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During the first leg of the tour of MLC, he visited Government Girls High School Manyal Gali and interacted with the students and teachers there. During this interaction many girl students of the school raised the issue of a boundary wall for the school. The students informed the MLC that as their school is along the main road of the area, the lack of a boundary wall for the school is creating a lot of problems for the girl students of the school. Addressing the students and staff of the school MLC Vibodh announced that through the convergence of his CDF and MANREGA a good boundary wall will soon be constructed for the school. He said that proper education specially for the girl students is the top priority of the Government and various schemes of the Government towards this are a indication of the seriousness which Government accords to this issue. Latter MLC addressed public meetings at village Manyal Gali and at Thana Mandi. During these public meetings local residents of the area raised their various issues specially with regard sub district hospital, bad condition of road and electricity. Local people informed that a sub district hospital was announced about seven years ago but this project still has to see the light of the day. Many people in the public meetings raised the issue of poor condition of roads of Thana Mandi specially the road stretch between Thana Mandi and DKG. During this interaction of the MLC with local people another important issue of low capacity transformer for the area was also brought to the notice of MLC. People informed that currently they have a 250 KV capacity transformer when the actual requirement is of a 400 KV transformer. While addressing the gatherings of the local people and while responding to the demands of the local people MLC assured his full support to locals in early redressal of their genuine demands. He announced that from his CDF a 400 KV transformer will soon replace the existing 250 KV transformer. He further informed the gathering that all the demands raised by the prominent citizens of the area are very genuine demands and he will raise these issues at the forthcoming district development board meeting at Rajouri. During this tour of MLC, Abdul Ghani Shawl, Mishri Choudhary, Ranjeet Tara, Zahid Ahmed and Amjad Khan accompanied the MLC. MLA Rajesh Gupta was the Chief Guest at a rally of “Save Water Save Ponds” campaign A rally was organised today by Dewan Badri Nath Vidya Mandir School, Mubarak Mandi for “Save Water Save Ponds” campaign. LA Rajesh Gupta was the Chief Guest on the occasion. The purpose of today's rally was to make people aware about the need to preserve water and a large number of children participated in the function. Rajesh Gupta while speaking on the occasion said that Save Water campaign has been started by our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP national President Amit Shah.

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Investors should purchase Bankers (BNK), that are ERC20-compliant tokens constructed on the Ethereum blockchain. It is common for teachers to lament that students are can not write despite having done quite nicely inside the PMR English exam for 15-year-olds. A lot of individuals will be taking advantage of your writing. Cheers. However wish to remark on some general things, The website style is excellent, the articles are actually great: D. It’s very easy on the eyes which makes it much more pleasant for me to come here and visit often. This is a really nice one and gives in-depth information. You’ve got a lots of information at this site that’s why i like it. It truly touched me and I’m truly satisfied I found this material. Browsing your article is a real wonderful experience. Many thanks for thinking of readers like me, and I wish you the best. Lucky me I discovered your website by accident, and I am stunned why this coincidence didn’t came about in advance. I’ll bookmark it and return to discover more of your useful info. I looked on the internet for the issue and found most people will go along with your website. The goal would be to find a strategy to give you a complete response, all while focusing on as small an area of investigation as possible. Barely 200 people showed up for the first day Ari and his volunteers wished to herd people into their seats like cattle so the photographers might get pictures of a seemingly full” theater. Just as important, Teman will let you know, people like it. Some 45,000 supporters voted to make him the primary Jewish Neighborhood Hero” in a contest sponsored final fall by Jewish Federations of North America (beforehand United Jewish Communities). For the reason that incident final yr, Teman has claimed that he can’t lease a new condominium or apartment in New York Metropolis because of he has been blacklisted.

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He said he was going to inform me, and that he did. Reading this book, I am beginning to understand those writers I truly love. They are the writers who do not need clever wordplay or creative similes to make a point; they are the writers who love words themselves, who do not need a phrase when the right word will do. (Hmm. hey are the writers who are strongest where I am most weak. Fisher is a joy to read because there are no rough edges a all. She writes what she means, each word leads smoothly to the next. Someone at another site spoke recently of books as investments for retirement. I think I will have to get a couple of good volumes of Fisher for that shelf. I simply came to the conclusion that I am being overrun with books. I can't continue the way I've done so far; I gave away nearly 30 cartons of books last time I moved and could do half that again only five years later. The Kindle is a surprisingly comfortable read - my only argument with it is that I have to flip pages twice as often. My goal now is to see whether I can make it through the summer with only electronic and library books crossing my doorstep. Early this month I brought home a small stack of books from my father's house - including the earliest books I can remember having read to me, and the earliest books I remember reading for myself. I spent the first few days with the Kindle downloading the classic children's lit I left behind. He asked me what would happen if he started an all white organization call NAAWP. Now when I go to FB by any method I get a German (I think) site. I did a control print screen but don't know how to put it in UBB code. I had a college professor who claimed OHB was his generation's.

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. We already saw him have his sword taken away last season when he met with Dany. So he’s more than likely left it behind on his ship (or with his escort). As long as nothing specific from the scripts leaks then I’m content with anything else we get. It makes the journey that much more fun since everyone is in such a frenzy to know more. In the book when Danearys dreams of her lover GRRM uses the word comely (if I am wrong someone will tell me) to me that word would be less feminine in this situation. They will do anything to keep us from knowing the truth. She did say that she was 85% sure it was Sansa so I don’t know. They filmed in the exact same location last year and it turned out to be in the show. The crew also noticed the photos being taken last year and had fun with it, the same way they are doing now. There’s no reason to assume this is fake unless some other info comes out. Arya as Lyanna 2. is my wishful thinking “Disneyfied” twist, that I was pretty sure would never happen — until Hot Pie, out of the blue, told Arya: “You’re pretty! . With the considerable coverage and paparazzi presence, there’s only one witness. I did see the pic and IMO the face was insufficiently disclosed for it to be identifiable. Some people think Sophie is in London anyway, but someone said ST is not at the premiere of a new film at some festival, which is odd. Add to the confusion the fact that HBO and the showrunners can deal in misdirection. People goofing around between takes or messing up during the shot and then doing funny ad libbing can be caught in pictures.

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They used it for the Battle of Blackwater Bay, Cersei used it to blow up the sept, and now maybe the dragon uses it to roast everyone. It would suck to kill everyone that way and it might be too similar to the Sept fire. She might do that now to avoid capture or being killed by Dany or any of the others. Sure, all the recent monarchs have sucked, but if you take away the monarch, what do you get. And taking away the kind wouldn't change that, it'd just mean more fighting and more dying and more scorched Earth and more homeless refugees. Or if it's Jon, I hope to hell he has good advisers to handle the politics for him. Remember how he told Jaime (after the loot train) he wasn't fighting Dragons because fighting is business. Also Tyrion told Bronn before the Dragonpit meeting that he would double whatever Bronn is being paid. The rumor confirmed is that Bronn switches sides to help Tyrion after Jaime goes North. Found a brighter Lord of Light edition of the trailer on reddit. Tyrion has a high opinion of himself he thinks he is a great strategist and a critically important advisor. He told Cersei Dany was going to be a great ruler because she listened to him and he was able to curb her worst impulses. He told Dany practically the same thing to her face, when he accused her of being impulsive for killing the Tarleys. So he's established himself as a superior being and believes basically, that if Dany allows him to guide her he will make her a great queen. IMO ever Joffrey, I think Tyrion has believed he'd make a better king than any of them. So Ambition and Ego are gradually asserting themselves in Tyrion. He was also clearly very deeply upset by the Loot Train attack and it's results. He keeps trying to stop her from riding her dragons because it's too dangerous, etc. When he meets with Cersei he discovers she is pregnant.

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Add up to three levels of priority and descriptive notes to individual items to further define your schedule. Send an invite to a valid email address, and iCloud users will be able to accept right from their devices. It's a bit simpler, but gets the job done in your familiar Google style. Available for both iOS and macOS, you'll need to purchase both apps separately if you want to use OmniFocus on both platforms. For your money, you get a professional-grade to do list system, with excellent cross-project organization features. You can organize these items independent of your projects using tags, which makes it easy to find tasks using the built-in search engine. Assign due dates, notes, attachments, estimates for time required, repeat task criteria, flags, and custom notifications to make sure the task doesn't slip your mind. You can pause or shelve entire projects, then pick them up again in the future with a few taps. OmniFocus will keep your data synced between devices. Plus, with the Zapier integration, you can automatically create tasks in OmniFocus based on trigger events in the other apps you use most. The app is free to use, with some advanced features hidden behind a monthly or yearly subscription. You can connect to Google Calendar, Facebook, or Outlook, sending data to Any. o from each of those apps, and vice versa. Any. o was built with collaboration in mind, making it easy to share single tasks or entire lists for others to work on in just a few taps. Any dates you enter will populate the included calendar, and your schedule automatically syncs with Any. o servers and other devices. There are separate iPhone, iPad, and Mac apps, so if you want to work across devices, you'll need to purchase all of them. For your money, you'll get a smart organizer that captures ideas in a single inbox, where you can then organize them into projects.

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The operating system will also save new apps and files onto it by default when it decides that’s the best option. If you have a device running an older version of Android, then you’ll need a file manager app such as ES File Explorer. You may also find it easier to simply plug your device into your computer or laptop and drag and drop files from your phone to your computer and then onto your MicroSD card. Even if you don’t have a MicroSD card slot, you can still potentially use a USB flash drive or an external hard drive to extend your storage capacity. Make sure that your device is USB On The Go-compatible (OTG), and snag yourself a USB OTG cable. Now you can plug in a USB drive, a MicroSD card with an adapter, or an external hard drive, and use it to store and your backup files. You can even play video files directly from the aforementioned devices. If you don’t use a particular app regularly, then uninstall it. You can always download and install it the next time you need it. If you’re using Android 6. Marshmallow or later, you’ll have to tap on Storage in your chosen app. You may have to re-enter your password after doing so, however, and you may lose your progress if the chosen app was a game. Then again, sometimes your data is backed up separately. If you sign into your Google account via Google Play Games, for example, then it should save your game progress. Something you can wipe without any risk is the cache. For apps you don’t use frequently, this is space worth clearing up. Some older Android devices also allow you to wipe your entire cache partition in the recovery menu. The instructions vary from model to model, so look yours up. On Nexus devices, the instructions are as follows: Turn it off and hold down the Power and Volume down buttons until you see the Android mascot.