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Walt Disney Television AnimationThe Lion King II Simbas Pride 1. Walt Disney Television AnimationHercules Zero to Hero 1. Walt Disney Television AnimationMickeys Magical Christmas Snowed in at the House of Mouse 2. Walt Disney Television AnimationMickeys House of Villains 2. Walt Disney Television AnimationAtlantis Milos Return 2. Walt Disney Television AnimationWinnie the Pooh Springtime with Roo 2. Disney. Toon StudiosMickey, Donald, Goofy The Three Musketeers 2. Disney. Toon StudiosTom and Jerry Blast Off to Mars 2. Warner Bros. AnimationTarzan II 2.

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Philosophers have been considering that question for centuries and are no closer to a reasonable answer than they were thousands of years ago. During the Spanish Inquisition a baron is burned at the stake as a comet appears in the sky. He swears to take revenge against his tormenters’ descendants when the comet reappears in 300 years. And he does. It starts off fine. The plot, script and acting of this Gothic horror are reasonable enough, if not top of the line. Then the baron does his first transformation into a brain-sucking beast, and the effects and the mask and the actual brain-sucking are so laughably bad that the movie loses any dramatic grace it has acquired before then. From then on all you care about is seeing another transformation so you can laugh about it. Luckily you get another 6 or so before the final scene. This is an anthology of 4 horror stories linked by a town and a Christmas character or theme: zombie elves and a weapon-wielding Santa, Krampus, trolls, and the ghostly virgin conception story. The wrap-around story stars William Shatner as a radio dj, and the twisted reveal is a stroke of sick genius. I watched it December 13, and I shall re-watch it every single day through December 25.