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Diberikan range emosi yang jauh, enggak gampang buat anak cowok berakting nangis dan merasakan banyak hal menyerangnya dari segala arah, Faras Fatik gemilang memainkan tokoh ini. Bima memang dibuat sebagai anak yang menyebalkan dengan kebawelannya, tapi dia tidak pernah terasa annoying buat kita. Dia membuat keputusan yang menguarkan kreativitasnya sendiri. Kita diperlihatkan backstory antara Bima dengan almarhum ayahnya. Dan keduanya akan bertemu, menambahkan kedalaman terhadap kedua karakter ini. Aku suka gimana di babak final Bima membuat keputusan yang menunjukkan dia benar-benar bergerak sesuai pilihan hatinya dan it means a lot karena gentian, kini Bima yang ngajarin Rama suatu hal tentang kemenangan di dalam hidup. Koki-Koki Cilik, sebaliknya, tahu untuk lebih baik tidak melarang anak-anak melakukan apa yang ingin mereka lakukan. Film ini paham cara untuk menghargai budaya nasional. Masakan tradisional buatan Bima dinilai paling enak, dan Bima pun tidak segan untuk belajar gimana cara membuat makanan modern. Tidak ada pengguruan secara subtil di dalam film ini. Aku juga membahas masalah ini dalam review “Kulari ke Pantai” karena ada adegan yang mirip. Hanya saja, Koki-Koki Cilik memainkan adegan ini dalam konteks yang enggak menggurui. Bimalah yang meminta Audrey untuk tidak berbahasa Inggris, dan itu karena Bima memang tidak bisa bahasa Inggris.


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Space Godzilla (1994) DVD Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack (2001) DVD Godzilla: Final Wars (2004) DVD Goebbels Experiment, The (2005) DVD Go-Getter, The (2007) DVD Goin' South (1978) DVD Goin' to Town (1935) DVD (DVD incl. It's Intermission Time (1990) VHS Hi, Mom! (1970) DVD Hidalgo (2004) DVD Hidden Agenda (1990) DVD Hidden Art of Islam, The (2014) DVD Hidden Blade, The (2004) DVD Hidden Dangers in Kids' Meals (2008) DVD (DVD incl. Evil (2011) DVD Hook (1991) DVD Hooligan Sparrow (2016) DVD Hoop Dreams (1994) DVD Hooper (1978) DVD (DVD incl. Leather Bar (2013) DVD Interiors (1978) DVD Interkosmos (2006) DVD Intermezzo (1936) DVD Intermission (2003) DVD Intern, The (2015) DVD International House (1933) DVD International, The (2009) DVD Internationale, The (2000) DVD Internes Can't Take Money (1937) DVD (DVD incl. Kramer (1979) DVD Krampus (2015) DVD Krapp's Last Tape (1988) VHS Krays, The (1990) VHS Kriemhild's Revenge (1924) DVD (DVD incl. On Tour (2010) DVD Le Trou (1960) DVD Le Week-End (2013) DVD Le, Caporal Epingle (1962) DVD (DVD incl. Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space (2009) DVD Monsters, Inc. (2001) DVD Monsters: Dark Continent (2014) DVD Monte Carlo (1930) DVD Monte Carlo (2011) DVD Monte Walsh (1970) DVD (DVD incl. Sold Out! (1994) DVD Nixon (1995) DVD No (2012) DVD No Blood Relation (1932) DVD (DVD incl. What a Lovely War (1969) DVD Oh, God! (1977) DVD Oh, God.


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Arya most likely would have gotten herself killed had she tried to assassinate Joffrey in season 2, she doesn’t have the patience for diplomacy and would never suffer the political marriages to Ramsay or Tyrion. I almost wonder if the degradations Sansa endured would in fact break Arya because they came in a form Arya just doesn’t comprehend. But she’s either too blinded by her own bias to believe that Sansa isn’t a traitor to her family or she’s too dumb to see that Littlefinger has serious motives for making the Stark sisters distrust one another. And Arya is, what, going to turn the Northern lords against Sansa and this will somehow help Jon. This whole storyline feels like manufactured conflict to keep the Stark girls spinning their wheels while the plot moves forward Beyond the Wall. Why did the raiders not bring more torches or fire of some kind. Why did they not bring Dany from the start instead of having Gendry run and send a raven. How close was the Wall that Gendry could run there in the first place. Remember when it took a full episode to get to Craster’s. This isn’t the usual time travel whine, it’s a logical question. Why did Dany bring all three dragons with her to an unknown battlefield to face an inhuman army for the first time. Is there a Home Depot Beyond-the-Wall for the Night King to buy all those giant chains. Great acting.


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Also training your Pokemon usually happens at a church (no joke) so people obviously attach some ecumenical influence on the games motives. So join us as we chat about this and much more with some people who have played the game, some people who are afraid and we who have heavily researched the guff all around the web about the sensation that is; PokemonGO. On this episode we delve into the Titanic Conspiracy. The theory that all may not be what it seems when it comes to this iconic tragedy of the 20th century. For over 100 years rumors of an insurance scam of monumental proportions have trailed in the wake of the Titanic story. A scam involving her sister ship The Olympic that in the frigid Atlantic waters went horribly awry. But the Titanic Conspiracy doesn't end with tales of it's deliberate sinking. Accusations of a cover-up by governments and powerbrokers and a cover for murder and the imposition of the great central banking conspiracy of the world. On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we try to remember did we do a show on this already, because we've been struck down by The Mandela Effect. The Mandela Effect is the newly coined term for 'False Remembering', where things you remember from your childhood have since been changed. This phenomenon was named in 2010 and since then has had a huge uptake from the internet community. The general public are feeling this weird misremembered past in droves and some even have a scientific explanation. The parallel universes created by the experiments at CERN have been to blame and the alternate realities they have tuned into there are leaking into our world and changing our reality.