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Geometry involves the analysis of regular and offbeat shapes that comprise the perceptible universe of measurements and observation of contours. When symmetry in our geometric universe breaks down, leviathans or dragons or basic chaotic objects are imagined. When you look inside a mirror and see yourself, do you see a hero (i. . Aquaman) or a villain (i. . Two-Face)? It can be argued that manga explores perception philosophy more than standard American comic books such as Aquaman (DC Comics). He considered his wounds battle-scars and signs of his proud display of anti-social angst. The X-Men (Marvel Comics) character Morph is a super-mutant who can transform body composition and hence shape and who exhibits sometimes extreme anxieties about self-image. Morph represents an artistic interest in Marxist Defeatism, the belief that pain and angst create fitness. This was a daunting topic for me, as I've been studying this for many years now, so I was hoping to get it right. Perhaps power affords us the opportunity to showcase our skills and therefore revel in the admiration of others. It is dangerous to contemplate what we would do without power or what we would do if we had more power. In fact, Deadpool is a comic book character who could be used to talk about horror film avatars such as Michael Myers (from the popular Halloween film franchise), since he is very radical and unpredictable. Deadpool represents similar agonies of yearning --- yearning for justice, yearning for sanity, yearning for peace, etc. Because he's so outlandish and eccentric, we use him to talk about the general nature of mankind.

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08182011-085110085 AVNation Special: Dr. Michio Kaku Cache Translate Page Host: Tim Albright and George Tucker Guest: Dr. Michio Kaku. Imagine Internet everywhere and nowhere, robo-specialists, and quantum computing. Dissertation (Ph. . , California Institute of Technology. 08182011-105631962 NEW DC Comics Bombshells Prints for Zatanna, Katana from Quantum Mechanix Cache Translate Page The gang over at QMx have announced the two newest additions to their DC Comics Bombshells line of prints: Zatanna and Katana. Both pin-up inspired prints feature artwork created by DC Bombshells artist Ant Lucia. Carbon Nanotubes-Based Digitally Programmable Current Follower Cache Translate Page The physical constraints of ever-shrinking CMOS transistors are rapidly approaching atomistic and quantum mechanical limits. Therefore, research is now directed towards the development of nanoscale devices that could work efficiently in the sub-10? m regime. This coupled with the fact that recent design trend for analog signal processing applications is moving towards current-mode circuits which offer lower voltage swings, higher bandwidth, and better signal linearity is the motivation for this work. A digitally controlled DVCC has been realized using CNFETs. This work exploited the CNFET’s parameters like chirality, pitch, and numbers of CNTs to perform the digital control operation. The circuit has minimum number of transistors and can control the output current digitally. A similar CMOS circuit with 32?


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And getting into the keep is good enough to do whatever they need to do. I expect a northern summer is the equivalent of what we would call winter. If Riverrun can hold out then Highgarden should be able to. In one of the earlier episodes this season Cercei handed control of the army over to Jamie because he was the military specialist. We are not talking about one instance of incredulity, and plot convenience here, we are not even talking dozen, in this series and especially episode 6, I could reiterate what others have written and include many more pages, upon pages of issues I saw watching the episode. How the flap does he make that determination, did they have a race getting there, I would think a Wildling who grew up in the north, knows the terrain, knows the weather and has spent his life acclimatized to it could outrun some young kid from Kings landing, and that's beyond the fact he would never have actually had that train of thought in the first place, sending a message to Dany, because of a thing called distance. The night watch didn't have enough men, so the likely option should have been to try silence the white walker and maybe send a small group out to sacrifice themselves (they could have added another 5 random wildlings who just appeared, as the original party of 10 definitely seemed to consist of more than actually 10) and the others conveniently find some cave to hide in and wait for the army to move on. But of course that wouldn't have given the Knight King a dragon. How does the Knight King or any arrow or ballista hit dragons that can move at Mach 10 anyway. WTF was he thinking, and why weren't the others calling him an idiot and telling him to conserve his energy. So he throws the rock and it lands in front of an white walker, who decides the ice is suddenly okay to walk on. How did he figure that out, a small rock does not equal a host of undead moving, so why did the white walker start moving onto the ice, wouldn't they have been testing every now and again to see if they could move across it, I mean if Clegane didn't throw the rock, would they have essentially waited for them to all freeze to death, and then what, still how would they have known at what point to walk across the frozen lake. Yes I get he's not in any rush, but if this is how he handles his army, I reiterate that Jon after living would say, these guys are no threat at all, we hold up in our castles, build some ballista and catapults and moats, job done, Knight King defeated. Oh wait shit I forgot just as long as it isn't Highgarden. It hasn't been Winter for 8000 years, plus Its not earth it's an alien planet, so have a bit of imagination. lol. The rather unique thing for this at the time is that each of the 6 books in the series was written by a different author, and pretty much each book was written independent of the other authors.


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Also when Oleana told Cersei that seeing her lose was a great comfort. She could have went in for the kill and told Oleana she'd see both her grandchildren murdered, etc. It was Cersei's selfishness that led to all of this. Since the sigil of House Tyrell is a rose, I thought that was clearly a sign from Margaery to Olenna that she hasn't truly converted, and is working for her house and family from inside the faith. Jaqen told The Waif to kill Arya without suffering, but I didn't believe for a second she would abide by that direction. Which, imo, makes it more like Jaqen was wearing Arya's face - to see whether The Waif followed his instructions. It never occurred to me that he'd still be testing the faceless girl. I must have blocked that out from a previous season. Loras is in the dungeons beneath the Red Keep (or are the dungeons beneath the Sept of Baelor? , guarded by the Faith Militant. Oleana knows that they could never get to Loras before the Sparrow's people killed him, no matter the size of the Tyrell forces. It's the same reason no one was willing to use force to save Cersei or Margaery when they were prisoners. They were going to attack before the walk of shame. Once Margaery had been saved and the Sparrow killed, Loras could be safely released from the dungeon. Springing Loras through an outright assault of the Sept (now that I think about it, the dungeon must be beneath the Sept) is a much riskier proposition, and one very unlikely to succeed however large the Tyrell forces. I was under the assumption that once she'd been named and marked for death, she had to go. Maybe by her killing the waif, her life debt was somehow paid.


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The two clear winners in the GOP debate hosted Monday night in New Hampshire were former Massachusetts Gov. But they used the debate to train their fire on President Obama rather than to define their differences. The biggest surprise of the evening was the announcement by Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn. that she has filed the paperwork to begin her campaign. She had previously indicated that she would not make a formal announcement until later this month. Anselm College, was officially the second of the primary campaign season. But only five candidates showed up last month in South Carolina, and with the exception of Pawlenty, they were all long-shots. Monday’s forum included nearly all the leading candidates. But most of them remain largely unknown nationally, a factor that could explain their reluctance to go at one another. At this early stage, they are introducing themselves to a nationwide audience, and testing their competitors’ strengths and vulnerabilities. It is a Republican field unlike any other in generations, in which none of the contenders has been able to establish himself or herself as an overwhelming favorite. With the economy wavering and conservatives energized, Republicans see an opportunity to capitalize on the sense that the nation is on the wrong track. But with seven months remaining before the first votes of the nominating contest are cast, the candidates sought to show that they were both electable and ideologically acceptable to primary voters. The spotlight was trained squarely on Mitt Romney, a former governor of Massachusetts, whose appearance here amounted to his debut on the stage four years after losing his first bid for the party’s nomination. Romney will have his first chance to spar onstage with his rivals, former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, ex-Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum, Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain, and Rep.


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