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The scenic old city of Dubrovnik still has medieval walls right on the coast, which were well-suited to depict King’s Landing. Several other locations in Croatia nearby Dubrovnik were also used, not just for King’s Landing but for scenes set in Qarth and Slaver's Bay. Meanwhile, for the Night’s Watch expedition in the frozen lands beyond the Wall, location shooting moved to national parks in Iceland, to film on actual glaciers. Filming continued in Croatia and Iceland through Season 5. Filming did not return to Morocco after Season 3 ended: when Daenerys Targaryen conquers and remains in Meereen in Season 4 (the largest city in Slaver’s Bay), different locations in Croatia were used for it. Also, in Season 4 the location scouting teams found some other locations in Iceland that they felt were useful for other scenes set in the Seven Kingdoms themselves, not just north of the Wall. These included shots of Arya and Sandor traveling cross-country through the Riverlands, and scenes set in the high mountains in the Vale of Arryn. Filming is mostly concentrated around Seville to represent Dorne and its capital Sunspear, though there is also some filming in Cordoba to represent the Long Bridge of Volantis. Due to rewrites, the action sequence at Hardhome grew so large that, given limited filming time in the brief daylight hours in Iceland during the winter, the production team decided to instead build Hardhome as a fully realized set in Magheramorne Quarry, also the site of the Castle Black set. Season 3 was filmed simultaneously in four countries (Northern Ireland, Croatia, Iceland, and Morocco, five if you count that the stunt-bear footage was technically filmed in the United States). Season 4 was filmed in three countries at once (Northern Ireland, Croatia, and Iceland). For Season 3, apparently due to the increased workload of concurrent filming in four countries, the number of production units was increased from two to three. Work in each country continues even when the filming unit is not present, such as the considerable amount of time put into set construction.

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A shoe string budget should never mean talent goes unseen. Bring your favourite instrument and be backed by the band (optional). All genres of music is welcomed but we specialize in blues. DeGroote Institute for Infectious Diseases at McMaster University, talks about his team's research to understand the origins of antibiotic resistance and guide efforts to counter the growing threat to infection control. Soloists will be Melanie Conly, soprano; Chad Louwerse, baritone; accompanied by Erika Reiman, pianist, and under the direction of David Holler, conductor. They are meant primarily as a consolation for mourning survivors, but also contain much hope and blessing for the departed. Come and hear a concert of inspiring choral music that will leave you with much peace and serenity. Meanwhile, an outsider appears to work on a school science project. Dr. Milos Popovic, Research Director at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, describes a device that works with the brain to restore voluntary hand function after stroke or spinal cord injury and his journey to bring this innovative technology to the market. It was hard to decide who would fill the six available spots but we narrowed it down and came up with our top six. Tomorrow’s Headliners gives an opportunity for top students of the Greater Hamilton Area to perform live in a professional setting, allowing them to showcase their talent, giving them experience on stage and introducing the public to the headliners of tomorrow so they know who to watch for in future years. We have singers and some with original compositions.

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Pelbagai sumber dan gedung maklumat Laman-laman web yang terkandung di dalam internet meliputi banyak kategori dan menu dari seluruh dunia yang dapat digunakan untuk tujuan pendidikan. Malah guru dan pelajar yang kreatif boleh membina tapak-tapak web mereka sendiri untuk di'link'kan di dalam internet. Melalui laman-laman ini seperti Erata Online, Education Index, Portal Utusan, CikguNet dan bermacam-macam lagi boleh menjadi sumber pengajaran dan pembelajaran dan pelaksanaan aktiviti dalam bilik darjah. Ini bermakna bahan yang dipilih tidak lagi menjadi masalah cuma kreativiti perlu disesuaikan pelaksanaannya di dalam kelas. 2. Saluran komunikasi pembelajaran Komunikasi bersifat global dapat dilaksanakan melalui kemudahan mel elektronik, diskusi elektronik serta IRC. Di sini guru dan pelajar boleh berkomunikasi dengan sekolah-sekolah di mana sahaja untuk bertukar-tukar mesej, berkongsi idea dan bahan-bahan pendidikan. Ruang untuk perbincangan serta berforum mengenai sesuatu tajuk dapat dilaksanakan menerusi e-mel, IRC dan juga sidang video. Aktiviti ini amat menjimatkan masa dan kos efektif di samping meningkatkan motivasi pelajar untuk berkongsi idea dan bertukar fikiran. 3. Pelaksanaan konsep interatif dalam pembelajaran Perkhidmatan pendidikan dan program latihan dapat disalurkan melalui talian dan diakses melalui jarak jauh. Bahan-bahan tersebut dikendalikan sama ada pihak sekolah atau institusi pengajian tinggi. Pelaksanaannya memerlukan penglibatan secara langsung antara penyampai dan penerima untuk mengakses bahan, menghantar dan menyemak tugasan melalui aplikasi internet.

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Among competitors this year were: Crime in a Box (written by Jeff Lorch and Jason Weissbrod; Love is an Elevator (written by Cerina da Graca); New Friend (written by Amy Wieseneck); Passive-Aggressive Presence (written by Rebecca Norris); Voyage of Vera Velasco (written by Vanessa Newell); and A Wholesale Bundle For A Costly Price (written by Asher Farkas). The winner will be announced at the Closing Ceremony (not available as of this writing but will get back to you on this next ? sh). I found the remaining 4 days of my attendance at the 15th annual Dances With Films very educational. On Tuesday, among notable panelists include Jeff Begun (Partner, Co-Founder Film Incentives Group); Darrien Michelle Gipson (National Director, SagIndie); Jane Fleming (Co-Founder, Amber Entertainment, Producer: Exists, The Frozen Ground, Lovely Molly and President Emeritus, Women In Film); and Robert Linden. Formerly Director of Development at Ed Saxon Productions and Creative Executive at Twentieth Century Fox); and Steve Wegner (Executive Vice President Alcon Entertainment, Co-Producer: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Insomnia, The Blind Side, Book of Eli and Dolphin Tale). DWF Wednesday's panelists (L-R) moderator Leslie Scallon, Laura Lewis (CAA Film Packaging), Michael Fey (Shoot The Noise Productions), Steve Wegner (Alcon Entertainment VP), and Dama Claire (Co-Founder Film Incentives Group) DWF Monday's panelists (L-R) Priscilla Ross (VP Tricoast Worldwide Intl. Sales), David Crockett (EVP GK Films) with moderator and DWF Founder Leslie Scallon. DWF Tuesday's panelists (L-R) moderator Leslie Scallon, producer Robert Linden, Jane Fleming (Amber Entertainment), Darrien Michelle Gipson (SAG Indie National Director), and Jeff Begun (Film Incentives Group). Prior to the opening night screening, the organization will honor director John Waters with its 16th annual Achievement Award. Director John Waters will receive the 16th annual Lifetime Achievement Award The festival closes with ? truck by Lightning? the highly anticipated teen comedy featuring Glee?

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After barely managing to escape with his life, Mike enlists the help of his brother, Jody (Bill Thornbury), and their friend Reggie (Reggie Bannister). Together they set out to uncover the secrets of the Tall Man and those who dwell in his hellish world. Special features include a behind-the-scenes featurette and a trailer. Wilkinson, director of home video sales and acquisitions at MVD, in a statement. “Bill Lustig is not only a legendary director of some of the greatest genre films of all time, but also a master curator and preservationist of cult movies. The combination of this amazing content with the MVD sales team is a perfect match and we are looking forward to bringing these films to our retail partners and collectors alike (and now I can finally get my copy of Maniac autographed). . Christopher Biggs, special makeup effects artist, and makeup artist Camille Calvet. The genre mashup launched the career of Landis and makeup effects wizard Rick Baker. Special features include an audio commentary with both Landis and Baker; a new video interview with author and critic Kim Newman; “Birth of a Schlock,” a 2017 video interview with Landis; an archival video interview with cinematographer Bob Collins; 1972, 1979 and 1982 U. . theatrical trailers; and U. .

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For macro-composites, relatively large quantities of filler were required to reach the critical value. High filler content generally leads to the high density and detrimental mechanical properties for a composite. In general, graphite is found in nature in the form of natural graphite flakes (NGF) or powder of various particle sizes in purity greater than 99%. Graphite flake is naturally abundant and highly conductive. 1 As shown in Fig. 19. , NGF are composed of graphite sheets, which are generally less than 100 nm in thickness. 8 The microstructure of the graphite sheets could be further described as the illustration in Fig. 19. . Each sheet is further divided in aggregates of several graphite nanosheets,19 which is 28 nm in thickness. The aggregate structures have a c-axis lattice constant ranging from 7 to 16A. 819 They also contain a number of graphene layers or carbon layers with a single carbon atom thickness.

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Jon with the victory but Sansa with the last laugh as you will. So how many more episodes before Dany is back in Westeros. I believe Tyrion asked how many ships they had in addition to Yara's. Still, it would have been cool to watch the dragons swoop down and torch a few more in passing. Yeah, Ramsay might still just loose a hail of arrows from his line of archers to cover the whole area, but there's no way he'll hit you by himself if you're not running in a line straight away from him. That was the last known male heir of the Stark line right there, showing all the cunning of a golden retriever. Agreed that it wasn't Jon's finest intellectual moment, either. I totally get the instinctual response, but send another rider for crying out loud. I disagree with ncexnyc's thoughts on Littlefinger's current leverage. Yes, he saved the day and Sansa said there would be a reward in her letter to him. Especially if it meant slaughtering them inside, or laying siege to, Winterfell. The Stark hold on the North is tenuous right now, as Sansa noted in her pre-battle conversation with Jon, but that's not reason enough for the Vale army to try to depose them. And Baelish would have no allies, and no houses with any fighting force whatsoever left, were he to take out what wounded group remains after Bastard Bowl, so there's not much for him to do here, anyway.

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This version of Greenland also includes the little-known Sea Sami expansion pack. You are one of three human species - Archaic, Neanderthal, or Cro-Magnon. Assign your males to hunt Pleistocene megafauna, but try to avoid being eaten by predators. Assign your women for teaching your children vocabulary, leading to cognitive fluidity in the next generation. Specialize your elders for fire, inventions, war, big game, or animal domestications. Choose between three mating strategies - promiscuous, harems, or pair bonding. Our brains and anatomy have remained relatively unchanged for 4 million years. An encounter with different hominid species? Perhaps. As a player, you will play through the critical epoch during which this change occurred. As a Renaissance banker, you will finance kings or republics, sponsor voyages of discovery, join secret cabals, or unleash jihads and inquisitions. Your choices determine if Europe is elevated into the bright modern era or remains festering in dark feudalism. Until the day an audacious petition was sent to Parliament, not just to end slavery in England, but throughout the entire world.