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Non l’ho mai fatta da sola, me l’hanno sconsigliato. E successo tutto per gioco, per curiosita, all’inizio ero scettica ma dopo questa esperienza ci credo piu che mai. Era come appiccicata al foglio, siamo andati in cinque per staccarla. Non sentivo piu il corpo, dovevo fare uno scossone per riprendermi. Addirittura il mio amico una notte stessa che mi era capitato, aveva sognato che era nella mia stanza, e mi vedeva svegliare e respirare intensamente con gli occhi spalancati,(Praticamente le cose che mi capitavano quelle notti) vedeva davanti al mio letto una sagoma nera e lui non poteva fare niente. Era come bloccato. Una coincidenza molto strana insomma. Questa esperienza mi ha fatto capire quanto sia pericoloso l’occulto. Sconsigliata alle persone che sono intenti di farla. Commentando il fil con il mio ragazzo mi ha detto che in caso degli amici propongono questo gioco di non farlo, dice che gli episodi che rappresenta il film sono realistici. In realta con umile rispetto i demoni sono delle creature buonissime e essenzialmente non fanno del male. Io non so cosa pensare: sono anime care o demoni travestiti. ALL’INIZIO HO AVUTO PAURA ORA PERO MI E’ PASSATA PERCHQ IN FONDO QUESTA SIGNORA ERA UNA BRAVA PERSONA E NON POTEVA FARMI DEL MALE E INFATI COSi E STATO. Il giorno della morte di mia nonna ho sognato una voce che mi derideva, era una voce maligna che rideva per prendermi in giro. Sara stata una mia impressione ma il riso e continuato ancora dopo qualche secondo dopo che mi ero svegliato. Qualche anno fa, il giorno della morte della mia gattina ho sognato una voce che mi parlava in una lingua strana. Ho detto seccato alla voce: Non capisco cosa cazzo parli. Ogni tanto pero prima di andare a dormire guardo ancora sotto il letto.


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And should he forget, Garth was always pleased to remind him. When he came by in the morning, it was always, “Here, porridge for the dead man. At night it was, “Blow out the candle, dead man. . In place of gruel and stale bread and rotten meat, the usual dungeon fare, his keepers brought him fresh-caught fish, bread still warm from the oven, spiced mutton, turnips, carrots, even crabs. Garth was none too pleased by that. “The dead should not eat better than the living,” he complained, more than once. You are supposed to be dead,” to which Davos thinks to himself, “porridge for the dead man. . It’s an echo of Jon being in Lyanna’s womb, because he is preparing to be reborn. I think this again implies that the original stolen Other baby does indeed undergo a transformation, death-and-rebirth experience, almost certainly as a green zombie Night’s Watchmen, presumably the last hero himself, right. Davos won’t be actually killed and resurrected, but that’s the obvious implication of all this “porridge for the dead man” symbolism. Think about this: the black ship carries the white onions. It the single onion on the sail represents a moon, a bunch of small onions would be a bunch of moon pieces. Cloaked in that darkness, Davos the smuggler had dared the Redwyne cordon and the rocks of Shipbreaker Bay alike. His little ship had a black hull, black sails, black oars, and a hold crammed with onions and salt fish. That implies the night when the moon came out of the sky and became pieces of moon, which Davos carries on his ship (and later, he retraces the same steps and carries Melisandre, a fire moon maiden, on his ship as well). First, it speaks of Davos consuming the fire of the gods and undergoing death transformation, because the moon meteors signify the fire of the gods, and Davos’s severed head would be consuming it.

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Only Dreams, for instance, deals with the internalizing of experience, the intellect's retreat from reality, a consequence of an automated existence that makes no demands on humans other than to watch. In Major Tom (Coming Home), a sequel to David Bowie's seminal Space Oddity (although its chorus sounds more like the Moody Blues), an astronaut is carried into deep space, the prisoner of a machine that has failed to respond to a human command. It is a powerful but troubling and somehow hollow achievement. The album is engineered with razor-sharp, almost sterile precision, as if it had been recorded in a germ -free environment. To add to the inhuman feel, Schilling, who is German, sings in a perfectly unaccented English, much as you'd expect a robot to sound. There is irony in an album that exploits technology in order to convey the theme of mar enslaved by machine: by dehumanizing his music, Schilling has re-created the very condition he's trying to warn us about. If you find yourself enjoying it, perhaps that means you've succumbed too. M. . SISSY SPACEK: Hangin' Up My Heart (see Best of the Month, page 64) STRAY CATS: Rant n' Rave with the Stray Cats. Manufacturer Guaranteed 111111. 11Cmil CALL 914. 64-2909 For prompt cello use Money Order. Recording Good The Stray Cats are not a genuine rockabilly band. Despite a reasonably authoritative grasp of the genre's musical vocabulary, they're no more a bunch of Southern crackers than the Rolling Stones are a bunch of Delta bluesmen, which is not necessarily a criticism. The question with these three Long Islanders, as with the Stones, is whether they transcend their influences, whether they've created something new. I don't think so in this case, but I'm willing to remain open-minded and concede that the jury is still out. In the meantime, though, the Cats do make entertaining, if limited, records, and this new one is no exception.

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