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As for those who picked live TV, many said they did so mainly because they want sports programming but otherwise prefer on demand. If my little survey is at all representative of the broader U. . audience, it’s bad news for companies like Comcast and Dish Network Corp. The same goes for Pluto TV, a free service that Viacom Inc. But this approach is confusing for investors and customers alike. The margins have been slim to nonexistent, so DirecTV Now had to raise prices and end promos, resulting in the exodus of 14 percent of its subscriber base last quarter. Originally, it was billed as a subscription on-demand product that will have three pricing options, but the company recently said some of the content will be ad-supported. These few examples are emblematic of the dizzying assortment of video apps available to cord-cutters. Of course, the media giants would love to just copy what Netflix has so beautifully built, but it’s not a sustainable business model for them. The soon-to-arrive product that’s most similar to Netflix would seem to be Disney’s. And speaking of Netflix, my survey takers see more value in the service than what it currently charges. But while the media giants have come up with all sorts of complex ways to try to be competitive in streaming, they’re forgetting Netflix’s most redeeming quality: simplicity. Com grandes atrizes no elenco, a serie promete trazer muita musica, paixao e empoderamento. Confira o trailer: Maria Casadevall, Fernanda Vasconcellos, Pathy Dejesus e Mel Lisboa sao as protagonistas da serie interpretando, respectivamente Malu, Ligia, Adelia e Thereza. Five years later, she moved to Chloe, returning to Chanel in 1997 to lead its fashion creation studio. Basically, she was the one responsible for bringing Lagerfeld's sketches to life with the help of Chanel's atelier. Amazon is going after both UPS and FedEx but Wall Street doesn't think this will be any problem for Amazon. However, Apple certainly has what it takes to be competitive with Netflix but Apple isn't given any chance at all. I doesn't seem as though Apple's business model is that terrible and they certainly have enough cash to do whatever is necessary.


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When they can’t find Gendry, who is still en route to the Wall as a Night’s Watch recruit, the Gold Cloaks torture master armorer Tobho Mott (Andrew Wilde) to learn his former apprentice’s whereabouts. He inspires enough trust in her that she chooses to divulge a secret of her own, her real identity. In the wake of the City Watch’s purge of Robert’s illegitimate children, Tyrion exiles City Watch Commander Lord Janos Slynt (Dominic Carter) to the Wall and replaces him with Bronn. Tyrion learns that it was Joffrey who ordered the massacre, not Cersei, a revelation that does nothing to mitigate the bad blood between the Lannister siblings. Meanwhile, on the island of Dragonstone, Ser Davos Seaworth (Liam Cunningham), Stannis’ righthand man, convinces the pirate Salladhor Saan (Lucian Msamati) to join forces with them, but remains wary of the hold Melisandre has on Stannis. Melisandre proceeds to seduce Stannis by promising him a son. His unease only increases after one of Craster’s pregnant wives, Gilly (Hannah Murray), enlists Sam to ask Jon to take her with them out of fear for her unborn child. Jon follows Craster into the woods that night and watches in horror as he leaves a newborn son as an offering to the White Walkers. We learn that although Renly is married to Margaery, he has taken her brother, Loras Tyrell (Finn Jones), as a lover. But, ever the pragmatist, Margaery is aware of their relationship and is only interested in getting pregnant in order to strengthen the Baratheon-Tyrell alliance. He learns that Pycelle is reporting to Cersei and has him thrown in the Red Keep’s dungeon. Tyrion tells Cersei, much to her anguish, that he still intends to go through with sending Myrcella to Dorne to join House Martell. Meanwhile, Shae begins serving as a handmaiden to Sansa. He ultimately sides with his father and doesn’t warn Robb about Balon’s plan to take the North, a choice that sets him on the path to ruin. The group of Night’s Watch recruits is ambushed by a group of Gold Cloaks and Lannister bannerman on the hunt for Gendry. The attack results in the deaths of both Yoren and a boy named Lommy (Eros Vlahos), who Arya cunningly convinces the soldiers was actually Gendry. And a very small man can cast a very large shadow. . Unfortunately, his success prompts Joffrey make an example of Sansa by having her publicly beaten and stripped in the Red Keep throne room. Tyrion shows up to save Sansa and decides to try to find a way to temper Joffrey’s sadistic tendencies — an endeavor that goes horribly wrong.

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Silent is that voiceless bird that feeds upon the brain- pulp of him (her) who hath tormented me, and the agony of the is to be shall sustain itself in shrieks of pain, only to serve as signals of warning to those who would resent my being. Oh come forth in the name of Abaddon and destroy him (her) whose name I giveth as a sign. Oh great brothers of the night, thou who makes my place of comfort, who ride out upon the hot winds of Hell, who dwelled in the devil's fane; Move and appear. Present yourselves to him (her) who sustained the rottenness of the mind that moves the gibbering mouth that mocks the just and strong! rend that gaggling tongue and close his (her) throat, Oh Kali. Pierce his (her) lungs with the stings of scorpions, Oh Sekhmet. Plunge his (her) substance into the dismal void, Oh mighty Dagon. I thrust aloft the bifid barb of Hell and on its tines resplendently impaled my sacrifice through vengeance rests. INVOCATION EMPLOYED TOWARDS THE CONJURATION OF COMPASSION W the anger of anguish and the wrath of the stifled, I pour forth my voices, ITH wrapped in rolling thunder, that you may hear. Oh great lurkers in the darkness, oh guardians of the way, oh minions of the might of Thoth. Present yourselves to us in your benign power, in behalf of one who believes and is stricken with torment. Isolate him (her) in the bulwark of your protection, for he (she) is undeserving of anguish and desires it not. Let that which bears against him (her) be rendered powerless and devoid of substance. Succor him (her) through fire and water, earth and air, to regain what he (she) has lost. Strengthen with fire the marrow of our friend and companion, our comrade of the Left - Hand Path. Through the power of Satan let the earth and its pleasures re- enter his (her) being. Allow his (her) vital saltes to flow unhampered, that he (she) may savor the carnal nectars of his (her) future desires. Strike dumb his (her) adversary, formed or formless, that he (she) may emerge joyful and strong from that which afflicts him (her). Allow no misfortune to allay his (her) path, for he (she) is of us, and therefore to be cherished. Restore him (her) to power, to joy, to unending dominion over the reverses that have beset him (her).


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I suppose an argument could be made that because she’s a northerner, a marriage blessed by the Seven to a southerner could be annulled. Sansa’s marital status is a big loose end for me and I hope it is at some point addressed. Now that we have the Jon question resolved, it gives us time to wonder about the other storylines and I’m wondering when we’ll see LF again. Hopefully soon. Was his plan always to let Ramsay abuse her so he’d have an excuse to get rid of the Boltons and maybe marry her and take Winterfell and Casterly Rock for himself through her. Because he certainly seems to be trying to get rid of the major Lannisters too. I’m sure Sansa actually running away wasn’t part of the plan though. Then again, when they have done flashbacks, they’ve been episode openers. So maybe they’ll open every episode that has a Bran vision with him. If the picture is indicating that Qyburn will take on Varys’ role and kill Pycelle and Kevan as the white raven from the Citadel proclaiming winter to have come has arrived, that would be a good episode closer. It’s entirely possible there are three of them, but so far I’ve only seen two. It’s going to happen in Episode 4, no need to rush things up. In TV-Westeros, a marriage has to be consummated to be valid. So Tyrion his respect for Sansa made the marriage with Ramsay possible. Bolton “marriage” isnt gonna matter because he is gonna be worm food at some point anyway so if they need Sansa with her one true love at the end they can make it happen. In the show’s universe, her marriage to Tyrion is null because it wasn’t consumated. Basically, Sansa and Tyrion never consummated their marriage, so as far as the law is concerned that marriage is annulled and never happened. Indeed he has had horrid things happen to him, but he was also taken in and under Jon’s wing. He was the one to lure him out of the LC Office to the “traitor” scene. Haven’t we all.

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1 Sponsored free. 64 north avenue bus schedule. Download IGBO KADARA 2018 PREMIUM YORUBA MOVIE JAIYE KUTI AKIN LEWIS ADEMOLA ADISA, you will love it cos it isThis Latest Yoruba Music Video 2017 Iyawo Landlord 2 stars: Alh AbdulKabeer Alayande, Alh Aminat Babaloja Omotayebi, Alhaja Idayat Ajogberu Omo Rere and many more. Latest Nigerian Nollywood movies and Ghana movies, Rate Nigerian movie Trailers, Nigerian movie Reviews, Download Nigerian movies on Naijapals. Dec 03, 2012 Adepate(Funke Akindele and Toyin Aimaku)2018 Yoruba movies 2017 new release 2018 movies Duration: 1: 58: 52. Yoruba Cinema 113, 448 views Aug 25, 2012 Dragon Guys 1 ZUBBY MICHEAL Nigerian Movies 2016 Latest Full Movies Latest Nollywood Movi 2016 Duration: 1: 57: 33. Award Winning Movies Nigerian Movies What happens when the weak discover their true strength. Adapted from his own best-selling novel, Jonathan Tropper's screenplay is incredibly lumpy at times, filled with maudlin, treacle-laden stretches of melodrama that travel perilously close to second-rate sitcom territory. It revolves around a conceit which tends to work better in literature than it does acted out either on the stage or, in this case, the cinema screen, the fact four siblings would allow themselves to be hornswoggled into putting their lives on hold to participate in a week-long Jewish funeral ritual, when most of them aren't even slightly religious, difficult to believe. Yet the movie, rather nicely directed by the typically heavy-handed Shawn Levy (Night at the Museum, Real Steel), is proof that a talented cast can make the most of just about anything, the entire lot so achingly good that even the more maudlin aspects of the story feel far fresher, more alert and far more authentic than they have any right to. Each of them have signature moments which bring the film to life with authority, all having delicate, naturalistic chemistry with the other, allowing for even the most inane plot twist to sing with surprising potency. More than that, thanks to their efforts, they help Levy find the inherent truth hidden within Tropper's narrative pretzel, bringing insight and understanding into a motion picture desperately in need of both. Corey Stoll, Tina Fey, Jason Bateman and Adam Driver are Paul, Wendy, Judd and Philip Altman, four siblings who return to their familial home for the funeral of their loving father. Their mother Hilary (Jane Fonda), a successful author who used their respective childhoods as basis for her world-renowned book on child-rearing, tells them dad's final wish was for the lot of them to follow Jewish custom and spend the next seven days in one another's company. Never mind the fact he was an atheist and the rest of them are hardly religious. No. All of them, including their respective significant others (if they have them) are stuck together for the next week, all back under the same roof they grew up under once upon a time. Judd's marriage is a mess thanks to the fact his wife Quinn (Abigail Spencer) is having an affair with his boss, radio shock jock Wade Beaufort (Dax Shepard). Paul's wife Alice (Kathryn Hahn) is going insane over their inability to conceive a child. Wendy still has all sorts of feelings for her former beau Horry (Timothy Olyphant), her affection for him magnified thanks to the fact the wife and mother of two still feels guilt over a car accident both were involved in as teens leaving him slightly brain damaged as a result.

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Although congratulations surely are in purchase, achievement in these cases raises some exclusive challenges. Their tasks lengthen considerably over and above experience-to-facial area offering. Just one prevalent circumstance is value noting as a backdrop for checking out the difficulty. Typically the promotion happens in just the recent sales team or from a different group in the similar corporation. Though it really is alright to gossip, gripe, and even poke enjoyment at each individual other when peers, just after a advertising that alterations. The new gross sales manager now is responsible for environment way for the income group, structuring territories, keeping people today to deadlines, allocating means, and evaluating functionality. Keeping friendly is vital, but creating some new rules for the street is also important if the new income manager is to be efficient. They require to re-contract the romantic relationship policies with the workforce as a total and with every single member of the staff. A handful of my blog readers have complained about my site not operating correctly in Explorer but looks great in Opera. After browsing throughout the world wide web and meeting techniques which are not productive, I thought my entire life was well over. Living without the strategies to the difficulties you’ve sorted out by means of this review is a serious case, as well as ones which may have in a negative way affected my career if I had not encountered your blog post. The knowledge and kindness in touching everything was helpful. I am not sure what I would have done if I hadn’t come upon such a stuff like this. Thank you so much for the specialized and result oriented guide. I won’t think twice to recommend your web page to any person who needs and wants tips on this matter. I am no longer positive whether or not this publish is written via him as nobody else know such specific about my problem. Lots of people today choose to prepare dinner with gasoline because there is so a lot much more handle and precision in temperature on the stove prime cooking but there are a lot of spots where an electrical stove is your only decision. I have used this characteristic, and I should acknowledge I seriously like it. There is nothing worst that baking sensitive deserts in a filthy oven. A lot of folks are of the impression that the electric oven has a extra actuate temperature.

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In Puerto Rico and Ontario, community-led protests have tried to effect positive change —people are fighting back. Development work should aim to improve life by connecting people to their environment, food production processes and other people in their communities. Doing so could promote the importance of the environment, including food and water, and foster a protective relationship that prevents a resource's exploitation, whether through destruction or privatization. Getting involved One approach that works well is participatory development, where communities and development professionals work together to reach their goals and find solutions to their problems. Farmer-led research is but one example of participatory, bottom-up, community-based development. Groups like the Practical Farmers of Iowa and the Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario (EFAO) do work that tries to reconnect people with the environment, production processes and each other through their research programs. In some areas, the practice of development has moved away from the top-down approach. An analysis of farmer-led research, conducted in Africa, Central America and Southeast Asia, has found that farmer-led development work promotes interconnectivity between people and a strong exchange of ideas. The study found that participatory development, such as farmer-led research, grew community, a connection with the natural world, and harnessed people's creativity and ingenuity. Critics of the participatory development family of approaches might say it lacks rigour and the necessary expertise to enact meaningful change. But I have found in my experience with the EFAO, as well as research in participatory development, that continued bottom-up collaboration between locals and professionals as mutually beneficial. Locals benefit from the expertise and support of professionals, and professionals benefit from the perspective and knowledge that locals offer. The participatory approach grounds academics and scientists who often approach these issues with an abstracted, solely technocratic distance. The increased collaboration between locals and development professionals makes more explicit the public's disdain for the privatization and commodification of food and water. A participatory approach also engages with, and uses, local knowledge and practices. Development professionals must shirk the current economic model that has led us to our current predicament of rampant inequality and environmental degradation. Embracing the status quo framework cannot guide us away from this problem that it has initiated. Explore further: Sustainable irrigation may harm other development goals, study shows. Economists broadly agree that taxing the carbon pollution produced by burning fossil fuels is the most efficient way to fight climate change. But politicians agree that it is also a nearly surefire way to get voted out of office.

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Her condition was so bad t 1d Gizmodo 35 How Microsoft's New Invoke Smart Speaker Stacks Up to the Competition Better late than never, right. Microsoft is finally ready to compete in the smart speaker market after unveiling its Cortana-powered version of the Amazon Echo earlier this year. But how does it compare to the competition from Amazon, Google, Apple and Sonos. Microsoft’s Harman Kard 1d Futurity. rg 1 Nanotubes make flexible antennas lighter than copper Carbon nanotube fibers configured as wireless antennas can work as well as copper ones but weigh 20 times less, researchers report. The antennas may offer practical advantages for aerospace applications and wearable electronics where weight and flexibility are factors. Season eight of The Walking Dead is here, and war has begun. Rick and the Alexandrians, Maggie and Hilltop, and Ezekiel and the Kingdom have banded together to strike the first blow against Negan and Saviors, but it’s no spoiler to say something goes very, very wrong. An influx of genetic diversity through breeding with outsiders could give the Yellowstone grizzly population greater resiliency to changing environmental conditions. In addition to graininess and a weird blue shift at certain viewing angles, the 2 XL is now experiencing burn-in on units that are just a week or two old. First, users noticed how its weird color-shift effect made it look excessively blue when viewed off axis. Then, they saw how the device’s default settings can make images look dull and dreary. By identifying what makes some bacteria resistant to the most commonly prescribed antibiotics, and how this can be reversed, the findings have demonstrated potentially life-saving consequences and could help reverse the tide of antibiotic resistance. 1d Latest Science News — ScienceDaily 8 Birds without own brood help other birds with parenting, but not selflessly Birds will sometimes care for the offspring of other birds of their own species if they anticipate future benefits. Being tolerated in another bird's territory and the chance to inherit that territory later are considered rewards for which some birds are willing to postpone their own chance of reproduction. 1d Latest Science News — ScienceDaily 15 Scientists track ovarian cancers to site of origin: Fallopian tubes Some scientists have suspected that the most common form of ovarian cancer may originate in the fallopian tubes, the thin fibrous tunnels that connect the ovaries to the uterus. In modern times, the observation has been named the Mpemba effect after Erasto Mpemba, an elementary school student living in what is now Tanzania in the early '60s. She had spent three days listening respectfully to the real people of Middle America, and finally she couldn’t take it any longer. She turned off the tape recorder and took several deep breaths, leaning back in the passenger seat of the rented GMC Yukon. So domino masters Hevesh5 and Kaplamino teamed up to create a series of seemingly impossible domino tricks that are far more impressive than any Guinness World Record attempt.

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- Did she apologise for killing all the kahls? - Was there even a hint of rebellion or was everyone just on her side. Sorry. You may be able to tell that I genuinely cba with Dany scenes now so, instead of trying to deal with them, I'm just going to ask her some questions about Jorah: - How exactly did he save your life this time. Did he make you and your hair fireproof? - Why do you suddenly love him again. Why is this the first proper display of emotion you've shown in a looooooooong time and it's aimed at JORAH? - Why can't you touch him, when he definitely touched you in Season Five Episode Nine. You then went on to hold hands with Missandei and neither of you have greyscale, so his version isn't even contagious, is it. The Red Priestess proper loves dragons and is announcing that Dany is now the one who was promised or some nonsense while we all wonder what her necklace means and when she's going to get her boobs out. I didn't like how her knowing Varys' story rattles him; he knows better than anyone that anything can be overheard and you can get information from anyone if you want it. He finds all the Others and the four horsemen, one of whom Jon definitely killed at Hardhome and also didn't Sam have a good ole crack at one too. Now his mark is on Bran's skin, he can find them and Bloodraven is MAD because he can get in their cave now and basically oooooh shit they're in trouble now so they all just better go. Speaking of shit, The Wall gang are having a lovely chat about strategy and how they haven't a hope in hell of taking back the Night North (sorry -- forgot that unJon no longer cares about the battle that could end the human race because he's a Stark now). Sansa is dead wise and it legit looks like there may be a strong woman in Game of Thrones at last. It's not in keeping with the rest of her story arc. It seems like she's getting rewarded for being raped. She's just jumped back to Darth Sansa from Season Four, when she was all plotting and secretive and flirty with Littlefinger. She is saying some words and they do mean some things but, in reality, it's all wrong. They wouldn't help you when you were being raped by a man whose dad helped kill the Stark King in the North.