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LukeyPoo 452 4 hari yang lalu Why don’t they just burn it. Wayne Wallace 4 hari yang lalu Annabelle is so cute my heart melted. Eswar 7 hari yang lalu Read the documentry Vincent Meade 7 hari yang lalu im going to be honest its kinda hard to believe this A. . Elz 8 hari yang lalu am i the only one who thinks that the original doll looks much scarier than the one they used in the movies. Mari Villa 8 hari yang lalu Still imagining those big fat wendy eyes just looking at me. FUNKSTAPPUHHH 9 hari yang lalu nigga got choked by a doll with stub hands lmaooo Angry British Chap 10 hari yang lalu spoopy doll Julius Bussey 10 hari yang lalu Is this real fanvapunk 14 hari yang lalu Lorraine look like an alien SaladMan 17 hari yang lalu 1 word: Blowtorch Burn that bitch KC Pointillisms 18 hari yang lalu I used to have Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. Brach Alan Mundy 19 hari yang lalu I definitely would need a rematch with that bitch ass doll if it got a cheap shot as I slept Brach Alan Mundy 19 hari yang lalu How you gonna get your ass beat by a doll. You see God has granted us free will yet he has also granted us protection from evil. So if your free will is to reach out to the other side, and that is your wish at that moment whether serious or not, he may grant you permission via free will and allow to reach over to the other side. And of course when this happens, you might not like what you find and will have to go through hoops to get God to reverse it. Remember the Ouija board was made as a kids board game and adopted by evil. Erica Guidino 23 hari yang lalu Shes married to Chucky now! OL Erica Guidino 23 hari yang lalu I charge fraud fake phony. ll made up for notoriety. Sheila B 23 hari yang lalu If God forbid Lorraine Warren passes away, what would happen to Annabelle. Dustin Sieglinger 24 hari yang lalu This is Scary Cupcaek 24 hari yang lalu 3:49 Thought this was a microwave at first. For a moment, I thought you were about to tell me that these bitches tried microwaving a demon. ?

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I didn’t want Fedallah, the mysterious Parsi harpooner, because he’s a terrible bore and he’d turn the whole thing into comedy. He’s the extra mystical symbol that breaks the whale’s back. If you’re not careful in tragedy, one extra rape, one extra incest, one extra murder and it’s hoo-haw time all of a sudden. So I got rid of Fedallah, and that leaves us at the end with no one to go down with the whale. So, hell, it’s only natural that Moby Dick takes Ahab down with him and comes back up with all these harpoon lines, and Ahab gestures, so when the men follow him they are destroyed. The short story, if you really are intense and you have an exciting idea, writes itself in a few hours. I try to encourage my student friends and my writer friends to write a short story in one day so it has a skin around it, its own intensity, its own life, its own reason for being. There’s a reason why the idea occurred to you at that hour anyway, so go with that and investigate it, get it down. Two or three thousand words in a few hours is not that hard. Boot ’em out, turn off the phone, hide away, get it done. If you carry a short story over to the next day you may overnight intellectualize something about it and try to make it too fancy, try to please someone. The novel is also hard to write in terms of keeping your love intense. If you get the big truth, the small truths will accumulate around it. Let them be magnetized to it, drawn to it, and then cling to it. Some new thing is always exploding in me, and it schedules me, I don’t schedule it. It says: Get to the typewriter right now and finish this. I worked on my typewriter in the living room, with the radio and my mother and dad and brother all talking at the same time. Later on, when I wanted to write Fahrenheit 451, I went up to UCLA and found a basement typing room where, if you inserted ten cents into the typewriter, you could buy thirty minutes of typing time. An IBM Selectric.

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For myself, I think I'm going to go find some new books to read. That was never the real Jon Snow anyway, the real Jon Snow has been retired for 3 seasons and living like a king in Pata--er, I mean Pentos. Warging has always been a more dramatic change, that looks more like the post-processing fucking things up. I'd be extremely surprised if the power Melisandre gets from Shireen doesn't end up being directed to Snow coming back to life. Not only because that's obvs, but because it gives Jon Snow yet another thing to mope about. And at the end of each episode, gather in a tavern (run by Hizdak mo Sizlak) to share what heartfelt lessons they learned that week. I am hoping desperately that WoW comes out before then, but also worried nothing much happens in it because these release chapters, other than Arya's, have been so booooooring. Has GRRM said that they are the first 12 or whatever chapters of the book, or are they just selected chapters. It's hard to believe nothing much happens of consequence in 12 chapters, isn't that like 100 pages at least. There were a hell of a lot more than 100 pages in the last two books in which nothing much happened. That if book sales and show viewership are anything to go by, the idea of a backlash is a myth because sales and viewership are only increasing. To this, I'd still point out that there's the issue of churn. It is valid to say that you will always lose a certain amount of fandom for various reasons and you accept that and just bet on taking in more. I also quite enjoy the speculation and the history and the politics, I'm quite happy to read the ASOIAF wiki and the various fan blogs (like BrydenBFish 's totally grognard-tastic analysis of the shifting loyalties of the North) and have that be my alternative engagement for this world. Which is saying something in and of itself, the fact that it took me so long to watch. Because despite the obviously problems around women, I've often found the show a lot more entertaining to watch than the books are to read (though I find the books more satisfying). But now I'm really starting to dread what they will do without hardly any source material to work from because so many of the plotlines they freelanced on this season were just so. dumb. I mean, say what you will about the meandering plots of the last two books, but at least there was interesting stuff there.

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This approach paid short-term dividends to the West, but it was like playing with fire. The world paid a heavy price for the US government’s patronage to the rabidly fundamentalist regime of General Zia-ul-Haq in Pakistan. Instead of learning its lessons from this fiasco, the US government under President Barack Obama has repeated this disastrous policy in Iraq and Syria. This optimism soon dried off and instead of adopting a more principled approach to the problems in the Middle East, Obama has drifted dangerously away from public opinion in the Muslim world. If the USA cannot wash its hands off its responsibility for the present catastrophe in Iraq, Syria and of course Gaza, then the Muslim world too cannot but hang its head in shame for the monstrosities which have occurred in Iraq and Syria during this period. Brutal acts of inhumanity committed by rival Shia and Sunni militants cannot be wished away simply by attributing such acts to flawed Western policies. In the ultimate analysis, there has to be collective realisation both in the West and the Islamic world of their own misdeeds. Till then there will be no lasting peace in the world. This would not only put them at risk but also their future generations for whose sake this story has mainly been put together. Postscript In the past six decades, India as a nation has emerged as a potential super power in South Asia. This, while quite a few other countries in the region suffered due to major internal strife, their plight has often been fuelled by identity politics. Yet, tragically, a sizeable section back home now appears to view secularism not as a source of national energy but as a burdensome symbol of subjugation, appeasement and at best a distant idealism. For a few weeks after the Narendra Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) swept into power in India in the summer 24. Colonialism and the Call to Jihad in British India of 2014, a sense of euphoria enveloped a wide cross-section of Indian society. Even amongst the Muslim community, there was a sizeable section which started believing in the Prime Minister’s slogan of “sabka saath sabka vikas” (justice and development for all sections of society. But within a few weeks, the new government embarked upon a policy which started raising latent fears amongst the minorities and other marginalised communities. The government itself adopted an alienating indifference to the nagging fears of the minorities, especially Muslims and Christians, and marginalized groups such as the Dalits and Tribals. Simultaneously, some organizations linked to the ruling dispensation embarked on a series of mass programmes aimed at spreading distrust, fear and anger amongst these marginalized communities. Barely a year after the Modi government assumed power, a spate of violent incidents took place in different parts of the country, all in the guise of preventing cow slaughter.

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7. Dirty Dancing Movieclips Classic Trailers on YouTube If you haven't seen this timeless classic, now is the time. Romance blooms between the two as they work to make the sheik's dream come true. 10. Just Wright FoxSearchlight on YouTube A physical therapist named Leslie Wright (Queen Latifah) falls in love with one of her clients, the basketball superstar Scott McKnight (Common). She falls in love with her classmate Derek (Sean Patrick Thomas) at her new high school and together, they tackle their problems. 12. Sabrina Paramount Movies on YouTube Sabrina is a remake of the 1954 film starring Billy Wilder and Audrey Hepburn. This '90s version follows Sabrina Fairchild (Julia Ormond), who finds herself in a love tug-a-war between two brothers (Greg Kinnear, Harrison Ford). 13. Guess Who Guess Who - Trailer on YouTube When Theresa (Zoe Saldana) introduces her fiance to her father, Percy (Bernie Mac), he's shocked to find out that the fiance is a white man named Simon (Ashton Kutcher). Simon faces an uphill battle to win over Percy. 14. Monsoon Wedding criterioncollection on YouTube This romantic drama has various storylines that will all have you on the edge of your seat. However, she still carries on with her secret love affair with her television host lover. 15. The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button FilmTrailersChannel on YouTube The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a fantasy drama about a man who ages in reverse. Sandra Bullock and Ben Affleck play strangers who meet on a plane and inconveniently fall for one another. 17.

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He also coordinated mini-tracks of the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences for 10 years. Alicia Iriberri is a Doctoral Student at the School of Information Science, Claremont Graduate University. Her research interests are User Interface Design, Computer Ethics and Virtual Communities. Currently, she is working on her dissertation and is involved in supporting various virtual communities in Claremont and Pomona. These authors take a wide-ranging view of social life online ranging from politics and economic considerations to weblogs and virtual work teams. They then consider issues that are emerging for the new virtual society. We also examine the implications of how people will live and work in societies where these arrangements and practices are widespread and mixed with face-to-face relationships. The last two chapters in this section take a very different approach to interpersonal relationships online by examining two clinical issues, online selfhelp groups and online therapy. The authors of the first of these two chapters, “Internet Self-Help and Support Groups: The Pros and Cons,” are Storm King and Danielle Moreggi. Storm A. King recently finished his doctoral degree in clinical psychology at Pacific Graduate School of Psychology. He has been researching the value of online self-help groups and the psychology of virtual communities, specifically, the therapeutic value perceived by members of e-mail groups that function as self-help groups, since 1993. He has proposed innovative ways for psychologists to use the Internet with clients and to gain new insights into a variety of disorders. His 1996 article, “Researching Internet communities, proposed ethical guidelines for the reporting of results,” was one of the first articles to address the unique ethical dilemmas facing researchers who use Internet-archived text data to study the social impact of the Internet. He created and maintains a clearinghouse website for researchers interested in the psychology of virtual communities. Mr. King is a founding member and past president of The International Society for Mental Health Online. He has also published research on compulsivity in Internet gambling. His 1999 article, “Internet gambling and pornography: Illustrative examples of the psychological consequences of communication anarchy,” published in CyberPsychology and Behavior, is considered by many to be a seminal article in that field.

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