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WATCH OVER ME also stars Casper Van Dien and Catherine Oxenberg. (Dayanara Torres photo taken by Oliver Carnay during 75th Hollywood Christmas Parade) The last time I talked with former Ms. Universe 1993 ? Dayanara Torres was late last year during Teen? Choice Awards held at the Universal Amphitheatre. When I found out that she is riding the float for the 75th Hollywood Christmas Parade to promote her new television show on MyNetworktv UPN 13 entitled ? atch Over Me. I took the time not to pass out the opportunity to interview her again. Fresh from attending the 2007 Ginoong Pilipinas-USA, I got out of the plane from San Francisco and headed straight, right in time to arrive at Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel before she walked the red carpet. Here? an excerpt of my interview with her: OC: You? e been in Manila for only a couple of days. It? kind of short, but how was the trip and how long were you gone for Manila. DT: It was really short, Oliver, just for five days, but I have a really good time. The reception was very, very nice, and it brings a lot of memories to me. I was there endorsing and promoting Beverly Hills 6750, the beauty clinic owned by Jessica Rodriguez and David Buenavacz. It also helps promote the tourism-program in the country, and you know that Philippines have a special place in my heart. DT: I did not take my boys with me in the Philippines, so that is one thing why I cannot really stay longer.

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The talking board has captured the imaginations of many a movie goer, despite it’s widespread availability at toy stores and Targets nation wide. The movie Ouija is another tale of teens who learn the dangers of messing with the dark forces the hard way, by being bumped off one by one by spirits from the other side. This is apparently the age demographic this particular horror flick is aimed at, which makes a certain sense if one looks at the age one usually dabbles with Ouija boards. The magical age you must be to overlook gaping plot holes (big enough to sail the Queen Mary through) to find this movie scary. Or those who follow the Crossing Over Paranormal Society, who were there to warn us that our fear can summon the dead, might be able to psyche themselves up into a good scare. To those like myself, who love horror movies, but require a good plot, decent writing and some level of continuity, it’s just a miss. Starring a passable Olivia Cooke (Bates Motel) as a high school girl, with high school friends that all look old enough to be teaching the classes instead of attending them (and some actually are). Kagasoff’s acting bordered on painful, hardly seeming to be able to recall what it was like to be a senior in high school, much less act like one. Bianca A. Santos seemed incapable of emoting any signs of actual fear or surprise, even when realizing her mouth was sewn shut. Douglas smith’s baby face is convincing enough for the role he played, but he seemed aware what a supernatural stinker the flick would turned out to be. That’s the phrase best used to describe Ouija, a supernatural stinker, so if you are looking for a bit of a thrill this Halloween season, I’d advise skipping this flick. There are many movies far more deserving of your screams. Or just hit up your nearest Hasbro retailer and buy yourself a board, maybe you can conjure up a few chills worth turning into the next Hollywood fright flick. A professional artist, dabbling in prop fabrication, costuming, and practical effects makeup in her spare time. She credits much of her artistic inspiration to her life long love of movies, and holds a special adoration for stop motion animation, film noir, and classic B movies. She writes a movie editorial blog called Sleepless Cinema, sharing her candid view on all media, new and old. Insomniac and cinephile, coffee swiller and media collector, has silver screen scream queen dreams, and she lives her life in technicolor. Anybody would have thought that’s a blurb of a novel about a Romanian minotaur living in an art gallery trying to make it as a skateboarder, but alas, it is not (I’ll work on that later though as a stocking filler for 2015).


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Make sure your advisor is reading your energy and not the movie stars. For example, I once got dreams of a stop Sign. The client smiled and told me about an issue where we were with someone that had crossed over who pointed out a Stop Sign right before they experienced an chance. The person did not need to come through other than to show me that symbol. A psychic reading can assist you you learn about your self. Being a better person, means being better partner (if you're currently in a relationship), or just being able to get the right partner (in case are generally single). Many new agers really feel that if they simply surround themselves with light and love they cannot be harmed. That can be a is a method to and practice it isn't sufficient. Look at psychic reading protection requires several levels of protection that are quite outstanding. If you apply one technique but leave the other doors open for an attack then car fully paid for. The Ouija board had its origin during the Spiritualist movement of the late nineteenth one particular hundred year. Ordinary people were obsessed in trying to speak with the dead. Typically the late 1880's a coffin maker named E. Deb. Reiche invented the game and then sold the rights into the Kennard Novelty Company. Just one of the owners William Fuld bought the rights from the particular and had the game patent. Every person unknown, if he committed suicide or if it was an accidental injury. A creepy start to the legend within the board game. Fuld's heirs then sold it to Parker Brothers, who still produce the game.


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Saturday's Cryptoquip: IT IS REALLY QUITE A HARD TASK TO WALK IN THIS SUPER-WINDY STORM. A Madea Halloween (PG-13) Mon. 10:05 MOVIES OF DELRAY 561-638-0020, ALD 7421 W. A Madea Halloween (PG-13) Mon. 7:50, 10:25 CINEMARK PALACE 20 PREMIER 561-395-6516 3200 Airport Rd, Boca Raton LAKE WORTH DRIVE-IN 561-965-4518 3438 Lake Worth Rd, Lake Worth Doctor Strange (PG-13) Mon. 7:00, 9:05 Trolls (PG) Mon. 8:55 Tyler Perry's Boo. LUCIE WEST 14 772-344-3570 1900 NW Courtyard, Port St. A Madea Halloween (PG-13) Mon. 1:40, 4:35, 7:15, 9:50 M. She has established a career inBollywood films, and is cited in the media as one of the most popular Indian celebrities. Padukone, the daughter of the badminton player Prakash Padukone, was born in Copenhagen and raised in Bangalore. As a teenager she played badminton in national level championships, but left her career in sport to become a fashion model. She soon received offers for film roles, and made her acting debut in 2006 as the titular character of the Kannada film Aishwarya. Padukone then played dual roles in her first Bollywood release—the 2007 blockbuster Om Shanti Om —and won aFilmfare Award for Best Female Debut. She followed it with roles in a series of commercially unsuccessful films that failed to propel her career forward. The 2012 box office hit Cocktail marked a significant turning point in her career, earning her critical acclaim and Best Actress nominations at several award ceremonies. In 2013, Padukone established herself as a leading actress of Hindi cinema by playing primary roles in the comedies Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Chennai Express (both of which rank among the highest-grossing Bollywood films of all time), and won the Filmfare Award for Best Actress for her performance in the tragic romance Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela. Her off-screen life is the subject of fervent tabloid reporting in India.


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The actor's performance was really good and the speech he gives to Margaery was phenomenal. We get it, you can't be swayed by greed and are supported by the common people. Also the hypeslaying by Tommen, what a letdown. 9. Iron Islands - Euron is a joke compared to the books and the Kingsmoot was a total abortion. I feel like it was super rushed and Euron's speech was fucking pathetic, but everyone there conveniently followed him and his BIG COCK because it's convenient for the plot. I get that Show! uron is a completely different animal to Book! uron, but he honestly comes off as a damn buffoon and is a much less threatening adversary than any other main human antagonist in the show so far. The fact that we got that awesome TWOW chapter shortly after the episode aired just underscored this for me. 10. Braavos has been a total joke. Arya had the same yawn-inducing scene of her being beaten up by the Waif for the entirety of the first half of the season. It got a bit more interesting with Lady Crane and the mummers, but then it finished with a completely nonsensical conclusion that in hindsight has made both this and Arya's scenes in S5 a pointless detour. Elsewhere in the Riverlands - I liked the Hound's path the best. I was really excited to see him and I'm looking forward to see what's next for him. Great acting, fantastic character development, intriguing (you still have no complete idea on what's going on in his head), dialogues are fun and overall - the show-writers haven't wronged much here. 2. King's Landing - I know that many think it's a boring plot, but I actually find it interesting.


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“He just happened to notice something in talking to me that made him want to read my writing. Lorre says Molaro “will often come to me with an idea for an episode and I will honestly not understand it. But, he adds, “I can understand enthusiasm and passion. So my own reservations, I’ll try to put them aside and support the enthusiasm that he has for something, and that’s worked out great. He’s taken that series to a whole new level on the page and is doing things that I never would have dreamed of doing. It was from another of his own mentors, Bob Meyer, that Lorre learned his first lessons in how to run a show. Meyer had been Lorre’s boss on his first staff gig, “My Two Dads,” then again on “Roseanne. From Meyer, Lorre says he learned how to sublimate his own ego for the sake of the show. “He taught me how to collaborate with other writers, which I did not know going in,” Lorre says. “He did not prize his own words over anyone else’s. His only goal was to make the material better. With the success of “Grace Under Fire,” Lorre went from being a professional writer to a professional boss. Like many TV writers who become showrunners, it took him a while to navigate that transition. “There was a time when I could not effectively run one show,” Lorre says. “I was overwhelmed and exhausted and stressed out writing and producing one show. Once he had multi-ple shows under his purview, he began to learn to let go and trust the people around him to carry more of the load. With “Big Bang,” “Mom,” and “Disjointed” current-ly in production, Lorre remains a driving creative force on his shows. Baker describes with awe his ability “to watch a scene and tell you exactly what isn’t working,” then find a solution. She also praises his loyalty to people and the loyalty he inspires in others.


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Every night the last couple of weeks, I haven’t been able to sleep, because I’m trying to remember this. I asked my sister if she could remember it, but she says I’ve dreamt it, which I don’t believe. The family took the dog to a doctor or some kind of scientist or something. This Doctor guy injects something into the dog and the dog not only becomes normal but also get some powers, the doctor then checks the dog by throwing a very bouncy ball and the dog calculates what is going to happen and catches the ball. The movie end by the Boy throwing a frisbee high up in the air and the dog jumping and catching it. I’ve looked online for almost 20 yrs trying to find it and nothing. It’s about a boy who can hear and translate the thoughts of dogs. Debbie Reeves, that sure sounds to me as if you’re remembering Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey. The animals in the hotel with a Jack Russell in a wheelchair is Babe: Pig in the City (not so much a dog movie as an animal movie. . Can’t WAIT for the full-length Frankenweenie this Halloween. The man that owned the dog had another man there and i guess they found some gold and the one man killed the other and stole the Gold. The man that did kill his master also thought he killed the German Shepard but only nicked him. She said it was heart warming and is good for 10 year old to see, shows how one dog that is loved can do anything to avenge his master. But its a good dog lovers movie and worth seeing she said. I would like to see it but don’t know what its called. It’s an animated movie about an old lady that passes away and leaves everything to her dogs. The dogs can talk. I only remember one seen and it was a little girl dog I think she was a chiuahuah.


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Have you formed personal relationships with these other queer poets or do you primarily relate to them through their work? AD: Both. It really began what is now quite a tight on-line literary community. I think that's when I became aware of the work of Collin Kelley, Amy King, Charles Jensen, Dustin Brookshire, Eduardo C. By the time my first book of poetry, Catching Tigers in Red Weather (Three Candles Press, 2007) came out; I was already getting publishing advice from several of these authors. Richard Siken ( Crush, Yale Series of Younger Poets, 2005) in particular took me under his wing. We seem to get published in the same literary journals and by the same independent publishers. Maybe it’s just that we are The Velvet Mafia of Poetry. Last year, I was visiting Atlanta, GA, at a library conference (I'm a librarian) and I was able to get away to meet both Collin Kelley and Dustin Brookshire. It was the first time for me that two on-line friends became real people. I was chatting on Gmail with Matthew Hittinger last week, and what was the topic of our conversation: Was it how Rimbaud influenced our poetic styles. JM: These interviews have helped me develop friendships with some of the authors. I am continually shocked at how generous many poets and writers are with their time and advice. There are always exceptions, but seeing this generosity makes me humble. I like ghost stories and I really like “Dorothy Parker at the Ouija Board. What was this poem’s genesis. She had all the talent, sadness, and pluck of Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath, but much, much earlier. Plus to have been involved with all those amazing writers at that time; she was so lucky. Also, I relate to the way alcohol destroyed her life.