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IT CAME FROM ANOTHER WORLD! Prof. Jackson, the rock-n-roll scientist returns in this sequel to MONSTER FROM PHANTOM LAKE. This time around, as Jackson is preparing to propose to his teaching assistant, he is waylaid by a search for a missing colleague, Dr. Frasier, who has found a mysterious hollow meteorite in the woods containing an energy creature that attacked him. Upon returning, he discovers he is possessed by an alien creature who makes his eyes go buggy and forces the hapless Frasier to sleep with. gasp! women! This film continues its parody of black-and-white 50's sci-fi flicks, and I found this entry in the series sharper and more fun for monster kids. SCREAM BLOODY MURDER (1973) Underrated, little-known 70's slasher pic about a little boy who kills his father with a bulldozer, then loses a hand to the treads when he falls off. Released from an mental institution years later with a metal claw replacing his lost hand (obviously hidden under the actor's sleeve), Matthew returns home to be reunited with his mother only to find her remarried that same day. Matthew has issues with women, sex and his mother, and he kills her new husband. When his mom finds out, he accidently kills her, too, and runs away, but is haunted by taunting visions of her corpse whenever he witnesses affection or sex with a woman. This leads him to kill with meat cleavers, axes or if nothing is available, his own claw.

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Part 3 is an index of film titles, using both original titles and distribution variants, together with English translations where appropriate. In each case, the director’s name, the film’s date, and the country of origin are given. For films from the Maghreb and francophone Africa, both English and French versions of the title are given and indexed. Similarly, South African films are indexed under both main and alternative release titles. In the case of Nigeria and South Africa, the language used in the film is also indicated. The Arabic transcriptions of Egyptian and Libyan film titles are very simplified forms (largely based— because of my principal source—on the French transcription system) and are intended merely to identify and differentiate films which, in most cases, do not have formal English titles. The names of filmmakers from the Democratic Republic of Congo Introduction are set out differently from all the others because when President Mobutu came to power in 1971, he not only changed the name of the country to Zaire, he also banned Christian names (along with neckties and miniskirts). Togo filmmaker. Trained teacher and filmmaker who taught at Ouagadougou University and the Institut Africain d’Education Cinematographique (INAFEC). Also worked in Moroccan television and made a number of shorts in the 1960s and 1970s. Graduated from the Cairo Higher Film Institute in 1964 and worked as assistant director to, among others, Salah Abou Seif. Active as a director for 30 years, he made his reputation with a long series of comedies. Worked as designer on a number of Egyptian productions of the 1950s and, in the 1960s, collaborated on films with Youssef Chahine (on Saladin) and three foreign directors (J. L.

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Generally, if the explanation for the sublet is reasonable (ex: you’re going somewhere for the summer however will likely be again in the fall), landlords may have no downside signing off on a sublet for an approved subtenant. In case your landlord fairly withholds consent, you possibly can’t sublet, and you aren’t released from the lease and will be held liable for future rents. I’m trying to take over somebody’s lease for a three bed room condo in August for the varsity yr. If there’s a battle between any provision of this Sublease and the State of California (the “Act”), the Act will prevail and such provisions of the Sublease Agreement can be amended or deleted as vital in an effort to comply with the Act. You should apply for permission to sublet (although for tenants who’ve the appropriate by regulation, permission can’t be unreasonably refused. The process is often difficult and takes a very long time. We’ll ask you in an e mail in your Cubits transaction codes to confirm your knowledge and switch you the Brickblock Tokens a couple of week after the ICO concludes. The PIO card was first implemented in 2002 as a benefit to foreign nationals who might set up at least a 3rd era tie to Indian origin. Candidates are required to fill miscellaneous application type online for new OCI booklet on account of change in private specific and have to submit the printed software kind together with copy of OCI booklet and copy of outdated and new passport (if applicable). All OCI candidates, aside from minor kids less than 18 years of age, are henceforth required to submit together with their software a (duly signed) letter from their respective employer concerning their job description, mentioning clearly the nature of the job and the submit held. As soon as the passport and status report is submitted on the respective VFS office, the flip-around time could be a minimum of 7-10 working days (topic to the completion of the required processes) by the Excessive Fee of India and its Consulates within the UK. The PIO (Individuals of Indian Origin) Card Scheme is in operation since fifteenth September, 2002. Three months after I filed my utility with the Embassy, I collected my OCI card and Philippine passport with the lifetime U visa sticker on it. I couldn’t suppose the type consulate woman sufficient.

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Primary Electrical Connection of 132kV Step-up Station According to the system plan of the photovoltaic park, each power plant of the park shall have an output of 132kV and shall be inter-connected to each other in a ring. The 132kV step-up station shall mainly adopt inner bridge connection (Single Bus) and double-bus connection, as shown in Fig. 3. . 33kV bus Master Planning Report for Infrastructure Development of Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park, Cholistan 61 (a) Inner bridge connection (b) Double-bus connection Fig. 3. Connection Modes of 132kV Step-up Station The advantage of inner bridge (single bus) connection is that lesser electrical equipment is required resulting in less floor area and investment cost. All feeders are connected through circuit breakers and sets of isolators. Therefore during fault in any section of the connecting element, the problem can be solved by simply removing the faulty section and the elements connected to it by just opening the breaker contacts and then opening the isolators. As such it has insignificant impact on system operation. Such connection mode is suitable for power plants with less capacity which are not intended for expansion. However the disadvantages are that during a fault, all feeders connected to the bus bar will be disconnected and even during maintenance, all feeders have also to be shut down. It is thus less flexible in operation The advantages of double-bus connection are: high reliability, i. .