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Joining her are special guests who danced or dined with Balanchine. Dancers from New York City Ballet perform excerpts. Prior to the program, The Wright restaurant at the Guggenheim will offer special dishes from Balanchine's repertoire, including his paskha and kulich, which he made each year for his famous Russian Easter feasts. Reservations for this special dinner will be accepted starting in March call 212 427 5690 or visit OpenTable. BALANCHINE is a trademark of the George Balanchine Trust. Utilizing Igor Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring as inspiration, the Royal Ballet resident choreographer Wayne McGregor presents a new work that reconceptualizes the seminal work. McGregor and American Ballet Theatredancers present excerpts of AFTERITE prior to its New York premiere at the Metropolitan Opera. Ephrat Asherie, a 2016 Bessie Award-winner, discusses her newest work prior to its Jacob's Pillow premiere with festival director Pamela Tatge. Dancers and musicians perform highlights and explore what happens when dances from the African diaspora-including breaking, hip hop, house, and vogue-intersect and remix with the music of Brazilian composer Ernesto Nazareth. Tony Award-winner Neil LaBute and Tony Award-nominee Leigh Silverman discuss their creative process, and cast members perform highlights from Reasons to Be Pretty Happy. Labute, MCC Theater's Playwright-in-Residence, and Silverman revisit the characters first introduced in Reasons to Be Pretty (a 2009 Tony Award-nominee for Best Play) and Reasons to Be Happy (2012). After five years in New York, Greg and Steph return to their blue-collar hometown for their 20th high school reunion and to a dramatic encounter with the friends they left behind. Location: Peter B. Lewis Theater (unless otherwise noted). Bus: M1, M2, M3, or M4 bus on Madison or Fifth Avenue. For more information, call 212 758 0024 or 212 423 3587, Mon-Fri, 1-5 pm, or visit worksandprocess. rg. For more information, press tickets, and photos, or to arrange interviews, please contact.

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Where were your brains during Shrek 2 ? €ť However, the sheer blatant recycling and reusing of prior material really does deserve a dive into full-on detail, here. Donkey and Puss perform a duet cover over the cast list portion of the end credits. There are not one, but two new Eels songs (and they’re uncharacteristically poor for Mark Oliver Everett’s usual standards). Now, admittedly, and as my friend Jackson pointed out to me after I had finished watching the thing, this is something that a lot of franchises fall victim to; after all, a character has completed their arc at the end of the first film and that can leave the writer struggling to think of where to take said character from there. Hence why most will simply just reset the character and do it all over again, but the better ones at least change the particulars of said arc so that one can at least get the illusion that they’re not just watching the first film again. Instead, it does the exact same beats in the exact same way and almost to the very second. Shrek starts the film as a grumpy, unhappy ogre in a situation he doesn’t want to be in, he goes on a journey to find someone to help get him out of said situation accompanied by a companion he doesn’t particularly want, despite his reluctance the pair grow closer together as the journey goes on, he has a moment of jerkiness just before the “third act” but then comes around to the situation he’s been forced into and becomes less of a jerk for the finale. Now, am I talking about Shrek, Shrek 2, or Shrek The Third. It’s all so lazy, and so unashamedly proud of it too. Otherwise, this is a film that has absolutely no reason to exist. The sole reason it does is because Shrek 2 was inches away from a billion dollars and DreamWorks Animation needed something to keep shareholders relatively happy. After all, nobody cuts down a lucrative franchise like Shrek at instalment number 2 when said instalment was the highest grossing film of the year bar none, and DreamWorks had only one full-on Hit since becoming publically traded, in the shape of Madagascar, so they could do with the safety blanket. The film would fall off hard over the following weeks. Compared to Shrek 2 ’s 12% drop between opening weekend and Memorial Day weekend, The Third sank 45% between weekends. In fact, its weekend totals would drop by half with each week that went by until the film finally dropped out after only 6 weeks in the Top 10. The prior mentioned Memorial Day weekend brought out the third Pirates Of The Caribbean, whilst Shrek 2 only had to hold against The Day After Tomorrow, for example. But despite all that, it still looks bad if your sequel ends up making less money at the box office than the film it’s following on from.

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A right external iliac vein bovine patch angioplasty concurrently with a polytetrafluoroethylene AV graft between common femoral artery and common femoral vein was performed to restore venous patency and allow rescue dialysis access. She has not required any further surgical or interventional radiological procedures to maintain fistula or central venous patency. Central venous stenosis or occlusion is common for patients requiring dialysis, especially those with multiple previous long-term central venous cannulations. If restriction of outflow is present, AVF may fail. Venous patch angioplasty in these cases is a successful technique, allowing AVF formation and long-term patency. We report a rare case of post-traumatic PCD after ligation of the iliac vein with successful treatment by right-to- left femoral vein to femoral vein bypass using left great saphenous vein (Palma procedure). The clinical presentation, diagnostic process, and approach to management along with a literature review on the operative management of PCD are presented in this case report. Computed tomography revealed that the circumferential enhancement of bilateral external iliac arteries by soft tissue that had similar density as the adjacent psoas muscle and that the right external iliac vein that was constricted by those tissues. The patient was diagnosed as retroperitoneal fibrosis. He underwent stent implantation to the right external iliac vein stenosis and steroid therapy. His right leg edema and pain was immediately improved after the stent implantation and he achieved remission. Data of 111 patients (women: 73%) who had CIV stent implantation for symptomatic MTS at a single center were retrospectively analyzed. Stent location was determined by venogram and classified as extended to the inferior vena cava (IVC), covered the confluence, or confined to the iliac vein. Potential causes of contralateral DVT were presumed based on venographic findings. The relationship between stent location and contralateral DVT was analyzed. Median follow-up was 73. months (range, 20-134 months). All patients with VIH had previous CIV stents overextended to the IVC.

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'She is wholesome, built like a woman, yet fresh,' he explained. 'She is smart, funny and humble and we loved that. He added that the rising star was extremely hands on with the creation of her fragrance The Girl. Describing her Southern California style as 'sporty, sexy with great taste', he added: 'She is definitely a girl with a bright future. Gigi Hadid was forced to cover up in a large poncho during New York Fashion Week at the Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2015 show after a casting director said she 'wasn't as thin' as the other girls. However the model defended the designer, telling Access Hollywood: 'Tommy was rooting for me and. Hilfiger told Yahoo: 'So I said you know, why don't we ask her to design a line with us. She added: 'So I think you learn and that's something I think you know was something that brand's had to become more accepting of because it was proven. . One beauty writer says she loves her new hue so much she would do it again. The sought after Beverly Hills-based duo behind Ramirez Tran Salon (Johnny colors and Anh cuts) were visiting New York City for a few days, and I had been warned to block off the entire day for my cut and color. 7:30 AM: I arrived at their pop-up space in the Mark Garrison Salon on Manhattan's Upper East Side and was met by Johnny's first assistant (he had five that day), Andrea. She sat me down, assessed my hair (a dark brunette that was 100-percent virgin - meaning it hadn't been colored before) and asked me to pull up my 'goal' photo on my phone. Going to see Johnny without first doing your homework is unthinkable. Even before you make an appointment, he requires you to fill out a questionnaire about your hair and what you're hoping to accomplish with color. Then, he asks everyone to scroll through his Instagram feed to find her 'goal' hair. I showed up with 17 screengrabs of color he had done that I liked. Andrea helped me narrow it down to two to show Johnny.

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We see them coming to terms with life and relationships; we see those who persevere, who are resilient - and those who are not. There is no conspiracy, no scandal and no hidden agenda; just 1 and-a-half hours of healthy Malaysian laughter. All are welcome providing that you: can understand English, actually enjoy comedy, and have enough money for tickets. The cooler climate of Genting Highlands also offers a unique experience for participants, different from the soaring heat Malaysia is known for. VIXX is ready to meet and interact with their fans who made this dream tour happen; through fun, fan-engaging activities, wholehearted conversations and breathtaking performances, VIXX and Starlights will become closer than ever before. ate: 27th July 2017Time: 7. 0pmVenue: KL LiveFor more info, visit Galactix AsiaTo Beethoven. With Love with the KLPAC OrchestraThe concert begins with Yeo Chow Shern’s stirring “Celebration and Dance (Perayaan)”. It moves on to Bruch’s “Scottish Fantasy in E-Flat Major op. 46” featuring renowned violinist Zhao Tian (2nd prize winner at the Canetti International Violin Competition) and talented harpist Bryan Lee. As a truly Asean airline and the only airline that flies directly to all 10Asean countries, we are excited to celebrate it in a big way. We also hope to ignite the passionof viewers to discover new travel experiences across the 80 Asean destinations that we fly to and enjoyfixed rates with our AirAsia Asean Pass. €ťIon Furjanic, Director of We are KIX described the project as “opening a window into another culturefrom wherever you are”. It is a huge jumpinto what is possible with live video. €ťTraversing the Asean cities are personalities Natalie Kniese and Denise Chan where viewers will also betaken for a ride as they are given the ability to decide on the adventures the hosts take on live through asimple voting system in each episode. Stay till the end for a chance to win 50,000 AirAsia BIG Points. Stay till the end for a chance to win 50,000 AirAsia BIG Points! irAsia flies direct from KL to Cebu.

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They thought Phyllis was dead at birth and laid her on a table. Her Norwegian grandmother noticed the baby was moving. Mother and grandmother took a clothes basket, tucked blankets around warm bricks and nestled Phyllis inside near a pot-bellied stove. She went to nursing school right after graduation, then joined the nursing corps. Davis returned from the war just in time for the birth of their first son, Victor, in North Dakota, where Phyllis also had been born. He saved money to build them a house while they lived with his parents. Phyllis went to work at the veteran’s hospital in Gulfport to pay for the furniture. Then she stayed home with her children. James Jr. followed Victor. Phyllis loved her boys, but she longed for a daughter. She was surprised when the doctor announced, “You got your girl. €ť Davis insisted they name the child Phyllis, too, with the middle name Kay in honor of her mom’s maiden name. He said their three children came along almost exactly 35 months apart. Phyllis Kay moved to Houston as a young woman, but she talked to her mother on the phone every day — sometimes several times a day. Phyllis Kay insisted on marrying on her mother’s birthday, August 22. Love, your daughter Phyllis Kay. €ť The two loved to travel together.

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It forced them to see nature as something not to live in harmony with, but something to control. It was now possible to amass a fortune, and humans started to make their money on the backs of other humans, animals, and nature. This leads us to where we are today, a society divided among the haves and the have nots, and a society that abuses nature and those around us. I see this same narrative in the world of ASOIAF, and I will try to prove that it is applicable to the ending of the series. To narrow this discussion, I will try to stick to Westeros as much as possible. They follow the Old Gods, which seems to be a religion similar to animism. We know almost nothing about their society but we know they are magical and seem to get along with each other and nature. Leaf tells us in AFFC that the Children were always not very numerous. Giants are another species of humanoids that inhabit Westeros. So, are Giants just another breed of First Men who got genetically altered. We aren’t sure, but their closeness to humans in undeniable. Giants speak the old tongue, so they may have been very close to the First Men. We know nothing about their relation to themselves or the Children. Since the Giants did not fight with the Children during the First Men Invasion, I will guess that the Giants kept to themselves. We know that Humans view Giants as vicious blood thirsty animals, but I am going to guess that this is just the result of violence between the two species, and not a trait of all giants. The giants we meet in ASOIAF seem to be tame and friendly outside of battle. The first men invaded the Children from the Arm of Dorne. Since this article is about the effects of agriculture upon Westeros, we must determine what type of society the First Men were.