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“Daenerys is preparing her armies to sail toward King’s Landing. What’s she doing to do that. So, a Dany fan will couch Dany’s actions in glowing, leadership-like terms like that. “She’s preparing her armies. But really, she’s just giving (yet another) speech. 8. You know what reknown speechmaker continues to be virtually non-existent this season. The Robin stuff is just a boring re-tread of Littlefinger’s demise. This version of S8 is clearly not from a native English speaker, because there are just too many obvious grammatical errors and awkward phrases. Which is a dead giveaway, seeing that all the scripts, including all the actual directions to the actors, would be in English with this cast.

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I did also love that they finally brought Gendry back after he was absent for so long (I mean have you seen of the memes about him rowing LOL! . But yea Season 7 could have been so much better, hopefully season 8 will be better. Blade Runner 2049 on the other hand, oh boy did this film live up to my expectations. I thought K was a brilliant character and really well developed, the stories I thought was amazing and the plot twist is probably one of the best ones I have ever seen, from the start you think K is Deckard and Rachel's child but then it turns out that Deckard and Rachel had a daughter not a son and that the memory designer Ana Stelline is actually the child Wallace wants. The movie looked absolutely beautifully much like how the original looked beautiful and ahead of it's time in 1982. Granted those problems are all only minor ones and I can honestly say out of all the 2017 movies I've seen so far Blade Runner 2049 is probably my favourite one so far. So yea 2017, good year, better than 2016 and hopefully 2018 will be good as well. So I thought I'd make a list of what I think are the absolutely most heart breaking deaths in all of Anime. Since this is discussing the end of character be aware of spoilers and make sure you have lots of tissue with you.

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Ramsay's death will just be relief that all this lazy shit is over. Jon and Sansa: all good, absolutely carrying the show right now. Don't actually mind the Iron Isles stuff, or the Little Finger stuff. Arya wasn't in this episode, but I don't mind her arc I guess. All of the best moments in this episode have been done before and to a more satisfying effect. I'm just glad that we're finally done with most of the moving of chess pieces, and finally have some interesting and unique pairings. As was mentioned by someone else, the best scene here was Brienne telling Davos and Melisandre about her executing Stannis and then walking off like the badass she is. talea: And seriously, did we really need like six shots of Dany's breasts in that final scene. He's seen something supernatural and very dangerous, and he himself has been resurrected, so one would think that he would actually care about the White Walkers and get the bigger picture. But it feels like the show had to completely betray Jon's principles in order to finally make Sansa dominant (I'm still annoyed by how flustered she was when she and Brienne did the oath -- looking at Theon for approval, and Pod having to remind her of the words, ugh).

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If I gave you five minutes to come up with what the Ouija movie would be about, something tells me you'd present me with something like this. Think of it like Jumanji with ghosts, which might be the exact pitch that got this movie made. And then, it's just more of the same haunted house jump scares that have dominated mainstream horror movies since Paranormal Activity came out. Dear god, I hope audiences will grow as tired of surreal mirror gags in these movies as I have. But, if we're adapting board games, might I suggest Sorry. Matt Stauss, a cavalry scout with 1-14 Cavalry Regiment, 3-2 SBCT, hops over a log during Spouse Spur Ride at JBLM. Photo credit: Staff Sgt. Antwaun J. Parrish Sgt. David Diaz, a military policeman assigned to 595th Military Police Company, participated as a spouse, because his wife Pfc.

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Part way up the stair, the top she is wearing reveals her brastrap and bared right shoulder, in contrast to how the top is shown during the rest of the opening scenes. While there is an entire regional cinema movement which dabbles in scary movies based on local Peruvian folklore these movies never reach a mass audience and are worthy of an article all of their own. First-time director Dorian Fernandez-Moris has turned to recent horror cinema for inspiration, citing Cloverfield, the Paranormal Activity series, and Spanish outbreak film REC as influences. Cementerio thus joins the current fad for found-footage films, and will probably make some viewers dread being subjected to the nausea-inducing Handheld Shaky Cam Technique. However, when used correctly, it can be an effective tool to scare people out of their wits. Couple that with a location which in itself is creepy enough, and this just might work. The film was shot at the general cemetery in the city of Iquitos (the same place where Fitzcarraldo wanted to build an opera house and defied nature by dragging a riverboat up a hill), a place that's over 100 years old and most likely filled with ghost stories and unexplained happenings. The plot concerns a teenager grieving over the death of her father. In the grand tradition of horror movie characters making dumb decisions, her friends decide to help by spending the night at the title location and using a Ouija board to contact Dad's spirit, and things go from bad to worse in a hurry. Regardless of the end result, it's great to see Peruvian directors take a chance on genre material.