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His family foundation owns more than 600 rare works by artists including Picasso, Renoir and Andy Warhol. The joint investigation also found evidence of a suspicious payment made in cash. It involves Bhanu Choudhrie, who accompanied an arms executive called Peter Ginger to Switzerland in 2007. During the trip, it has been suggested that Mr Ginger made a cash payment amounting to hundreds of thousands of pounds into a secret bank account. Mr Ginger was a key negotiator on the sale of Hawk aircraft to the Indian government. All of the planes had Rolls-Royce engines and the deal was worth around ? 00million to the company. We are fully co-operating with the authorities and we cannot comment on ongoing investigations. . The Georgia-born star rocked red framed sunglasses with Beats by Dre headphones covering her ears. Her outing comes days after her father, Steven Fanning, filed for divorce from her mom, Heather, after 27 years of marriage. The beauty wore a stunning Chanel dress for the evening event, which took place at the Smyth Hotel in New York City. She recently wrapped filming Please Stand By, a comedy drama set to be released next year. Walker was injured running down the Vikings' sideline as the Bears punted. His legs bucked, and he was tended to for several minutes by medical personnel before being placed on the cart. Seven days before the American people choose the next incumbent of still the most powerful office in the world. And what a choice! On the one hand, Donald Trump: a boor, a braggart, a liar and a bully, a conspiracy theory made flesh, a man who has openly invited Russian hackers to leak secret files about his opponent and refuses to say if he will accept the result if he loses. No wonder so many people accuse him of being merely a puppet for the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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The end result rendered blurred-out limbs, leaving fly-aways (and everything else behind them) in focus. TL;DR: it’s not much better than using tilt-shift on Instagram. The images taken on this mode are also half the size of the standard shots which deteriorates the quality even more. The iPhone uses the telephoto lens for to create this effect, so you’ll likely have to step back to get the mode to work. You’ll know it’s ready when the “Depth Effect” flag appears on-screen. The iPhone was more effective at distinguishing between the the subject and background, thanks to that dual lens setup and though the edges still aren’t perfect, the overall quality of the portrait is significantly better than that of the Pixel. Because pictures taken with the “lens blur” effect on the Pixel are half the size of the regular photos, this picture taken on the Pixel has been stretched out to fit the dimensions. Winner: iPhone If you ever feel like flipping the shot on yourself, the Pixel may be the better choice with an 8 megapixel sensor compared to the iPhone’s 7 megapixels. Not only did the selfie look sharper, it was also wider-angle,letting me get more in the shot without having to over stretch my arm. (Win! The same held true for low-lit selfies. Even though the iPhone has that “retina flash” (which illuminates the screen to light up your selfie), the selfie shot on the Pixel was sharper and better lit. The front camera on the Pixel out-performed the iPhone’s both outside and indoors. Winner: Pixel. The wine cellars at the Jarvis Winery are burrowed inside a cave, the ultimate backdrop for a lowlight shootout. We mounted the phones on a tripod to get the exact same angle on both phones and reduce blur. Bot shots came out looking great, considering how dark the cellars were, but the Pixel was the clear winner. The camera was able to capture more light in the shot with greater contrast, creating a sense of depth more accurately resembling the real scene. Both phones were placed on a tripod for this shot to avoid blur.

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The movie came back on when the Mirth Mobile stopped to pick up their drunk friend Phil (played by my buddy Mike) who if he was going to spew, had to spew into this. They all got back into their fictional car and the band picked up right in time with the movie and we finished the singalong. I actually woke up this morning with a sore neck from all the head banging I did during the climax of the Queen classic. After that the movie played as usual with everyone in the crowd yelling along to all the classic lines. The whole BBQ Films team came on stage as the credits rolled and the night was pretty much over. They had a photo booth set up that looked like the Wayne’s World set and a hockey net set up with a couple of my friends playing throughout the show, occasionally yelling CAR and GAME ON as they played. They had a bunch of extra sticks so people could take shots on goal all night. There was a “roadie training” set up and VIP Passes made to look like the Alice Cooper backstage passes from the movie. They had “Glen” from Stan Mikita’s passing out donuts and you could buy Red Vines for a dollar. They even had Wane’s famous Wayne’s World hat for sale (I managed to escape wth one myself) and of course they had the whole BBQ Films crew dressed up as characters from the movie which was slightly confusing given that half the crowd came dressed up as character from the movie as well. Just go look at the photos and get on the BBQ Films mailing list so you don’t miss their next interactive movie. Tattoo owner and by far the funniest judge on Ink Master, Oliver Peck and features a ton of tattoo artists and bands. Plus, it was once again sponsored by Sailor Jerry which means I got to go. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday band played at Three Links and on Saturday there was a special show featuring Ben Nichols of Lucero, that was actually Lucero. Surprise! That show also featured Sadgirl and the Vandoliers. I actually missed the Vandoliers, but Sadgirl wasn’t sad or girls and they were a good time. Lucero I have seen a bunch of times and they killed it as always. Texas punk legends Lower Class Brats played after them and put on a hell of a show considering they’ve been around almost as long as those Rancid albums.

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om cerita, asia, blowjob, 09:00 Kylie was looking forward to spending the day relaxing and watching TV. Little did she know the TV wasnt the only thing being watched. Everything was OK, and she reminded her to lock all the doors and stay safe. Kylie thought it was a bit much, but at least she cared. After hanging up, she gets called back almost instantly, but this time it wasnt her mommy. Kylie scrambled around the house locking every door and window she could. She gets called again, and decides to taunt back at him. If he can get in the house, he can get in her fucking pussy its that simple. This masked man rushed Kylie, starts to manhandle her, and brings on the pressure. Kylie cries that she will do anything if he doesnt hurt her. He then pries Kylies tight mouth open and shoves his bulky cock inside. Kylie continues to get power fucked in the kitchen, all while being abused and humiliated. The masked man didnt end up leaving with any jewels or cash, but he certainly left his mark on Kylie. A white gooey mark of shame. beeg. om cerita, berusia 18 tahun, 19 tahun, 24:12 Cucked and cuffed beeg. om cerita, berusia 18 tahun, 19 tahun, 34:05 Ballgagged slave girl beeg. om cerita, big besar, payudara besar, 08:00 New Sensations brings us another romantic, tender film in the Tales From The Heart series. That time it all ended up with her getting naked and having me tit-fuck her, then the very next day she sucked me off and finally seduced me to fuck her on a terrace.

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Sibling Rivalry By Adam Norris George Clinton And Parliament-Funkadelic Pierce Brothers We love doing what we do. With: TimberwolfWhere: Newtown Social ClubWhen: Thursday November 6 Georg e Cinton p hoto by William Thoren Photog raphy BRAG:: 586:: 29:10:14:: 15 THE HOTTEST COMEDY STARS COMING TO SYDNEY. To be frank, hes not massively known anywhere, but the relaxed solo performer (whose full name is Jordan Tolentino) has made an impression on New Zealand reggae titans Katchafi re. Following an extensive US tour together, Tolentino follows Katchafi re down to Australia this week. Its the grinning Hawaiians debut Australian appearance and hes delighted to fi nally make it out here. Im really, really excited because its always been on one of those bucket lists for my life, he says. Travelling is always exciting for me, so if I can mix it with my job and have music and travel and see people, new cultures, experience new things then I think were winning. Tour headliners Katchafi re are proudly indebted to the heyday of Jamaican reggae music. The bands name comes from a Bob Marley song, which betrays their origins as a Tuff Gong tribute act. Even though the seven-piece has spent the last decade amassing enough originals for a Best Of, reggae remains Katchafi res weapon of choice. Many of Tolentinos compositions also possess a reggae fl avour, but he hasnt pledged allegiance to the genre. In my musical journey, its been really good to experience all kinds of different styles, he says. I studied opera for four years and then I did some jazz and I played in a hardcore metal band before. I may not use all those techniques all the time, but at least I have those in my tool belt. The applicability of genre labels is an ongoing point of debate. Granted, abstract terms cant properly account for the nuances of musical expression, but its fair to say that disparate styles are rarely combined convincingly. Making boundary-less music is a respectable ambition, but it takes a little more than basic ambition to integrate diverse sounds. I grew up listening to Motown and Stevie Ray Vaughan. I like to listen to metal sometimes, depending on the mood.

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The Bengals add depth to the offensive line with this pick, as there are concerns about Willie Andrews and Levi Brown, who didn't play up to speed last year 5 10(145) Jason Shirley DT FRESNO STATE This is a surprising pick because Shirley comes with serious character issues. In addition, he is raw and tends to ware down quickly. Although we see this as a reach, he does possess good size and is very quick when fresh. 6 11(177) Corey Lynch S APPALACHIAN ST He isn't big enough to line up in the box and he doesn't have great man-to-man coverage skills. However, he is a sound tackler who fills hard in run support, makes the occasional big play on defense and will contribute on special teams. 6 41(207) Matt Sherry TE VILLANOVA His size causes matchup problems for safeties. He can make plays downfield and has good hands, but he offers little as a blocker at this point. 7 37(244) Angelo Craig OLB CINCINNATI He shows adequate upper-body strength, times snaps extremely well and gets a quick jump off the edge. He moves well laterally and takes sound pursuit angles to the ball. He plays with a mean streak and competes from snap to whistle. He is primarily used as a pass rusher and is going to struggle initially adjusting to the speed of the NFL level. 7 39(246) Mario Urrutia WR LOUISVILLE He was injured as junior but still elected to come out early. He catches the ball very well and is a red zone threat. He has strong hands and surprisingly good feet for a big wideout. He has marginal top-end speed, though, and like most big receivers he struggles to separate from coverage. It's silly to grade anyone until you see them in an actual NFL jersey so I won't make any grades overall or anything. Still haven't completely solidified that porous D but this is a start. Anyway, Soulful Sunday has arrived with me away from my desktop. Check back later this week for what I owe you today.

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But when I tried to get started on the subject, I said to myself that I’d like it to be something closer to childhood. To play these siblings, I sought out actors I had wanted to film with. I had just met Pio Marmai and thought would be perfect for the role, and he was also the ideal age. From there, I looked for an actress who could go with them. If I’m being honest, I already had Ana Girardot in mind a little, but just the same, I saw a lot of actresses to make sure I was making the right choice. I needed a girl with the ability to survive between two very masculine guys. It was great to see the three of them becoming like siblings. It’s crazy. At one moment, they took control of the film. Then, as we progress through the seasons, as we rewrote with Santiago, it became the story of these siblings. They took the film hostage by the beauty of their relationship. I began to feel Santiago and I we were becoming the narrators of what we saw before us. We let the time participate in building the story. Schedule-wise, it’s like filming four different movies. And when we asked them if they could be free for three weeks in four different times of the year, they agreed. It was simple to resolve, because Ana, Pio and Francois were very enthusiastic about the idea of making the film. He has a double life; he’s an actor and a winemaker. He told us: “It’s the first time I’m making a movie where I succeed in mixing my two lives. He made the film by making wine.

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He’s drowning. He takes a course of action that is completely out of character but that seems to him to be the only way to make a REAL change. It comes down to a question of morality; in a world where the moral compass has shifted so far, so fast, whose version of right and wrong do we go with. It’s about Micky Mason; a man out there right now doing his best. With her friends Zaza and Princess, Nandi will have to find out what truly makes her happy and then fight to get it. Belle decides not to report the accident and take her chances in the legal system. She assumes that her brilliant career, as well as that of her legendary lawyer father, will be ruined if the courts find against her and charge her with manslaughter. She must get rid of the body and all evidence of the crime. She turns to her best friend Jade to help her destroy Amos’ body. They heave dead Amos into Belle’s car and drive up to a safari park hoping to dump the body in the territory of scavengers and predators who will eat the carcass including the bullets that could convict her. Jade tries to persuade Belle to reconsider this reckless course of action. But Belle in order to control her life must exert control over the lives of others. Jade is slowly awakened to the full horror of this act but their actions have already set in motion a destructive chain of events that spiral out of control. Starring: Dineo Moeketsi, Lehasa Moloi, Thapelo Mokoena, Tau Maserumule, Thando Thabethe. Skiets (Thishiwe Ziqubu) a strong beautiful out of town petty criminal catches his eye. TK wins her heart but he must undertake one mission which will lead him into the Johannesburg underworld and which will threaten all he has lived and fought for. Long buries secrets, shared by old friends are eventually exposed, causing tension to arise in current relationships. Some feel threatened by him others feel he is harmless. Things come to a head when Faan’s aged father, Frik, is awarded the contract to build the town dam only to fall terminally ill before the work is completed.

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You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind. Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article. Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast: a baffling mix of Top Gear and Countryfile. Roll up and tuck in, ladies and gents, because Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast ( 24 November, 8pm, Channel 4 ) is back, offering new “weekend” recipes and general foodie hi-jinks while documenting the culinary world’s longest-running bromance. This is where our two childhood pals show their lifelong affection by bellowing gentle put-downs at ear-shredding volume while standing inches apart, and parrot slogans such as “Thank food it’s Friday! without a hint of mortification. Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast is a baffling blend of Top Gear and Countryfile, with faint undertones of TGI Friday’s, in which Jamie and Jimmy entertain punters from behind the counter at their cafe on Southend Pier. In the opening episode, this means turning their attention to the plight of farmed ducks that are kept indoors and thus denied the simple pleasure of fluffing their feathers in a pond. But wait! Revolution is afoot courtesy of a farmer from Devon who has fashioned three artificial ponds in his paddock and, once a day, allows his ducks to waddle out and splash. This, naturally, leads to some alfresco cookery as Jamie does a taste-test between a free-range duck and its barn-dwelling counterpart. “Now for the big moment,” the voiceover yelps excitedly as a group of fortysomething men stand silently chewing on tiny pieces of meat. First up is the actor and comedian Simon Pegg, who does battle with lamb tagine and flatbreads with an expression of abject terror. There are shoehorned proclamations of “weekends are for feasting! throughout as new dishes are wheeled out and the guests gurgle with pleasure; it’s that or get drop-kicked off the end of the pier by the producers. When Jamie takes himself off to the “recipe shack” at the end of a pier, it’s to create a lip-smacking Provencal bake. When Jimmy is dispatched there, it’s to show us how to open a bottle of beer using folded paper. But no matter: all’s fair in love and money-spinning cookery programmes.