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Reply share atlasinmotion commented on Need new music from someone who sounds just like EDEN. I'm subscribed, yet stuff never appears on my feed. My friend found him and showed me some of his songs and I liked them a lot. When I saw the 800 followers I was like oh wow no one knows of this guy. Reply share atlasinmotion commented on Best featured songs? Question. Country: USA Some of the best and most funniest movie moments happen behind the scenes. All the camera men are really underrated about 23 days ago Syed Asad The lighting is Amazing af about 23 days ago CrootexGaming Liang Comedy movies take forever to make because they can keep laughing. Before Annabelle “Comes Home” SEE THE REAL FOOTAGE of the. John Brunner - Page 3 girls in a time twist with a.

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And Lancel, after being humiliated, imprisoned, shamed, and tortured, received no resolution. He was truly “the broken man” and I found him so pitiable. I felt that a lot of the reticence in Sansa was an echo of Catelyn’s fears and misgivings when Robb was crowned. Someone give that composer, that director and Lena Headey an Emmy stat. They might’ve won it, too, considering most of the early reviews are saying this was one of the, if not the best, episodes ever. Though this makes him a royal bastard he still is a bastard. Every other episode that might have contended for that title seems a distant second now. Because it’s very likely Tyrion isn’t, but instead the son of the Mad King. Tyrion walks in on the dragons, and unlike Quentyn Martell in the books, he does not get incinerated. So apologies if I say anything that has already been said hundreds of times.

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The eight-episode drama, which was created by Tom and Chips Hardy in collaboration with Steven Knight, chronicles the life of James Keziah Delaney, who returns to England in 1814 after having been presumed dead following the wreck of a slave ship in Africa. His homecoming is instigated by the death of his father, who named him the sole heir to the family's shipping business. Unfortunately for Delaney, though, the East India Company has set its sights. While neither FX now the BBC has confirmed the Season 2 of the TV show, these two talked about the possibility. And, fans should be delighted to know that the show is likely to be renewed. But, at the same time, he said explosive stuff was going to happen in his mind. At a pivotal moment of FX’s new dark miniseries Taboo, a lawyer relentlessly paces about a courtroom, flustered. He tugs at his collar, red-faced, perspiration beading up on his forehead. Rating 2. From the galley, Tom Hardy leans forward, a magnificent sneer on his face.


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Are we ever going to get a Nymeria, Arya reunion in the show. Also what will be Ghosts' role for the rest of the series. Do you think he could possibly be brought on to the Anti-White Walker alliance easily when his loyalty is to Cersei. Especially considering how volatile and paranoid she is because of her fear of the prophecy coming to fruition. Pred 2 lety Katie Davies Brilliant video guys as always. Pred 2 lety JD Mo Thanks for bringing up the dagger. Wasn't expecting to have much company in the quest for dagger intel and meaning, and I really appreciate James bringing it up and Chris for taking up the cause. Pred 2 lety Night's King Imagine the wights from Winterfell coming they would attack first making it easier for the WW. I don't own season 1 anymore (someone's had a 5 finger discount), but you should go back and check the scene out between Catelyn, Ned and Littlefinger and the scene where Little Finger puts the dagger to Ned's throat. Pred 2 lety JD Mo The dagger could be in the chest among Ned's bones.

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I just kind of assumed in my head that Dany would take kindly to Jon Targaryen, considering the only male relationships she has know have been messed up, whereas Jon is about as morally sound as a person in Westeros can get (that isn't already dead). If she ends up being a villain, then she ain't not friend of Jon. 2) With Jon being the only male Targarean (not assuming Tyrion) and with an army built himself (which he's doing now), I don't know how she doesn't see it as a threat. The people will demand it if they see him as the Prince That Was Promised. Maybe they start boning (in Targarean tradition) and rule together, but I don't see that either (see Acamp's post above). The Iron Throne will most likely go to whoever saves Westeros from the approaching ice zombie apocalypse. That's rules out pretty much everyone other than Jon and Dany. And there are more red flags about Dany with each passing week, so. Aegon riding Balerion the Black Dread and conquering all of Westeros is badass. Dany riding dragons to defeat the white walkers and save humanity (or whatever she wants to use them for) would be like One Direction breaking records originally set by The Beatles ( ).