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But Obama is a President like Franklin Roosevelt only in the sense that the Monkees were a pop group like the Beatles. Iraq, Afghanistan, Bernanke, Blackwater: a new house singer may bring his own interpretation, but the song remains the same. Sometimes presidents, like their prefab pop equivalents, balk at their impotent glamour and attempt to find their own voice by trying out original material. It took Kennedy some time to find his, so who knows, Obama may yet decide to do the same. Because America's musical isn't a lone nut show, and some nutty lyrics are being written to some ominous music. During a period of pauperization, the people with a little who have been told all their lives that they have a lot and now risk losing even that are those most inclined to learn the Horst Wessel song. Fascism may be more voodoo than economics, but as Klaus Theweleit writes, “susceptibility to fascism is explicable in terms of the economic degradation of large sections of the middle classes. €ť And Glenn Beck is mobilizing the Freikorps. Stupify, scare and starve the middle class long enough and they'll become the perfect mob to torch the least hope for their own best interests. The Ku Klux Klan, let's remember, didn't burn crosses until they saw it depicted in Birth of a Nation. And the art of persuasion has come only a long way since. We get the funniest looks But then there are other songs, no less important for all the noise of modern life that render them barely audible. In folklore, magick and religion, an opening to other realms or an approach to the divine is frequently initiated by ceremonial music and dance, or sounds resonating at particular frequencies. Yet her daughter still glanced out the rear window: They were, like, just holding hands, jumping around in a circle sort of thing. And another one came out of the woods and they grabbed him, and they kept - they were singing. It was likethe were singing and dancing all over the place, in a circle. The same way it's always a good life in Peaksville, Ohio. Walkin' down the street The Earth has its song, too.

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Hayden warned during the 2016 campaign, “an unwitting agent of the Russian federation” (Morell) or a “useful fool” who is “manipulated by Moscow” (Hayden). If Trump isn’t actually a Russian agent, he is doing a pretty good imitation of one. In Rural America, There Are Few People Left to Drive the Ambulances Cache Translate Page The New Yorker. Lyle and Tammy Morgan, who were in their forties, would alternate shifts with Ginnie, their daughter, and Joey, who was then Ginnie’s husband. The phone would ring, and either the older couple or the younger couple would drive to the ambulance station—if they weren’t already there—climb into the ambulance, and drive past miles of sagebrush and rock formations to the home of a sheepish oil-field worker whose wife made him call, or that of a begowned old matriarch whose chest hurt. When she and Joey arrived with the ambulance, Lyle was in cardiac arrest. Andy Gienapp heard this story soon after he became Wyoming’s director of emergency medical services, in 2010. It’s his job to make sure that ambulances get the ill and the injured to the hospital as swiftly as possible in a state with a lot of land and not a lot of hospitals. He spends his free time hunting elk and grew up in small towns in Iowa and Maryland. “I thought I knew rural,” he said. “But then I moved out here, and holy shit. €ť. Forty-six million people live in America’s rural counties, and, for decades, they have relied on volunteer ambulance services to respond to their medical emergencies. As these communities become grayer and less populated, there are fewer people left to drive ambulances, and fewer people left to pay the taxes that keep the ambulances in service. “Nobody’s put the resources and manpower together to figure out how many rural ambulance services are facing closure,” Gienapp told me. When a town’s ambulance service closes, E. . .


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It supports popular ad formats such as Display, Mobile, Video, Native, Social, Audio, Television, Content, and Search Context. ClearCoin ’s smart-contracts allow for more defined impression criteria such as campaign time, views, and other relevant parameters. The payment is implemented by CLR tokens and depends on the chosen metrics. Such an approach is providing the industry with the tools to fight inaccuracy and fraud to quickly propel digital marketing platforms into the future. Big brands are now using blockchain to fight ad fraud and fake views feedproxy. oogle. om. Zenedge flogs, er, 'integrated management of businesses' cybersecurity', centred on bot management and protection against malware and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Zenedge's products can be deployed in the cloud, on-premise or in hybrid environments, and claim to secure applications, networks, databases and APIs from malicious internet traffic. Yuri Frayman, chief exec of Zenedge, claimed his firm's web application firewall and distributed denial of service products cut illicit web traffic by 99 per cent, leading to a 99. 5 per cent improvement in page load times. This chimes with Big Red's continued efforts to push its autonomous products - earlier this week Oracle announced automation across all Platforms-as-a-Service as well as its latest 18c database. Zenedge customers were today told to carry on as normal but, with Zenedge currently offering DDoS and WAF protection for AWS, it isn't clear if this will change down the line. The research was conducted partly as a senior project during his undergraduate studies at Harvard College. It also involved a team of international colleagues from institutions such as NASA, Caltech, UC Berkeley, the University of Copenhagen, and the University of Tokyo. The Kepler spacecraft was launched in 2009 to hunt for exoplanets in a single patch of sky, but in 2013, a mechanical failure crippled the telescope. However, astronomers and engineers devised a way to repurpose and save the space telescope by changing its field of view periodically. This solution paved the way for the follow-up K2 mission, which is still ongoing as the spacecraft searches for exoplanet transits.

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It provisions the highest quality-of-life at the lowest cost. Kerala has the highest rate of literacy in India, free healthcare and education, producing highly qualified, highly skilled, citizens, too. And yes, it’s obvious that anti-Semitic scapegoating hasn’t gone away either, judging by your recommendation. Most people just want to get on with their lives, they don’t need unnecessary agitation and scaremongering. If you haven’t put any energies into promoting your own culture, that could explain your fear of other cultures. For them, the most important forest product was the elephant. Military might in those times depended not only upon horses and men but also battle-elephants; these played a role in the defeat of Seleucus, one of Alexander’s former generals. The Mauryas sought to preserve supplies of elephants since it was cheaper and took less time to catch, tame and train wild elephants than to raise them. The Office of the Chief Elephant Forester should with the help of guards protect the elephants in any terrain. The slaying of an elephant is punishable by death. They regarded all forest tribes with distrust and controlled them with bribery and political subjugation. They employed some of them, the food-gatherers or aranyaca to guard borders and trap animals. The edicts proclaim that many followed the king’s example in giving up the slaughter of animals; one of them proudly states. You are so addle brained you cant even here how stupid that sounds. They did a lot of other damaging things they thought would be good for the jews. Art you’re just a run of the mill commie complete with ethnic resentment and deconstruct speak gobbledygook bullshit to try and make people think its well conceived because they too intimidated by that absurd syntax and misuse of words to question you academic credentials. Ps everyone was dark skinned the evidence that i read about seemed to say ancient indians were not the same people as today’s indians but more like the people from who europeans descend. That may or may not mean they were at that point lighter skinned than indians are today.

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Often, a dependency between physiological rhythms is established due to interaction between the corresponding subsystems. Traditional methods of data analysis allow one to quantify the strength of interaction but not the causal interrelation that is indispensable for understanding the mechanisms of interaction. Here we present a recently developed method for quantification of coupling direction and apply it to an important problem. Namely, we study the mutual influence of respiratory and cardiovascular rhythms in healthy newborns within the first 6 mo of life in quiet and active sleep. We find an age -related change of the coupling direction: the interaction is nearly symmetric during the first days and becomes practically unidirectional (from respiration to heart rhythm) at the age of 6 mo. Next, we show that the direction of interaction is mainly determined by respiratory frequency. If the latter is less than approximately 0. Hz, the interaction occurs dominantly from respiration to heart. With higher respiratory frequencies that only occur at very young ages, the dominating direction is less pronounced or even abolished. The observed dependencies are not related to sleep stage, suggesting that the coupling direction is determined by system-inherent dynamical processes, rather than by functional modulations. The directional analysis may be applied to other interacting narrow band oscillatory systems, e. . in the central nervous system. Thus it is an important step forward in revealing and understanding causal mechanisms of interactions. The Ages and Stages Questionnaire, third edition (ASQ-3) is the most validated scale, and has been recommended by the UNICEF to verify if children have a normal neurological development. It is a monitoring instrument to assess the main developmental areas, including communication, gross motor, fine motor, personal-social, and problem solving skills, and to compare the local population to the international development standards. To validate the ASQ-3 in a pediatric population group. Children aged 1-66 months were assessed at a public hospital by pediatricians, psychologists, and educational psychologists.

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If it comes to that, President Donald Trump could face a decision no other president has ever seen: Whether to pardon one of his own family members who also serves a role in the White House. It’s likely that Trump could get away with pardoning Kushner, at least initially. But it would probably begin a fight so big that the pardon might not last. Keep up with this story and more by subscribing now The question of Trump pardons hovers over every possible break in the Trump-Russia probes, since the president himself has boasted about his apparent abilities to excuse anyone he likes. As Trump has pointed out, the Constitution gives the president broad authority to issue pardons for any federal offense. There is nothing in the Constitution preventing a pardon for a presidential relative or current White House official, meaning that Kushner — who serves as Trump’s senior advisor — is eligible, at least on paper. But since no other president has ever done this, there would be inevitable pushback to prevent Trump from setting a precedent. Trump’s lone pardon in office so far — for Joe Arpaio, a former sheriff who supported Trump’s campaign and was set to serve a prison sentence over discriminatory policing tactics — drew immediate challenges from legal groups accusing Trump of abusing his power. If Trump pulled the same thing for a family member, it would likely yield the same outcome. The Arpaio pardon already set off early alarm bells that Trump might be planning to do the same for any associates charged in the investigation into his campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia. Kushner has been a recurring figure in the Trump-Russia investigations, as media reports have revealed repeated instances of him having contacts with Russians that he initially kept secret. That happened once again last week when The New York Times revealed Kushner knew about an email from a senior Russian officials trying to set up a secret meeting between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin during the 2016 campaign. The email, titled “Russian backdoor overture and dinner invite,” circled through the Trump campaign before Kushner saw it and rejected its proposal. Even though Kushner turned down the meeting invitation, the Senate Judiciary Committee now accuses him of withholding all information about the email during its investigation into Russian collusion. The committee also alleged Kushner withheld his knowledge of campaign contacts with WikiLeaks, which published hacked emails from the Democratic Party during the race. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating the Trump campaign’s possible collusion, while several congressional committees are also probing Russian election interference. During the probes, Kushner has repeatedly doubled back on initial claims that he had no Russian contacts, and it has been revealed that his security clearance forms left out information about such interactions. Mueller last month indicted Manafort, Trump’s second campaign manager, and Rick Gates, a former Trump campaign adviser, for an alleged series of international financial schemes.