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Laboratories for the practice of fact finding, 212. Labour yearbook (Great Britain) — r. . . . Scope of yearbooks, 221124. Elementary mathematics — r. . . . Difficulties due. Landholders’ Association — r. .

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So far, this show is a bit slow and kinda confusing. I think the cafe is under used in certain episodes and at times it's a bit over used. Again, I have to watch the other episodes to see where they went with the whole thing but considering it was cancelled after 5 or 6 episodes, I don't have much hope. -Jason. And there's not many people with websites who just sum up an entire movie. I guess I have some disorder where I just see things at face value. It's a film by Robert Downey SENIOR and it's suppose to all be symbolism about Jesus or whatever. The only thing I really got was the main guy was suppose to be Jesus. And that was it. The movie is about two hours long and I didn't understand one fucking thing. I remember some guy couldn't shit throughout the entire movie and he had an outhouse on the second floor for some reason. I remember some other guy shooting at some chick in the desert but he was using his fingers as a gun. The point is, I can't expound on a film if I can't read too closely into it.

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uture. Loved Sansa being assertive at the meeting, and her making LF very very uncomfortable. Loved Kingsmoot (considering the Iron story bored me to tears in the books thats saying something). However: we never will know anything about the sacrifice; even if he has a name ending with “Stark,” that still tells us nothing about him. All that we know is that, well, he was involved with people who were eradicating the Children and destroying the weirwoods. Maybe I have a cold heart but tonight, tonight I fucking balled. And how cool when BR told Bran it’s his turn and just evaporated? Amazing. And did you notice the Night King with a smile on his face as he was walking toward the cave. It’s inferred that simply dying requires a body burning. But it also emphatically shows the NK raising the dead too. I hope we come to know that, in show or books at least. Who were they that hey could create such a creature as a WW.

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Whew. If you can't find a desktop you like here, well. Installation was once again absolutely problem free - and very fast, less than 15 minutes from booting the Live USB stick to booting the installed system. As with the previous distributions, everything worked. Another different installer - this time it is Anaconda, still my favorite Linux installer by far. The ISO Live image is available on the Fedora Downloads page. I had absolutely no problems with installation, exactly as I had expected. The desktop is Gnome 3, of course; if you want something else, there are other Fedora Spins available, including KDE, Xfce, Cinnamon, MATE, LXDE, LXQT and Sugar-on-a-Stick. Once again, everything works. Everything. Getting bored yet? My last foray for this round was openSUSE Leap. I have been running Leap 15.

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Carriage Barn, Park-McCullough House, North Bennington, Vt. Refreshments include tasting samples of various pies by Ms. Small, a longtime baker. Thursday through Saturday, 7 p. . matinee Friday at 4 p. . Daniel Arts Center. McConnell Theater. Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 8 p. . matinees on Sundays, Oct. 9 and 16 at 3 p.

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Penn Cove MusselFest Thanks to the nutrient-rich outflow of water from the Skagit River, beautiful Penn Cove’s famous mussels grow full-sized in record time and are harvested young, making them impossibly firm, fat, and sweet. This annual festival, which bills itself as a celebration of all things “bold, briny, and blue,” features boat tours of the Penn Cove Mussel Farm, a mussel eating contest, cooking demonstrations with local chefs, a waterfront beer garden, and the main event: a tasting competition with 16 restaurants from all over Coupeville vying to have their mussel chowder declared the finest in town. Ultimately, Benedict must choose between being a good soldier and being a good partner to Beatrice, a woman he's been tricked into loving. The Good Dick's name points you to the choice he makes, but it's fun as hell to watch him and Beatrice reluctantly come around to each other. Seattle Symphony's music director, Ludovic Morlot, is a great interpreter of his fellow countryman, Berlioz, and ACT Theatre artistic director John Langs has plenty of Shakespeare under his belt. Watching the visions of these two artists collide onstage will be a treat as well. Now in its 90th year, the Academy has the tough task of choosing between some pretty exceptional work. Come for the awards, stay for the candid celebrity facial expressions. Anderson Cooper Did you know Anderson Cooper is the son of Gloria Vanderbilt. Did you know that, as a baby, he was photographed by Diane Arbus for Harper’s Bazaar. Stranger Genius Award nominees Wave Books (they're also local, guys! published his winning book, Olio, which explores, embodies, and thinks through the early origins of black music in America. Jess is doing shit with the page that I have never seen before in my life—writing poems you have to rip out of the book and roll into a tube in order to read, and writing mirroring ghazals that actually read forwards and backwards, just to name a few.

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Different tasks often have wildly different requirements and workflows, and the product needs to match the kinds of talent it hopes to attract. These newer marketplaces understand that professional work is often ambiguous and hard to judge for quality, and have built key product features to handle those challenges. That’s very different from the early years of the consumer internet, when online labor marketplaces were designed as free-for-alls, with both sides of the market competing for transactions to occur. A customer might post a potential job to Craigslist, or a worker might post their availability to be hired. These were marketplaces built around serendipity, with almost no guidance from the platform on what to charge, how to charge, or how to find the best talent for a particular project. Over time, it became clear that some tasks were much more popular than others, and they were quite repeatable as well. Uber takes a passenger from one origin to one destination, and Taskrabbit allows you to hire someone to install IKEA furniture. You don’t need to use paragraphs to describe what you are looking to do, nor should you have to negotiate a price every single time you want to get into a car or get a MALM bed frame installed. That regularization became the product itself — suddenly the free-for-all marketplace became a tight menu of options with standardized pricing and rating systems. Even more importantly, the identities of the workers themselves are often shielded from the customer on these platforms. You are buying the company’s brand of quality, not the worker’s guarantee that they can do the job. There is a marketplace today for pretty much every simple and easy-to-define task imaginable. The challenge has been how to design marketplaces to handle more complex forms of work and evaluate the quality of that labor, particularly in cases where quality can be in the eye of the beholder.

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