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The dagger was quite prominent throughout season 7 including making an appearance in one of the texts Sam was reading at the Citadel, perhaps it’s even one of the texts he brought along with him to Winterfell. We are clearly meant to see this as an important object. Going off this I believe that Arya’s training as a Faceless Men is important to the endgame. I don’t think she went through that training just to get revenge. The Faceless Men worship the gods of death and the Night King has been described as Death incarnate, so there very well could be a connection there. If we take GRRM at his word and we won’t see the typical fantasy trope of the good guys coming together to destroy the evil monster, then the other very typical fantasy trope of the hero battling the monster in a sword fight might not be the route that GRRM goes in. It might very well be that in order to destroy the Night King characters will have to work in unison to do whatever needs to be done to destroy him. I don’t know how one destroys the Night King but perhaps it has something to do or it’s tied to the shard of dragonglass that was placed in the Night King heat by the Children of the Forest. 7. The “fire to love” from Dany’s HOTU prophecy will make an appearance. I believe that Dany will light one more fire before the series is over. We were told that there would be many callbacks to season 1 and I think we’ll have a parallel scene to the one from Drogo’s pyre happening towards the end of season 8. This scene could be tied to the birth of Jon and Dany’s child or it could be tied to the destruction of the Night King, I’m not really sure what will be the purpose of the fire. 8.

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Yeah, it probably saved some American lives, short-term. And it brought a nightmare into the world that has not slept ever since, and may very well lead to our species’ mutual annihilation. She is not defending her people from a Westerosi invasion, which might justify the use of dragonfire (just as Tyrion’s use of wildfire, while horrific in terms of human casualties, is far more morally defensible than Cersei’s use of it). Tyrion, the elitist, claims there’s no slavery in Westeros anymore. It saved hundreds of thousands of U. . troops and saved millions of Japanese soldiers and civilians all of whom were preparing to fight to the death to defend the Japanese home islands and especially the Emperor. If the Japanese didn’t want to get nuked, they shouldn’t have tried to conquer all of East Asia, nor attack the U. . Furthermore, whether the U. . used those weapons or not, their proliferation was guaranteed. That’s what all technology does, including weapons technology. That’s not even getting into what happens if Stalin gets into the war and expands the USSR further.

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I still know trad catholics last spring I was at ones house whos semi disabled abandoned mother. Idaho is very religious sounds like you are from a similar area. And yes this has kept it pretty resistant to a lot of leftism but its going to fall and soon I can see it and christianity is going to be a big reason. The way to see that is to think about how it resembles say america 100 years ago and the only way leftism then could possibly enter was through christianity well thats whats happening it cant go around so its going in. I don’t just cite my 8th grade degree i also cite i have several time tested about 130 IQ I know that while Im better read than a lot of doctorates i have met i am also never got the lectures and such that go with the books or read them in wrong order so missed things there have been huge advantages to not doing university mainly Im open minded. I dont think its a larp either way its just non typical and I can understand why some might dismiss me on say some writing or even not learning a field of employment thats academic so most with my iq might be less well rounded they all have at least one academic specialty that they chose often as a career i dont i went into building trades. I do know i can pass better in person than writing. My opinion and i slum a lot is half of them are rehabitable basically victims of bad elite leadership maybe evil elite leadership. I dont think we need strong presbyterianism or nazism for that matter to keep the proles happy and productive we need to support them in what is good for them and us they want to work and raise families give them some healthy pastimes and things like a military tradition destroy feminism and reward tinkering in your garage on things and they will be fine. NRX thinks Disney was a prophet they have a point. This is just karma, as I’m sure you’re aware of on a higher level than me. If you shuck the leftism now and start teaching tantra and meditation you may reincarnate as a white male, just maybe. He’s an American-born citizen, born into an Arab (Western) religion, of Indian ethnicity. You’re an American-born citizen, born into another Western religion, probably of European ethnicity.

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Thus their plan was to travel far to the southeast to avoid detection, then loop around and attack Castle Black from its southern and least-defended side. He regrets ignoring her former advice not to send Theon away. When the wildlings capture an old man and Jon refuses to kill him, a fight breaks out. Edmure meets his soon-to-be bride, Roslin Frey, who is the most beautiful Frey girl. Roose Bolton betrays the Starks and stabs Robb, while Catelyn's throat is slit. I've given you meat and wine and music, but I haven’t shown you the hospitality you deserve. And terrible, should-be-mortal stab wounds are apparently(? healed from the way she moves around. The direction and story give us no indication either way, so something seems amiss. Ergo. t's bad direction, storytelling, or both. But there were all kinds of awkwardness going on in other episodes as the writers tried to end storylines and bring the endgame. But certain amounts of storytelling sloppiness, drifting characterizations, and sub-par dialogue was less excusable. I can't be the only one who found the whole Faceless Men storyline to be a huge letdown in the end.

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They certainly weren't expecting their new unknown to run off with the Winter Soldier. The public is scared of him and they threaten to stick him in Azkaban. Sherlock was walking around in his sheet, as per usual. John was trying to ignore his attraction towards him, as per usual. John was trying to read what the tattoo on Sherlock's lower side said, as per usua- wait, Sherlock has a tattoo. I do not own Sherlock nor any character you find within. She didn't ask to meet the man with the haunted eyes. She didn't ask to stupefy him in the street and she certainly didn't ask for what followed after. A drop of innocent blood changes everything, and a world is shaken as fate is re-written. For what is a prophecy to a prophet, and what is a second chance at life for a dead man. He just thinks this is going to play havoc with his head. What if they are not meant to drift apart but stay together despite what comes. You'll laugh, you'll worry, and you'll see a narrow script opened larger than before. Famous at that, but only thanks to his first big inspiration - a graffiti artist called the Ghost King.

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Tidak ada penampilan akting yang membuat kita nyeletuk “pemainnya menang tampang doang! . Vincent D’Onofrio adalah yang terbaik dalam film ini dari departemen akting. Sedangkan tokoh utama kita, seperti yang kubilang tadi, lumayan kompeten. Walaupun terkadang dia masih terasa kayak ngomong buat dirinya sendiri, but maybe it’s just the character. Bagaimana membuat film tetap menjadi seram dengan omen-omen kayak genangan air dan semacamnya, sekaligus tetap engaging dalam jangka waktu sejak tokoh utama menonton video sampai ke maut datang menjemput. Film pertama menarik kita masuk lewat investigasi yang surreal hingga nyaris psikologis. Film kedua kebingungan jadi mereka melempar elemen nonton video begitu saja keluar jendela. Film ketiga, Rings ini, bermaksud meniru kakak tertuanya, hanya saja film ini tidak punya footing yang kuat pada plot lines nya. Dari soal ngopi file buat selamat dari kutukan saja udah konyol banget. Semua trope karakter dan klise yang kita expected bakal ada dalam film horor dipakek. Adegan opening di pesawat actually salah satu yang terparah, untungnya kita enggak perlu repot-repot mengingatnya. Film ini justru malah nekat mengubah mitologi yang udah dibangun. Seolah mereka enggak setuju dengan origin Samara dan nekat nambahin ulang (dengan maksa pula!