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Dr. Nirmal Singh said that BJP government in the state in its ten months stint in the state got sanctioned IIT, IIM, AIIMS, Indian institute of Mass Communication for underdeveloped and neglected Jammu region without any public agitation which no government in the state got during 66 years of misrule by successive Congress-NC rule. Dr. Nirmal Singh said that BJP-PDP government announced major tourism development initiatives including making Jammu region independent tourism destination. He said that our government fulfilled the commitment of Narendra Modi of 'Sabka Saath aur Sabka Vikas' and good governance and it was for the first time in the 66 years old history of the state of Jammu and Kashmir that Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh were treated at par and corruption free governance was provided. For the welfare of poor and common masses Rs. 250 Crore Power bills amnesty scheme was launched which came as a common relief. Prominent among those who were present include State Secretary Mamta Singh, Narayan Dutt, Rahul Basotra, Tehsildar, Ravinder Kumar Chairman, Mother Teresa Convent School and Prithvi Raj Sharma. Charanjit Singh Khalsa, and Ramesh Arora, MLAs Priy a Sethi and Rajesh Gupta and senior leaders, hoisted the tri-colour at Kachi Chawni headquarter of the party. Dr. Nirmal Singh said that on this day in 1950 India adopted Constitution drafted under the chairmanship of Dr.

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I have yet to be convinced that he brings any greater recommendation to the role than the fact that he could pass for Alfie Allen’s blood relative. Otherwise, we’d quickly run out of discussion topics here. It’s just kind of laughable to me that anyone wouldn’t run in the other direction at the sight of her forces because of some loyalty to Cersei, or that any Lord would reasonably think they have a chance against her to the point that they would ally with a queen (Cersei) that everyone seems to hate and is incredibly outnumbered even with her potential allies. Wouldn’t be quite as dramatic if all of the lords laid their swords at Dany’s feet, and Cersei held up in the Red Keep all season threatening to blow it up if Dany steps into the city. GoT has reached its juvenile organ size joke quota already. Might she send back that gift box with another trinket inside. I’m all for positive approach towards the show (in fact it bothers me this year as I feel the site is less positively aimed towards the show than last year) I try to appreciate all the characters, I understand the hype and everything but there is a line where it just feels too much for me, especially when other characters get trashed in the process. Many Westerosi will not view Daenerys’s arrival as her homecoming, but rather, as Targaryen Invasion 2. . She is not there just to subdue the population, extract resources, and send riches elsewhere. She is planning on settling in Westeros and ruling it.