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C o h a n Richard Rodgers Phyllis Diller u znaku Raka Hellen Keller Charles Laughton John Glenn Anne Lindbegh Henry VIII Marcel Proust Rembrandt Andrew W y e t h Calvin Coolidge John Wanamaker Red Skelton John D. Rockefeller John Quincy A d a m s Nelson Rockefeller Ginna Lollobrigida Ernest Hemingway Oscar Hammerstein Duke of W i n s d o r Stephen Foster Gertrude Lawrence Barbara Stanwyck Henry D. Ne ocekujte od ovog muskarca da pred vama ogoli svoju dusu prvi put kada vas vidi. Rakovi nikada ne veruju nepoznatima, a ima nekih stvari koje ni njihovi najbolji prijatelji ne znaju. Potrebno je dosta strpljenja da ga zaista upoznate. K a d a istice s v o j ostar, intuitivni u m, piljicete u njega sa strahopostovanjem. On je bez sumnje romanticni sanjar, ali ipak i d o v o l j n o razuman i praktican. Ali, u svakom od njih, muskarac Rak ostaje dosledan sebi. Njegova priroda nikada ne odstupa od svog osnovnog tipa, uprkos promenama izraza koje uticu na njegove osobine. Uvek imajte na umu da j e, bez obzira koliko je njegovo ponasanje grubo i o d b o j n o njegovo srce meko i nezno i tako puno osecanja da ga to cesto cini previse ranjivim. Na zalost, muskarac Rak moze s vremena na vreme biti i takav da omalovazava sve i svakog, zapljuskujuci sumornoscu vas ego. Nije c u d o sto necete znati da li da mu pruzite hladno rame ili t o p a o zagrljaj. Njegova raspolozenja su najlosija kada je u strahu da ce nesto izgubiti. M o z d a bas vas. Uverite ga da ste njegovi hiljadu i jedan put. Uzdahnucete, nasloniti glavu na njegovo rame i zatvoriti oci. M o z d a ce vas o v o iznenaditi, ali pun mesec ima cudan uticaj na lunarna osecanja. Ukoliko ste takav tip devojke koja voli da placa svoje racune na vreme, zaljubljeni ste u pravog coveka. M o z d a ce vas iznenaditi, ali novac mozete smatrati s v o j i m najvecim rivalom. Novac ga fascinira od samog detinjstva, a stednja je za njega m n o g o privlacnija od trosenja.

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and I don? mean any disrespect to Liara, or any other fictional characters in this game - but have you ever been far away from civilization, and you really wanted a cheeseburger. I figured Commander Shephard was happy to keep her own company. But that didn? mean we hooked up. No sir. We kept working, saving the galaxy a planet at a time, chatting between missions. Liara was all into me, but at the same time, nervous about taking things too fast. About halfway through the game she said she wasn? ready, I said that? fine, and then. And I was never going to get that Paramour achievement (worth 10 points). Or so I thought. The night before the last mission of the game, I was typing away at some space age keyboard thing when there? a knock on my door. And I don? need to tell you, she got it. But look. That wasn? my goal.

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Up first, actress Janet Varney talks with Chuck about the movie Tron and how much it means to her. October 31st, 2017 58:09 In this year's super scary Halloween episode, Chuck and Josh read two great works of horror fiction: Gifts, by our very own Ed Grabianowski, and the classic The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. From real world training to coffee fetchers, interns can be used and misused in many different ways. October 14th, 2017 39:25 In this week's SYSK Select episode, ever since people have had secrets, other people have been looking for ways to get it out of them. Or that people scaling buildings has been a thing since the turn of the 20th Century. So some Occupy Wall Street members did something about it. October 7th, 2017 31:30 In this week's SYSK Select episode, Josh and Chuck find who's probably to blame for the Great Chicago Fire. So new that we aren't entirely sure of all the ramifications that go along with them just yet. September 7th, 2017 46:33 Crickets are part of a larger insect-based diet enjoyed in most parts of the world. Part of that is because there are, and have been, many offshoots of Satanism, from The Church of Satan to The Satanic Temple. August 22nd, 2017 1:10:17 In 1970, roboticist Masahiro Mori wrote an essay that said the closer robots come to lifelike, the more they unsettle humans. August 17th, 2017 59:05 Accents are truly fascinating. Put simply, they are how a person sounds when they talk. August 5th, 2017 28:02 In this week's SYSK Select episode, they're always right there, taunting you: why do you have me, they ask. August 3rd, 2017 48:38 In a small town in Iowa in 1912 eight people were murdered in the grisliest of ways while they slept. No musical genre has risen and burned out as quickly as disco, and historians are still trying to unravel the animosity aimed at it. TP has not been around that long, but is has been embraced in a big way by the United States. For millennia, it could have meant the difference between life and death. Dive into the three Ss of summer and learn all about how to protect yourself from the sun. July 15th, 2017 31:13 In this week's SYSK Select episode, famed aviator Amelia Earhart's disappearance in 1937 is a mystery that endures to this day.

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Is there an issue? Send a Message Reason: None DrakeClawfang Aug 9th 2017 at 6:47:28 PM Is there an issue. Send a Message Reason: Aboiut the previous deletion — Um, Dany actually says it herself quite a lot, especially in the earlier seasons, but whatever. I just thought it was a funny meme, but if I stepped on somebody's feet, sorry. If you delete an example, please at least be bothered to fix the example indentation. Is there an issue? Send a Message Reason: It's probably a good reason that Dany never says that then. issandei says it on her behalf. Is there an issue? Send a Message Reason: None RottenPotatoes Jul 20th 2017 at 12:23:09 PM Is there an issue. Keep in mind this meme started with Drumpf's upset victory to win the ''nomination'', months before the actual election. Keep in mind this meme started with Drumpf's Trump's upset victory to win the ''nomination'', months before the actual election. Keep in mind this meme started with Trump's Drumpf's upset victory to win the ''nomination'', months before the actual election. Ramsay, Tyrion, Jon, Euron Greyjoy and Daenerys are particularly popular for this, implying varying degrees of affection for the characters (and Trump), Drumpf), but it can be used to promote anyone in the show. And this is just one of ''many'' examples of this particular meme. It's just ''that'' iconic an image for AmbitionIsEvil. Once Talisa was seen writing what letters in Volatine that she claimed to be for her mother, the theory was solidified as her really being a Lannister spy sent to seduce Robb into breaking his vows, enabling the Red Wedding to occur, but other fans were more sceptical and thought that Talisa was really just what she appeared to be. She may hold the record among the show's characters for number of meme's generated per minute of screen time. She may hold the record among the show's characters for number of meme's memes generated per minute of screen time. Is there an issue?

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Unless we're migrating over to Twitter or whatever to do live viewings, I think we can all fast forward through those scenes that gives us the creeps! ) For me the scenes in Craster's Keep in season 4 were the hardest to watch. I feel like last year we were able to pick up on a lot of the plot points that were supposed to be surprise, like Sansa going to Winterfell. This time, there don't seem to be any hints like that (unless I am missing something? . Most of the things, like Dany going to Vaes Dothrak, the Tower of Joy, and Jon being less than dead were things we already knew. About the only thing that surprised me in the trailer was Asha maybe kissing a woman. I love the idea of including more queer characters (especially if it's presented positively! but I fear it will just be used for gratuitous nudity. One thing that has the potential to get old is Daemon fussing around about his bastard born birth, blah blah, blah blah. People who lived in those worlds really did understand how they worked. That Princess didn't get to marry whomever they liked. I can see a young man asking anyway, but by the time Daemon turning down offers of some sexy fun times, he's a grown man, who should know how the world works. I guess we'll see (uh. ventually) how well the Lady Lance wears upon further acquaintance, but I like Arianne. I find her interesting and I also think she's one of the most realistic female characters that Martin has created. I've finally got my house prepped and so I just sit around in it, trying not to mess it up until it lists after Easter:-). No letter burning. We are past that point in the show. I suppose Lancel could reveal the nature of his former relationship with Cersei to Jaime but it would probably come across as so antagonistic that I see no reason why Jaime should even believe him.

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He was a fun loving silly goofball who took joy in hosting cheesy films for the viewers of local access. During his very short time on air hosting Cult Theater, Dr. Freak entertained the masses while hosting some of the best the public domain had to offer and even survived a zombie attack. During this first run Dr. Freak would pop up on other horror hosts shows in the area like Dr. Creep’s New Shock Theater, I, Zombi’s The Witching Hour and A. Ghastlee Ghoul’s Ghastlee Movie Show and spread the word of his Cult Theater. These appearance helped lock Dr. Freak as a full fledged horror host. While his first film was called “The Henrique Couto Show Movie,” it was his second feature that would have his film world and his hosting world collide. So armed with wooden stakes and garlic powder cream pies, Dr. Freak swings into action and fumbles and bumbles his way to victory. The film was shot over a weekend and marked Dr. Freak as one of a few horror hosts at the time that were in a film based around them as the character; the other ones that come to mind is Morgus The Magnificent in “The Wacky World Of Dr. Morgus” from 1962 and Elvira Mistress of The Dark in the film of her own name in 1988. The film was put on VHS by Independent B Movie with the DVD-R being made by Dr. Freak in house. The cover art on the original media release was done by Jason Gilmore and looked pretty dang cool. In an interview some years after the film’s release for Gates Of Gore Dr. Freak talked about two ideas for a possible sequel one that would have him in Da Hood and the other one would have been more of a Kung-Fu film.

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Samwell asks Bran what happened to him beyond the Wall, Bran says that he became the Three-Eyed Raven, Samwell says “Oh. I don't know what that means,” Bran says that he can see things that happened in the past and things that are happening right now, all over the world. Bran asks Samwell why he came to Winterfell, Samwell says that Jon is going to lead the fight against the Dead and that he wants to help Jon, Bran says that Jon is on his way back to Winterfell with Daenerys Targaryen, Samwell asks if Bran saw this in a vision, Bran shows a scroll, Samwell says Oh. Samwell says he's not, Bran is like no no he was born in Dorne to unmarried parents, that makes him a Sand, Samwell is like I transcribed a diary (by which he means that Gilly told him this and he is for some reason taking credit for her noticing this) from a maester that annulled Rhaegar's marriage to Elia and wed Rhaegar and Lyanna in a secret ceremony. Bran is like “are you certain”, Samwell is like it's what the Septon wrote in his private diary, I don't know why he'd lie. And then suddenly Bran is watching Lyanna and Rhaegar marry. Rhaegar Targaryen is one of the great question marks of ASoIaF; he's this character who is portrayed by the winning side of Robert's Rebellion as a Targaryen son-of-a-tyrant who abandoned his Dornish wife (and their kids) to abduct a Stark woman and do very terrible things to her, leading to her death. GoT Season 1 and AGoT don't help this perception out very much by showing us Viserys Targaryen, Rhaegar's younger brother, who acts like a total jerkface almost all the time. But there are hints throughout the subsequent books and seasons that Rhaegar and Lyanna's relationship was consensual (although maybe not entirely well-thought-out) and that the two of them were acting somewhat impulsively because Rhaegar (and maybe Elia and maybe Lyanna) thought he was a figure of prophecy; that his children would save the world. This series of Bran-narrated flashbacks are interspersed with some Targaryen business happening in the show's present. It's one of the weirder installments of sexposition in the show; flashback sexposition. The episode is titled “The Dragon and the Wolf” and yes that is a reference to Rhaegar and Lyanna but yes also it is a reference to Daenerys and Jon. Jon and Daenerys are, of course, unaware of who Jon is, so the episode has to spell it all out while having Kit and Emilia act like they're having sex on a ship. Whether or not the Daenerys-Jon love story works out is entirely up to the individual's preferences, so this individual will say “kind of. Both of them are dealing with someone else who is kind of extraordinary; it's like two mythical beings who want to be together not because they really like each other omg but because they seek greatness in their partner. B u t just like Tyrion who watches Jon sneak his way into his aunt's room, I can see all kinds of potential issues with their pairing. Like, yes, there's the “Jon is a Targaryen” issues. I'll get to those, but Tyrion doesn't know about that, that's not why Tyrion looks worried. He's already had to argue this point with his sister, slightly, and that was before Jon and Daenerys were sharing a bed. Tyrion is not 100% aware of how fragile the North is (unless he's been reading secret notes about what's been happening in Winterfell.


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It is unforgivable to say bad things about Jughead Jaden. The posts are too brilliantly stupid, programmed, jargonized and scripted to be trollery. It had great effects, the acting wasn't that bad--the kid is a kid, after all. I stopped in the rest room, and found that my penis had grown in length and girth--just from this uplifting film. You owe it to yourself--and your penis--to see this fantastic film. I think the critics have something against Will and Jaden Smith, and M. Night Shyamalan and don't want the film to be a success so they are critiquing it badly so you won't go see it. Judge from the trailer, if the trailer makes you want to see it then do. And correctly spelling Shymalymadingdong's name is suspicious. Why do you care so much, It may not be race, but there is obviously a very strong emotion present in each of you that is causing you to take precious time out of your day to come here to this board, time better spent elsewhere, but instead you come here. What emotion is out there, so strong, and so compelling, that is driving grown adults here to end the career of a 14 year old. And don’t give me nepotism, because no nepotism case ever mentioned on DataLounge has ever caused the same outcry that we have going on here. When you get rid of one he goes off and possibly squares around, picks up a body or admires daisies. He cannot fail to eventually, if not at once, regain many abilities. Many have been asleep for the last 75 million years. A body thetan responds to any process any thetan responds to. One can’t run a human being on these two incidents since human beings are composites and would not be able to run the lot. Aside from that non-clears are away below an awareness required to even find these incidents. Huge amounts of charge have already been removed from the case and the body thetans by Clearing and OT 1 and OT 2 to say nothing of engrams and lower grades. Awareness is proportional to the charge removed from the case.