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Keek het als kind heel veel zonder te weten dat het uberhaupt een religieus verhaal was. Maar voor nu verlaat ik het thema prehistorie. Wat. Daar zijn minimaal 13 films van? Holy shit. Ik kan mij herinneren dat ik vroeger misschien 1 of twee delen heb gezien. En nu 8 jaar later maken ze in ieder geval minimaal nog 1 film ( zullen er vast wel mee volgen. Hoop ik). Na Spectre krijgen we nog een bondfilm met Craig en dan is het toch afgelopen met hem als Bond. Had hem al eens gezien, lang geleden dus wist er niet veel meer van. Meestal vind ik het allemaal ontzettend infantiel al dat digitale lul gedrag en commotie om niks. Als documentaire vond ik deze kijk op indie developers echter zeer geslaagd. Ik kan er nog veel meer over schrijven, maar ik haalde uit deze documentaire veel meer dan ik had verwacht. Krijgt op imdb aardige user critics en zelfs goede critics reviews en het verhaal leek me interessant.

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But that's about it, and once our new hero's tech-wings get clipped he's grounded and undermined. We know that he's not going to be in Avengers: Age Of Ultron which means we probably won't be seeing Sam Wilson again on screens until Captain America 3. That's a shame, so I propose a Falcon solo vehicle where we get to hang around with Wilson again at his Veterans Association group. It'd be an unusual, especially poignant MCU instalment in which PTSD-affected former soldiers talk about their difficulties re-adjusting to civilian life. Then a HYDRA squadron rudely interrupts the meeting (they want the free biscuits and orange squash) and Falcon and friends bust those despicable goons in style, our main man wearing both his wings and a suit. Erm, Kilmer? - was effectively ended this year when the world's first animated brickbuster movie dropped into cinemas to give us the Batman we needed and deserved. Voiced by Will Arnett, The LEGO Movie 's Batman is easily the Batman to end all Batmans. I actually find the title character of the Coen Brothers' bleak folk chronicle to be an incredibly empathetic character whose misfortunes are made worse by the fact that he's surrounded by awful assholes. Of all Inside Llewyn Davis ' many musical jerks, John Goodman's Roland Turner is the most awful and awfully fascinating. Well, technically he doesn't get off - he just stays there, left behind in a car out in the cold middle-of nowhere after a heroin overdose. I'm not happy leaving Roland like that, though, and I find myself wishing I could get more of a handle on the repugnant trumpet bore's history. I'm seeing scene-after-scene of Roland insulting everyone he comes across, discussing his bowel movements in detail, threatening music scene schlubs with voodoo hoodoo and passing out in drive-by diner bathroom stalls. Of course, he's accompanied on his bogus journeys by his driver, the laconic amateur actor and beat poet Johnny Five (Garrett Hedlund) who's also a mystery himself.

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In the TV series, supporting characters are given their own storylines alongside Sookie. Some of these storylines are entirely new ones created by Alan Ball while other ones are stories that exist in the background of Charlaine's stories. While plotlines involving Sookie stick closely to those of the book, some of the storylines from other characters overlap with Sookie's. Below is a list of characters and how their plotlines differ from those in the book. She's involved in a romantic relationship with Bill Compton and is good friends with Sam Merlotte and Arlene. She was also friends with Tara Thornton in high school but become friendly acquaintances afterwards. In the TV series, Sookie and Tara have been friends since childhood and have been extremely close ever since. Sookie, in the television series, has many more friends than she does in the book and is seen to be quite close to Lafayette Reynolds, Amy Burley and Dawn Green. It has been stated that Bubba will not be part of True Blood due to the costs of using Elvis Presley's image. In the book, Sookie is beaten up and attacked by Rene Lenier at night in the graveyard but manages to fight him off due to the powerful vampire blood inside her. She weakens Rene greatly and manages to hide away in Bill's house where she passes out and wakes up in a hospital ward with Bill beside her. In the television series, Rene attacks Sookie in the graveyard during the day. Sam Merlotte becomes aware that Rene is trying to kill Sookie and shapeshifts into a dog and attacks Rene. Realizing (from having Sookie's blood) that Sookie is in danger, he manages to pull himself out of his vampire induced sleep and wanders out into the sun.

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If you’re feeling like you have nothing left to live for and want to go out with your brain violently squeezing itself out of your ear in a desperate bid to escape then this is the perfect way to end it all. Well, not really, but we’ve managed to make our way to Venus. Turns out the planet is made up largely of black bin bags and isn’t nearly as hot as we thought it was so landing a spaceship there is easier than parallel parking on a slow traffic day. Thrown into all of these amazing discoveries is the fact that our sister planet is home to life; blue, slimely, squishy life but life none the less. Using the latest in giant hair clip technology the brave astronauts of this cardboard spaceship collect samples of Venereal life to bring back home for further study. Sadly the homeward trip for these brave, brave men is marred by the fact that the spaceship suddenly veers hopelessly out of control and crashes in a swamp where two young boys just happen to be playing. The number of things that can be done with radioactive Venereal life is virtually limitless as you can well imagine but, when one of the boys is bitten by a rabid weasel, the toxic slime becomes the perfect vehicle for revenge. They pour the now luminous mustard yellow goo into the weasel’s burrow and the strangely doll-like creature mutants into a horrendous monster in a matter of seconds. Now the size of a car the monster weasel makes a quick snack of the two boys before heading out of the swamp on a rampaging trail of terror. We catch up with the movie to follow what I hazard as a guess to be two policemen trying to find out what’s going on in the swamp. In between chain-smoking a few cigars, being overbearingly Italian-American and some wooden dialogue thrown in for good measure the two cops are taken hostage by a scientist that looks strikingly like Nintendo’s Mario (were Mario to be homeless with an alcohol problem). This scientist has discovered that the mutant weasel is the key to amazing regenerative medicine but, since the weasel has rabies, he needs human blood to purify his new serum. The cops now need to find a way to escape from the scientist’s evil clutches without becoming a little snack for the giant weasel. You may not feel the same way by the time the closing credits roll round.

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Jamie Bell is still making a good niche in the indie film market, Kate Mara still has House of Cards working for her, and Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan still can be A-listers in 3-5 years, although someone should really slap Miles Teller for his asshole antics with Esquire. I might have to utilize this more than Baby Sandlers. My only line of criticism is that I've gotten bored of the Baby Sandlers and would like to see that slapping gif be utilized more. With great crew and cast behind this, it's impossible for this movie to be bad but nope. It was garbage and Josh Frank's Twitter post only made things worse. Can't wait for your Movie 43 review, which I've heard tons of crap about it. I mentioned in my review that they might've been going for Ultimate Fantastic Four, which would make sense given the look of everyone because in those comics everyone's a little bit younger. There's a storyline in the comics where he creates an interdimensional transporter and transports himself to a council of Reed Richards' from across different dimensions and they use their combined intellect to help stop the problems in the world, but Sue tells Reed it's a stupid idea to continue that and that he should stop but he doesn't listen to her because he has a hunger for knowledge and science and understanding. It blows up in his face, like all of his things do, and there are serious repercussions (that I won't get into because we'll be here all day) and it could've been avoided if he wasn't so into science that it made him a dick. He's made of rubber - rubber stretches, he should be able to do that. I thought that was very Reed Richards of him to think of. The Thing is working for them because they promised him they'd find a cure, and Johnny is good at doing this so he wants to be used. I don't think Johnny needed anything in exchange for wanting to be a weapon because he liked the idea of being the best at it.

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