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LOL! , Friendster me sometime before then, and around 8:40 EST on Thursday(ish), I assume if you keep reloading your browser window on Friendster, I think I will simply disappear from your friend list. Using a pair of networked computers, viewers are presented with a hypnotic experience of multi-channel imagery that is controlled by sound. The seemingly unpredictable nature of the work provides an internal interactivity which can be observed by an audience, but not controlled. One or two networked computers use a musical analysis of live music to control clip selection, tempo and cinematic features of the video. She is therefore calling (in a pleading way) for submissions. It would only take a few minutes and your anonymity will be protected if you so wish. This involves making drawings, films, bibliographies, databases and much of it involves the participation and collaboration of others. Each day he spends 17 minutes standing next to a tree, collapsing at end of the duration. Using time as a signifer, this ritual offers a place of reflection to the viewer and the artist, and deals with the specific circumstance of his own brother's suicide. As a reenactment it aims to be reminder of the life he is engaged in. Each participant uses a physical interface called a Bodyshelf. By gently moving their bodies on this smart furniture they instigate Intimate Transactions, which influence an evolving world created from digital imagery, multichannel sound and tactile feedback. Transmute pay tribute to all of the artists, staff and partners involved in making this project possible over the past four years.

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This time it was at the Czech government’s behest: he had published the poetry he had written in the gulag with a Paris publisher. Savitsky was sentenced to 30 months in prison (shortened to a year after an international letter-writing campaign organized by friends abroad). He fell ill soon after his return, however, and never fully recovered. In 1966, Gumilev visited Savitsky in Prague, his first and only trip outside the USSR, two years before Savitsky died of cirrhosis of the liver, in April 1968. Lev’s later works owed much to the Eurasianist conception of history which poured forth in Savitsky’s letters. Through Savitsky, Lev was also able to write to Vernadsky in the USA; writing direct to America was too dangerous, but writing to Czechoslovakia did not raise eyebrows. His letters to Vernadsky were enclosed in letters to Savitsky, who posted them on to New Haven and sent Vernadsky’s replies back to Lev. Vernadsky, who had built his academic career on rehabilitating the Mongols and reinterpreting their relationship with Russia, taught Lev a great deal. But thaw or no thaw, one still had to be very careful: history as taught in the Soviet Union was very much hostage to the prevailing ideological winds. Academic disputes in Russia are notoriously prone to getting out of control. Scholars have always been very passionate about their subject and take disagreements very personally, tending to emotional and no-holds-barred polemics. Colleagues tend to pursue each other not just in the pages of specialist journals and in conference papers: before duelling was outlawed, many a scientific disagreement was settled at the ten-pace barrier with a pistol shot; and in the Soviet period, disagreements between academics could still be a matter of life and death. Most famously, in 1940, Trofim Lysenko, a prominent geneticist who had the ear of Stalin, denounced his scholarly rival Nikolay Vavilov after the two disagreed over theories of genetics. Vavilov was sent to a labour camp where he starved to death in 1943.

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Peruvian females engaged in shorter copulation times than Argentinean females. Peruvian females tended to store smaller quantities of sperm than Argentinean females, and almost a half of the crosses involving Argentinean males and Peruvian females were unsuccessful (no sperm transfer). However, there was no evidence that the cross between Peruvian males and Argentinean females resulted in storage of a critically small amount of sperm (posing risk of sperm shortage). Argentinean females were more willing to remate than Peruvian females, irrespective of male morphotype, but latency to remating was not affected by male or female morphotype. This study shows that mating behaviour differs between some of the A. Overwhelmingly, more women suffer from these disorders, which may be due to increased stress sensitivity. Like humans, rodents experience a myriad of physiological and behavioral sequelae due to prolonged stress exposure. Although the motivation for social conflict may differ between humans and rodents, female rodents may provide an opportunity to explore the underlying mechanisms by which stress confers risk for psychopathology in women. Because most female rodents do not express spontaneous aggression, the majority of basic research examines the physiological and behavioral outcomes of social conflict in male rodents. However, there are instances where female rodents exhibit territorial (California mice and Syrian hamsters) and maternal aggression (rats, mice, and hamsters) creating a venue to examine sex differences in physiology and behavior in response to stress. While many studies rely upon nonsocial behavioral assays (e. . elevated plus maze, forced swim test) to assess the impact of stress on emotionality, here we primarily focus on behavioral outcomes in social-based assays in rodents. This is critically important given that disruptions in social relationships can be a cause and consequence of neuropsychiatric diseases.

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? ? ? Camera. The medianow. ro name and logo is used under a limited license granted by open source matters the trademark holder in the United States and other countries. You Are At: Home Entertainment News Bollywood News Pamela Chopra: Biopic on late Yash Chopra to happen soon Pamela Chopra: Biopic on late Yash Chopra to happen soon Mumbai: Late filmmaker Yash Chopra's widow Pamela Chopra says she would make a biopic on his life sometime in the future. With biopics being made on iconic names like Milkha Singh, M. . Mary Kom, Kishore Kumar IANS Updated on: November 22, 2014 11:02 IST pamela chopra biopic on late yash chopra to happen soon Mumbai: Late filmmaker Yash Chopra's widow Pamela Chopra says she would make a biopic on his life sometime in the future. With biopics being made on iconic names like Milkha Singh, M. . Mary Kom, Kishore Kumar and Dara Singh, Pamela Chopra was asked about her plans to have a biopic on the life of her husband. He was honoured with Dadasaheb Phalke Award, Padma Bhushan and many other such awards.

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In a trite example, let's claim that you emailed a friend and we hadn't heard back yet, for only three days and nights. Someone prone to depression might react by convinced that this helps to ensure that their friend is much a accomplice. Since a result, once the frustration inside builds to feelings of rejection and anger, what happens happens next, they delete their email, phone number, facebook account and disposable any mementos of their memories every other. Or you might just get angry and next occasion you check this out friend, have an attitude. What could a numerous reasons why your friend did not respond. Well-liked way to reason is probably about Individuals! Around the globe easy to become negative we all are not tuned in to the calling of our own heart. May only through conscious inner alignment men and women will be able to fully embody an authentically positive life. They met for coffee frequently at nearby coffee shop and had been a lot of inner-dating and mix and matching trying in their various apartments and always beneficial laughter. So many of us don't even really understand our own motives or thoughts we all seek out counsel from friends or shrinks to help us, pouncing not an excessive stretch to concede that we really may well know the motivations of an person estranging us or silencing the company. But simple is, dirty talk is merely form of communication. Phrase 'dirty talk' initially throws people off, which is the reason why we in order to look on-line as 'naughty talk', which are usually applied in every facet of communication between two eaters. It can be used all time in stuff like texting, emails, phone sex, and definitely in the bedroom. So Whitney was to be able to shoot porn and in order to as content on his friend Sharon's new and improved website.

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Instead of being linked to religion, history or morality, it is purely a psychological and therapeutic trip to the underworld, investigating the subconscious. This time it's a reissue of his main project Raison D'Etre latest studio album initially released in 2009 on Cold Meat Industry. 'The Stains of the Embodied Sacrifice' is not only vibrating on the surface of your skin. It is alive and breathing, a creature with a knife that cut deep wounds in your body while your soul shatters for air. It is a psychosomatic and transgressive disease opressed by a compulsive behaviour manifested in dualities - the one of your body and mind - and states of metamorphoses - mind becomes flesh become wounds become fluids become stains. This version of the album has been expanded with an extra disc containing 60 minutes of previously unreleased early-versions-of-the-original-album-tracks. The duo exercise extensive aural alchemy of mutating samples beyond recognition. There's heaps of tension and energy, and a presence that is unwilling to stay in one place for too long. Constant movement. Material ranges from subdued electro-acoustic soundscapes to fierce noise assaults. Petersburg by Dmitriy and Victor, and it became one of the first Russian black metal bands. However they have also been interested in noise experiments and electronic grind-core. After Victor's death and appearance of the new guitar player Alice the new live program was prepared and successfully performed by the duo in many Russian cities and abroad. The material on this album is mostly based on this live program, but it can't be strictly called metal or experimental, as it includes both metal music and post-industrial infloences: dark ambient, noise, drone.

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Care is closely coordinated by an interdisciplinary team, including her PH specialist, in order to optimize her outcome. The most frequent sites of fragility fractures are the hip, the distal radius, the spine, the proximal humerus, and the ankle. In most cases, a surgical approach with subsequent rehabilitative treatment is required. The general aims of rehabilitation are to increase functioning and improve patients ' activities, participation level, and quality of life. We have developed a care coordination model for the comprehensive care of hip fracture patients. It establishes what, who, when, how and where orthopedists, internists, family physicians, emergency, intensive care, physiotherapists, anesthetists, nurses and workers social intervene. All elderly patients over 65 years admitted with the diagnosis of hip fracture (years 2006 to 2010) were retrospectively evaluated. One thousand episodes of hip fracture, corresponding to 956 patients, were included. Mean age was 82 years and mean stay 6. days. This was reduced by 1. 4 days during the 5 years of the program. A total of 85. % were operated on before 72 yours, and 91.


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Ashok Koul asked party workers to maintain direct contact with every single voter of the area. “The booth activists hold key to the hearts of the public as they are the face of party at gross root level,” Sh. He said that every single person knows the extent that has been caused to the residents of IB villages due to continuous shelling from across the border. Bombs also fall and play havoc at these places, he remarked. Indian army is considered as one of the most disciplined force in the world: Prof Virender Gupta State BJP spokesperson Prof. Virender Gupta while reacting to Shopian incident said that nothing should be done that demoralizes the forces who are fighting the Pakistan sponsored terrorism in the valley against many odds to restore peace and normalcy in Jammu and Kashmir state and save the integrity of the nation. He said that the Indian army is considered as one of the most disciplined force in the world which played its unique role throughout the world on the UNO call. he Spokesperson added that the circumstances that were created by the stone pelters in Shopian while subjecting army convoy to heavy pelting, hurting JCO and others and damaging its vehicles, left no other option for the army personnel to resort to firing in self defence. He said that it is unfortunate and disgusting that FIR has been lodged against a major and other personnel of 10 Garhwal unit on the charge of murder and attempt to murder by the state government in the Shopian incident whereas no FIR was lodged or enquiry ordered against the stone pelters. rof. Virender asked what business the so-proclaimed innocent mob had to attack the army convoy with stones and damage its vehicles. He said that the forces are facing great resistance from the people whenever they cordon an area in search of terrorists. The people of the area come out in a mob and attack the forces with stone and make their work extremely difficult and the fact of the matter is that none of the Kashmiri leaders appeal to the people for not cause hindrance in the operations being executed by the forces to save the valley from destruction. However, when forces retaliate then the political leaders make hue and cry and come in the defence of mob.

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The past puts me at risk, but he’s my brother, my family. I gently peel open the envelope. Hey Bro. How’s life, then? Must be weird, being able to walk about and that. Mam got your card. She can’t write just now, give her a chance to get used to it, okay. I’ve got a girl. SHE KNOWS. She started writing to me, a few years back. And then she wanted to visit us and that’s rare, right, so I thought why not. I was so nervous I couldn’t sit still, but she was lovely. Pretty. And she kissed us when she left.