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Don’t get me wrong it was cool how he just walked up on that camp but it seemed like a somewhat lazy payoff (as far as money and time and coordinating a fight scene normally goes on GoT). Yes I know it went like the books for the most part but it seemed so anticlimactic IMO. But all we got were some chase scenes and another candle being blown out. Just one of those three storylines and I wouldn’t have been so disappointed. It’s not even close to the Tyrion from seasons 1-4. I don’t think they need to storm them but rather sneak aboard. She now has her “many gifts” to bring back to Winterfell. I am still scratching my head on how she was able to leap and run with those wounds. I was hoping lady crane was a fm and gave her a potion that wasn’t milk of the poppy. But a more straightforward answer is Arya has new Jedi skills and Lady Crane was really good with a needle as is Arya. Since Tyrion started using the Red Priest, perhaps Varys decided to betray him because his hatred of magic goes beyond his partnership with Tyrion. This is pure speculation of course, but it kind of makes sense, though I may be wrong about a few of the details. She did that after evacuating everyone, hoping to burn Tyrion if he was still hiding in the tower after killing Tywin. Since it was a fire, she can actually get away by calling it an accident. Setting fire to even one building in KL using wildfire is dangerous, but when was Cersei the most prudent of people. And so much for Cleganebowl, although we should’ve seen this coming, obviously the Mountain killing the brother would have consequences.

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Who would want to don a giant watch capable of such specs or a large enough battery to run that. You still need an iPhone with you at all times (unless you opt for the LTE-enabled Apple Watch 3), but you'll use it less than before. The bigger questions: can is do enough to be worth its price, and is it fashionable enough to wear everyday, by geek chic and non-geeks alike. Given its success, it’s no great surprise to find the RE4 series continuing into 2018 in 32-inch and 40-inch sizes. If those sizes are a bit on the petite size for your tastes, though, Sony has decided to expand its full HD HDR offering by introducing a new 43-inch RF45 model. What do we think of Sony’s latest 43-inch high-def HDR TV. Design In design terms the RF45 is a fairly standard affair. Its dark grey frame is rather wider than those wrapped around most of Sony’s 2018 TVs, and the built quality is more plasticky. There’s a nice slightly textured finish to the screen frame, though, and its sharply angled out feet add a little flare to proceedings. One other thing worth noting about these feet is that they’re not stuck right under the TV’s extreme corners, meaning you won’t need to find a bit of furniture the same width as the TV to sit it on. Aside from its mostly unremarkable design, probably the most significant sign of the RF45’s entry level nature is its lack of any smart features (Netflix, Amazon, the BBC iPlayer, YouTube and so on). This may limit its appeal to some, though it’s worth stating that there are many pretty affordable external devices (such as the Amazon Fire TV) that can add such features to the RF45. The aforementioned PS4 carries many online video sources, too. Performance Given its budget nature, the RF45 doesn’t have enough brightness or colour range to deliver an uncompromised HDR experience. However, impressively its does have Sony’s X-Reality Pro picture processing engine at its heart. Experience shows, too, that the X-Reality Pro system should deliver superior upscaling of standard definition sources, and enhanced colour refinement to help you experience the maximum benefit from the screen’s 1920x1080 resolution.

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Depending on the successful buyer, BFB's current management under company founder, Terry Brabin, may continue to have a stake in the new ownership model. BFB still has an active expansion agenda and hopes the new backer will help fund its plans when Proterra moves on. Knowing PSP well, I can tell you they absolutely wanted Terry Brabin, BFB's founder and Managing Director, to stay on and have a sizable stake in the deal. This deal would never have been done without PSP demanding he stays on to manage the company and own part of it (skin in the game). As far as Australian agriculture, it's booming and it's part of a secular theme, the rise of China's middle class increasingly looking to adopt a Western diet. Global pensions and sovereign wealth funds all want a piece of this agricultural pie. As far as the actual bidding process, typically the way this works is pensions and other investors that invested in a private equity fund - in this case Proterra Investment Partners -- will bid on a portfolio company, building, land, etc. It was a competitive bidding process and PSP had to clear all Australian regulatory hurdles to purchase its stake, which it obviously did. It should be noted, however, that agriculture, timberland, collectively called natural resources, do carry risks and big investors have suffered mixed performances in the past. In May 2017, I discussed why CPPIB was retreating from farmland, mostly in North America. Will this double-digit growth continue indefinitely. Of course not, Australian farmland will experience booms and busts just like all other asset classes but this is why you need to partner up with the right management team that knows how to deliver great value even in tough times. This is why PSP needs Terry Brabin and his team as much as the latter need PSP as a long-term patient partner. Anyway, PSP's Natural Resources Group headed up by Marc Drouin is doing a great job finding these deals in Australia and elsewhere. It's not an easy portfolio to ramp up quickly but as they find more deals, I'm sure it will grow from the current 3% to close to 6% over the next few years. I included this clip because I couldn't find something comparable for BFB featuring Terry Brabin.


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The “dangui” was also worn by women from the “yangban” (noble class) and other court women. But the “dangui” and “seuran chima” worn as everyday clothes by the members of the royal family were distinguished by gold leaf designs known as “geumbak. For the “dangui” worn by queens and empresses, dragon emblems were also sewn on the shoulders. For more information about the “dangui” and other attire of the royal family, surf to Joseon’s Court Attire: Kdrama Style (Part 1). You might also be interested in in the hit 2014 historical movie “The Royal Tailor” starring Go Soo and Park Shin Hye. For one reason or another, Dong Yi’s and Ok Nyeo’s “dangui” have silver, rather than gold, designs. The skirt (“seuran chima”) that was worn by the royal family members also had decorations (“geumbak”). Historical backgrounders, review, and analysis (external links) 1. From Wikipedia article on Suk-bin Choe: She entered the palace at the age of 7. She belonged to the “cheonmin” class which was the lowest class during the Joseon Dynasty. How she and the King had their first encounter is unknown. The most accepted version is that she was a “musuri”, i. . a water maid, in the palace, i. . a palace slave, during the time when Queen Inhyeon was deposed and exiled, and the concubine, Jang Hui-Bin, had acquired the status of queen.

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“It is very empowering to tell your own narrative to faculty and staff who maybe don’t always get to hear that,” Jacobsen said. Alternatively, Jacobson explained that the panels are not always comfortable. Sometimes, during the panel, questions that are asked by someone who doesn’t understand the topic or that are not phrased tactfully can become upsetting and stressful to some students and faculty. “The joy of having the panel is that we can work on addressing why that’s uncomfortable, and we can hopefully work towards a better understanding of it,” Jacobson said. Guiding Eyes for the Blind (GEB), a national organization that was brought to Ithaca College in 2002, raises young pups to benefit those in need. The dogs are raised for several reasons: to help guide the blind, to be further bred as guide dogs, to comfort those with Autism and to help with police investigations. Since 2010, members of GEB at the college have raised 48 pups. Donning a Cookie Monster costume, Fanta sniffs at a box of cookies. This event included pups from the community and Cornell University. The Chainsmokers, which are going onto their 10th straight week atop the Billboard charts for their hit single “Closer,” tweeted out praise of Almand’s remix and linked to the song. Within a few days, the song had amassed over 400,000 plays on SoundCloud and climbed to No. 2 on Hype Machine, a music blog aggregator with a large following. Almand made that remix the new foundation of his music career. He deleted all of his other music off SoundCloud. “I deleted everything else after that. He played at parties at the University of Michigan, Miami University in Ohio, Pennsylvania State University, Cornell University, Syracuse University and Providence College.