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I have only one kid, 2 years old, and I have no time for anything. My kid never sits down, never does anything longer than 5 minutes, always wants to do stuff together, always on the run, exploring every pebble on the street, every plant, running around other kids while they peacefully play with their parents. On weekends I am taking my kid out full day to get my wife some space, because she would go nuts without it after 5 days in a row - so I have not a single free day whole year. Saying all that, yes, I have 2 hours per day for myself. Right after 22:00 when I am sure the kid sleeps tight. But by that time I am wasted and not even able to read a proper book, because its just too much for my tired brain to grasp. If you love to do something, you'll make the time for it. It's not that people with families or other commitments don't have time to do things. They just make choices on what things are most important to them and do those things instead. It's not really the job of some guy that's describing his strategy to account for every other person and their decisions and all the alternate ways they choose to spend their time. This covers the vast majority of middle class families. Not everyone is lucky enough for that, but quite a few software developers are (the category of people most likely to be working on an indie game in their spare time). Now that everyone's a blogging streaming indie-gamemaking content-spewing machine, the marginal expected value of new content - in a lot of areas - is close to zero. Once you factor in the cost of marketing to get noticed above the noise, the financial value you personally realize is often negative. The real money is in owning the content markets (where you get your cut in developer account subscriptions, transaction fees, 30% of sales, marketing costs, etc. or in providing tools, just as in the Gold Rush of yore. In fact, there was a time when content creators didn't get rich at all. If they were lucky they made a living, often due to patronage. Not to mention those who simply inherited or married into wealth.

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“Always the artists,” Mance Rayder observed then. He spins around, and as he spins back, we see the Night’s King behind him. The King reaches out and grabs Bran, leaving an icy mark on his arm, even as Bran is yanked from the vision. Spotting their cold breath, she realizes what must be happening and runs outside to see the wight army has arrived. The Night’s King, the White Walkers and all the wights- they’re right outside the cave. Unfortunately, he and the Three-Eyed Raven are stuck inside another warm vision of Winterfell, where the child Ned is saying goodbye to Benjen. The Night’s King parts the fire and the White Walkers stroll on through. The direwolf Summer joins the fray, tearing up wights as the Children of the Forest fight. Meera pleads for Bran to wake up, because they need his help with Hodor who is terrified and can’t even move. Meera’s voice is beginning to seep into Bran’s vision, but he’s unable to pull away. He can only hear her voice calling for him, talking about Hodor. He zeroes in on young Hodor in his vision, the stableboy Wyllis. Continuing to be utterly boss, Meera kills a White Walker with a dragonglass spear. Summer holds off the wights and gives his life doing it, as Meera gets Bran and Hodor out of the central cave area finally. As far as metaphors go, this wasn’t subtle, and it was twofold. Bran has to become the Three-Eyed Raven now- part of that will involve letting go of his Stark nature and his corporeal attachments. Summer’s death also means simply, “Summer’s over, Winter is here, and my god is it ever. . He raises his long blade even as the Raven warns Bran that “The time has come.

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There is a montage where Jon and Dany have sex and we hear Sam and Bran discussing Jon's background and we find out Jon's Targaryen name as Jon and Dany are boning. (OP: I hope we find out his name while they climax, for maximum meme value and cheese. There I was thinking that all the buildup to the epic conclusion to save Westeros sustained over all seasons will finally overseat the political stuff but nope, some group barely foreshadowed with an army size greater than their numbers in the books by several degrees, is the true threat to beat. It seems particularly odd to predict that and hate on the show for a plot which hasn't happened yet because the show has for several seasons kept the White Walker threat as a big thing. This thread is bound to once again be the most welcoming there is in the entire forum in 2017. It's not really where I see Jon or Dany's stories ending (although I don't see either of them surviving the series), but I've never been a big fan of how obviously doomed Aegon is. It makes Jon, Dany and others look like raging incompetents and needless to say it makes their demonization of Stannis even more absurd. He accepted the White Walker threat without any need of seeing a captive wight with his own eyes so why can't Dany and others accept it. And it makes no sense that Jon and Dany have sex after the devastating setback of losing one of the dragons and the way that the sex scene is dramatized that at the same time, Sam finds proof of Jon's parentage. t will play like Black Comedy and a terrible joke. And it seems clear from characterization that the show liked the idea of having Victarion's character as a comically-evil brute and combining him with Euron's role. Theon's fight on the beach in 7x07 is Theon trying to persuade the other Ironborn to help him rescue Yara. He tells her that he heard that Cersei blew up the Sept of Baelor. Varys tells her that she might not be safe if she ever returns. Davos gets Gendry to accompany him and Tyrion to Dragonstone because he wants to give Gendry a purpose. One of the wight hunt members is a wildling tracker redshirt who gets killed by the polar bear. After the bear attack, Jon sends Gendry back to Eastwatch to send a raven to Dany to inform her as to what's happened. When Dany gets the raven, she decides to go North out of concern for Jon (and Jorah). Tyrion thinks this is a bad idea, but she doesn't listen.