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The longest shot ran over 17 minutes and apparently had another challenge built into it as their dolly equipment wasn't ideal for the carpet it kept running over, and threatened to break during a shot that could have gone wrong in a million other less destructive ways. And it's not just there to be showy - this is when the characters all meet as adults for the first time in the show, and many long simmering feelings come to a head, making it essential that we're in there with them without cutaways and closeups to distract away from the emotional breakdowns they're all experiencing (plus, yes, a few scares). And Shirley's funeral home was set (alas, not shot) in my hometown of Methuen, MA, so that was a nice little perk. I'm hardly the first to sing its praises, so I feel confident that we will be name-checking this series for a long time. And I plan to bestow on it the highest honor I can give anything these days: a second viewing, if only to spot more of those hidden ghosts. Steve DiSchiavi is a retired detective with more than 20 years of experience with the New York City Police Department, and Am. THE EVIL KEEPERS III; REAL HELL ON EARTH Zak Leads over a hundred people to their doom, trapped in hellish possessi. Eternal Hope by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( ) Source. Watch full episodes of Celebrity Ghost Stories Learn more about Celebrity Ghost Stories. EVP specialist Debby Constantino assists the crew and reveals voices that linger inside an old gambling hall. A woman claiming to be tormented by an evil spirit cuts her own face during a paranormal investigation. What she didn't realize is that she was on camera when she did i. Hester shared with us some AMAZING stories about the constant activity that goes on at the plantation. We were all on the stage getting ready to pack up and call it a night- thanking any spirits for letting us spend time with them. The very beginning of the clip it sounds like there is a little giggle that we didn't hea. We are sitting talking and in this video, left side, half way down the screen, you see a black blob move at a good rate of speed across the scree.

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Douglas Schmieder Il y a 29 jours I feel like we're missing an important scene between Bran and the night king. What a unique and cool way to connect both stories. Anyone? (Edit) AWESOME I love the part that Reek may actually have a child (from that ugly woman but still) a Greyjoy air. Have not heard this one yet and absolutely LOVE it. Such a shame If just dany fly back burn cerci ass things go better for what they risk all the white walker kidnapp shittt aurel wink Il y a 2 mois Wasnt he locked in dungen lmao aurel wink Il y a 2 mois How did jon get away. TheMoonatDawn Il y a 2 mois God I hope this is all fake, it sounds so sentimental. A man has no name Il y a 3 mois And ends with a close up shot of a winking GRRM AdriGoddess Il y a 3 mois Seeing that it says Theon ends up with a son. ow, that's not possible. Ticky Il y a 3 mois Real or fake. his sure as hell was fun and entertaining Valitics Online Il y a 3 mois Also the very end can't be true with George rr Martin being a part of this. He is working on four GOT books at the moment, the final two of ASOIAF and then the 2 that focus on the history of westeros(of fire and blood I believe. Tyrion king Regent until heir Lyanna Targ comes of age. Lincy McGabby Il y a 5 mois Kinda entertaining, but fake Crazy R Il y a 6 mois Lolol danys vision of the wall, now the keep. Face it got was all hype after season 6 Down Above Il y a 6 mois You had me until the ending. Geez, the one who wrote this fake should have been more careful about that.

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Chomsky has been a trenchant critic of the U. . establishment for over 50 years. The university ranked ? st in the Times Higher Education (THE) ranking of universities in 2018 is Oxford. An instance of it that would be of some interest to us in India is that when Gandhi was in England for the Round Table Con- ferences held during 1930-32 he was, on more than one occasion, the houseguest of Alexander Lind- say, Master of Balliol College. At the time Gandhi was virtually at war with the British Empire, hav- ing been tried for sedition. A quar- ter of a century later, at the height of the infamous Cold War, the same college elected as its head a historian who was a member of the Communist Party of Great Bri- tain (it seems not even the commu- nists can forego grand titles). This honour had till then been conferred on every Oxford-edu- cated Prime Minister of Britain since the degree had come into be- ing at the University. As a sign of its having acted on principle and not on pique, it may be noted that the only other instance of a similar re- commendation being turned down was the one of Zul? ar Ali Bhutto, who was denied the ho- nour for his role in the massacre that accompanied the formation of Bangladesh. It may be too much to expect India’s university teach- ers to display a similar con? ence but these examples remind us of the meaning of a university. We in- vest in universities hoping that they would speak truth to power. If we take this freedom away by in- voking irrelevant conduct rules, we deny ourselves a vital safe- guard against despotism. Then, as Indira Gandhi lurched leftward, and much of the economics profession had not protested much, two economists at Delhi University had chosen to go against the grain.

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Paul’s most aggressive tactic, and one that many streamers argue can potentially drive subscriber growth, is turning sub mode on for chat participants. This greatly decreases the number of people who can participate in chat, and it’s a frequently used tactic for when things get out of hand or overwhelmingly toxic. Speedrunning for charity event Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ), for example, made the controversial move to make its chat subscriber-only as a way to prevent trolls from spamming the chat. A statement from the AGDQ team at the time specifically called out moderation measures as reasoning behind the decision, arguing that trying to moderate 150,000 viewers was extremely difficult. Paul announced during his first stream that once he received his Twitch affiliate status, he was going to make his chat subscriber-only. It’s a decision that will help the moderation team, Kanthes said. “The way I view subscriber-only mode is kind of as a nuclear option,” Kanthes said. “Sure, it works. It drastically reduces activity and, as such, it raises the initial hurdle for trolls to start being trolls. But it also has a strong impact on the regular user base. Nuclear option. It works but at a cost. Paul’s first stream capped at 200,000 concurrent viewers. The account director, Sally Xiao, had claimed that the eighth-generation Intel Core microprocessors in Dell laptops were ideal for gaming because of the 'plugins' - aka, cheats - that they could comfortably handle while running demanding games, like PUBG. Backing up Mansill's reporting, PC Watch also published a few images from the launch. Xiao also claimed that the more legitimate Waves MaxxAudio Pro software bundled with the laptops could also help by focusing the sound on the footsteps of other players, giving players on Dell platforms an edge - although that sounds very much more like marketing nonsense rather than an actual cheat.

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