 54 minutes. QW Retail CBD Price 5. 9 Kabul 24 In the summer of 2001, the Taliban captured 24 international aid workers and held them hostage for 105 days. This is their story from their sham trial to the bombing of Kabul and a crushing sense that the world had abandoned them. An inspiring account of extraordinary faith in ex - treme circumstances. QW Retail CBD Price Financial Rescue Are you a saver or spender.

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Ironically, as the film aptly depicts, many of the finger pointers also suffered career setbacks due to the very suspicion of their involvement with the Communist party. Director Jay Roach ( Meet the Parents ) has delivered a conscientious film that, in addition to showcasing the authentic details of the milieu, also captures the moods and attitudes of proponents on both sides of the politically charged issue at the heart of the movie. The way I see it, a movie that educates while it entertains is a double whammy winner. And if it also happens to have a message, so much the better. Self portrait. Add a few more wrinkles there, buddy. We split hairs so fine that we can’t even see the truth anymore. You cannot be captured. No pressure. Your country will disavow any knowledge of you. Sign me up! The “duck and cover” film shown in school is horrifying. With Iran getting nukes, we might want to bring this instructional film back for today’s schoolchildren. Pariah on a train. What an awful feeling it would be to have everyone’s disapproving gaze trained on you.

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He knows his mother doesn’t like his wife, and he’s conflicted. Finally she learns he’s been speaking with the High Sparrow, and has learned something useful. Using the Tyrell army as backup, they’re going to take on the High Sparrow and get Margaery and Loras back. Kevan will go along with it since they’ve take over his son Lancel. The Greyjoy siblings are reunited on Pyke in tonight’s episode, but it’s not the happy affair the Stark kids saw earlier. Theon is a shattered man, and Yara is sickened and bitter by what her brother has become. And now he’s returned home in time for the kingsmoot, when Yara and men of the Iron Islands will fight for the crown. The years have torn these two siblings apart until there’s nothing left but the thinnest link, the bittersweet blood that binds them. The parallel between this reunion moment and the Sansa and Jon scene was so strong, with the sister leading and the brother reluctant to take his place. There was no way she was going to let someone take Rickon and go quietly, not as fiercely loyal as she was. And so the wildling woman made her move, attempting to seduce and kill Ramsay. And let me take a special moment to recognize the newest OTP of OTPs: Tormund and Brienne. I mean she’d probably stab him for even trying it but in a show this dark, you take joy where you can. And I found intense joy in watching Tormund eat in her direction with emphatic ginger eyebrows. The beautiful Stark reunion is now marred by the news that their little brother has been taken.


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It just seems to me if they were gay, it would be more obvious. I don't care if Renly and Loras are gay or not in the books, but I'm not convinced they are. There's a promo photo out there of Theon dressed up, looking horrified. Things are about to get worse for Sansa or Myranda (or both? . My guess: Ramsay is leaving Winterfell to take on Stannis, similar to the book theories that have Stannis luring Ramsay out of Winterfell. After her wedding night, she may have said something to him about potentially getting her out of there. nd it got back to Ramsay. What she is looking at is possibly his flayed body hanging in the courtyard. It'll be interesting to see how they work him in the story. He knew the kid liked books, but was a coward and unathletic. Why didn't he just send him to Oldtown to become a maester. I can't fathom any way this is going to be a 7 season series. Randyll was concerned Sam would try to take control over the House from his younger brother. But if he understood Sam at all, he would know Sam had no interest in any of that.

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But how does it measure up for challenging photography situations. High-dynamic-range and low-light scenes have been some of the toughest to capture with smartphones. A variety of computational imaging technologies under the loose heading “HDR” are now available to address those shortcomings. When HDR first appeared on smartphones, it was clever, but fairly clunky. It mimicked the process of bracketing on a standalone camera by (relatively slowly) capturing 2-3 images and then tone mapping them in a straightforward way. Now, the Pixel 2, for example, captures up to 10 images in a fraction of a second, then aligns and assembles them using the full power of the phone’s GPU and image processing hardware. Finally, it does noise reduction and an AI-based tone mapping that takes into account local contrast and the overall scene. Even the initial exposure is calculated based on a machine learning engine that has been trained on thousands of sample scenes. Apple, Samsung, and other high-end phone makers have similar systems, although they vary in how many images they capture, whether the images all have the same exposure, and in the quality of the post-processing and artifact suppression. Google, as well as Apple, Samsung, and a couple other phone makers have also done an excellent job reducing or eliminating the artifacts that come along with doing all that image fusion. You can still fool them with enough motion in the scene, but it is getting harder. For anyone who wants an instantly usable image, this in-camera HDR produces a standard JPEG you can share right away. But if you want the ultimate in HDR, Adobe has pushed things even further. With the newest version of Lightroom Mobile, if you have one of the supported smartphones, Lightroom Mobile’s camera feature can painlessly capture enough individual images to record both the shadow and highlight areas of a scene. It then automatically merges the individual RAW images into a high-fidelity floating point RAW version for follow-on processing.

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A lot of people we had wanted to be in it couldn’t because of their schedule; so we got lucky, but it was difficult. Because of all those difficulties, I think Interscope maybe had some problems with promoting it. ? ? rayzie In April 2007, X-Ray Records? ? n imprint of Cleopatra Records? ? eleased Bone Box thugs-for-life, a double-disc compilation containing several previously-released Bone tracks and features among several other hip-hop artists with little-to-no connection to Bone. In July 2007, Layzie released How a Thug Was Born, his fourth official solo studio album. The album heavily featured Big Caz and Thin-C, as well as three rare collaborations: “Cruisin’ ” with Eazy-E, “2wice” with Flesh-N and “Stop The Music” with 2Pac, Outlawz and Thin-C. To begin, he joined American-Bermudian native Patrick “Collie Buddz” Harper on his self-titled debut record on the track “Defend Your Own”, produced by Havendale, Jamaica native Stephen “Di Genius” McGregor ? ? on of Clarendon, Jamaica native and Grammy-nominated reggae legend Freddie McGregor. “As soon as I heard the rhythm, I said I have to run this.