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Did he promise her child the Iron throne knowing Dany can't have kids. Maybe that's the reason for that expression on his face. Maybe it will turn in the womb and that will kill her. Or else Qyburn and she are doing some kind of build-a-baby insemination deal. Some of my favorite scenes of the entire series ooccurred with the two of them traveling together. They already hinted that Arya actually cares for him - don't think he's still on her list. This is like a circle of time where White walkers are defeated and then the wall will get built. I am basing this coz John is actually Aegon Targaryen who will build the legacy like same Aegon who build it initially. This time to create a new future Dragons won't be tied cause now they know that it will help in defeating White Walkers. The hound saw the vision that they will go to the wall, the arrowhead mountain and get stuck on the lake of ice. However, that entire expedition didn't do anything. They lost a dragon, and with the lost of that dragon, they lost the wall. I might be looking too much into bad writing but is it possible the lord of light lead them through all of that, all that sacrifice just for Jamie's help. If so, isn't he the most important character aka the chosen one. I'm sure there's holes in my theory so don't mind poking at it. When do you think she'll return from Volantis, and what's gonna happen. Will she sacrifice herself for some big end game event. If they threw in the Great Other in a skirmish around Winterfell. Because of the theory that the Great Other is trapped in the crypts of Winterfell. Him 'dying' is a reference to him being really a Targaryen and the pack surviving points to the Stark children finally coming together as one.

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Unless she does something to force his hands, which being Cersei she can very well do. I am surprised no one has tried to chase both Varys and Tyrion down after the death of Tywin. Nothing like some minor tussles between siblings:). Why can't the blonde just kill Arya and take her face. They did hover over J-whats-his-name cutting off a face in the last episode. Certainly if a good reason is available then yes it would be a nice twist. If she were to meet up with Jon for example we as an audience would dread it and it would create good tension. But why would fake Arya ever meet with any of the others. Where's the unpredictability and tension that made the books and previous seasons so flapping awesome. Its all gone a bit generic fantasy for my liking and I bet I'm not the only one who feels this way. You can guess what's going to happen before each episode. But as you said, it doesn't mean it'll be absolutely correct. I pretty sure the part about her younger brother choking the life out of her wasn't in the show. Longer episodes would be nice but not gonna happen unfortunately. I don't think they could do more than 600 mins a year and maintain the quality. Everything going on in the North right now is pretty riveting stuff and moving at a fast pace, while Kings Landing for example is really dragging on. I really don’t think the High Sparrow arc needed 2 whole seasons. Dorne was a real waste of time too, there was no point in going there if they didn’t intend to introduce Quentyn, Arianne or Young Griff. It almost seemed like an afterthought due to the popularity of Oberyn. Sam’s story is important but IMO he should have been on his way in Season 5 and gone with that instead of Dorne.

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Film ini menceritakan tentang seorang fotografer berkulit hitam bernama Chris Washington yang sudah berpacaran selama 5 bulan dengan Rose Armitage wanita berkulit putih. Karena hubungan mereka mulai memasuki ke arah yang lebih serius, Rose mulai mengajak Chris untuk menemui kedua orangtuanya. Pada awalnya Chris ragu karena orangtua Rose belum tau soal hubungan antar ras mereka, namun akhirnya setelah Rose meyakinkan, Chris pun mau bertemu dengan orang tua nya. Ketika sampai disana banyak hal ganjil mulai terjadi. Dari orang tua Rose yang sangat baik dan welcome terhadap Chris, bahkan terlihat mencurigakan karena mereka sangat terlihat membuat Chris agar bisa nyaman di rumah tersebut. Lalu jarang terlihat orang kulit hitam di daerah sana, kalaupun ada orang kulit hitam disana memiliki perilaku yang aneh. Mereka seperti bukan orang kulit hitam lagi, lupa akan kebiasaan orang kulit hitam, dan seakan-akan berperilaku layaknya orang kulit putih. Banyak hal ganjil yang mulai terjadi apalagi setelah ibu dari Rose yang merupakan hypnoterapis menghipnotis Chris. Awalnya Chris dihipnotis dengan alasan untuk membuatnya berhenti merokok, namun lama kelamaan Chris mulai merasa ada sesuatu yang tidak beres dengan keluarga tersebut. Film ini sama sekali tidak ada sangkut pautnya dengan teknologi. IT ini sendiri merupakan film horror yang diadaptasi dari buku karya Stephen King which is rajanya penulis buku horror. Buku IT karya Stephen King ini sendiri diluncurkan pada tahun 1986. Hingga saat ini tahun 2017, hadir kembali adaptasi berupa film IT. Berawal dari Bill yang kehilangan adiknya Georgie, bersama The Losers Club Bill pun berusaha untuk mencari letak keberadaan Georgie yang ternyata diculik oleh IT. Kasus missing person pun telah sering terjadi di kota Derry ini. Ketika mereka menemukan bahwa selama ini yang menculik anak-anak kota Derry adalah IT, mereka langsung bersatu padu untuk melawan IT agar tidak ada lagi anak-anak yang hilang dari kota Derry. Karena “It” sendiri memang tidak mempunyai nama dan merupakan sebuah entitas jahat, bisa dibilang demon atau evil spirit gitu yang berupa shapeshifter. Jadi “It” ini bisa berubah bentuk sesuai dengan ketakutan masing-masing orang. Aku juga udah pernah bikin video di youtube tentang 7 IT Movie Fun Facts, bisa ditonton di video di bawah ini yess. Pengabdi Setan tahun 2017 ini merupakan film reboot karya sutradara fenomenal Joko Anwar.

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yes. yes. Oh aye, aye. Jacques: From Paris. you have travelled from Paris. Louis: Oh yes, we've come from Paris. yes. yes, yes, we've just come from. er. Paris. yes. Jacques: No no. the glass thing. the glass decanter with the round glass stopper. Jacques: The sideboard. yes. Look. you go into the salle a manger. Jacques: And the claret is on top of the sideboard, to the left. Jacques: Will you please tell Monsieur Joseph our guest is here.


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Purple lining. Zipper top opening. Decorative metal lock. To Stitt's mind, the two regions—Italy and the American South—share commonalities. Both native cuisines have a tradition of turning humble ingredients—ground corn, bitter greens, cured pork, the daily catch—into poetry on the plate. And as the chef points out in his lively introduction to the book, this is elemental cooking based on the purity and simplicity of the freshest and finest ingredients. With a detachable and adjustable strap, this bag can be used as a satchel, or a crossbody bag. Inside of the bag features a middle zipper compartment and 2 wall compartments for cellphones and accessories. These belts are fair-trade and made by women in Peru that benefit from a steady income that sustains traditions and livelihood through artistic collaboration. Since each belt is hand-embroidered, they are each one of a kind and stitching may vary. Simply squish the iPlunge against the back of your Apple iPhone, iPod, or any device with a smooth hard surface. Who will articulate his love for Xbox 360, for Mama Celeste's frozen pizza, for the cinematic oeuvre of Bruce Willis. The charm easily hooks on the leather bracelet's lobster hooks. Store cash, keys and coffee cards while fingers are safe from hot or cold drinks. Wear it as an arm or wrist band while on a walk or run. Measures 4 inches by 3. 5 inches folded. Made from super-strong Tyvek. Top zip to room exterior which features large zippered pocket, four credit card slots, and electronic organizer pocket and two pen holders. A stimulating color palette, harmonizes with these beautiful leaves to create an overall elegant touch.