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To remind us of what he’d said to her by having him there to remind us. Im so sick of her ridiculous plot all her arrogance and hiw no one calls her out. I think their farewell when he let her escape on the boat seemed very final. He may come out of it similarly crippled but not dead (whether it’s literally or mentally or spiritually crippled). So anyways: just wanted to point out it’s actually Cersei who’s really responsible for triggering the firebombing of the Lannister army and supplies by slaughtering Dany’s allies at Highgarden and pillaging enough gold (and further support from the Iron Bank) to keep this war going on much much longer. The better the chance that the Night King ends up killing EVERY LIVING THING ON EARTH. I mean, in terms of kill ratios and minimizing damage to civilian populations, Dany’s doesn’t seem a particularly cruel attack by the standards of GOT warfare. And her choice to me feels necessarily strategic rather than insanely, personally vicious in the way Cersei’s attack on the Sept was. This battle is no different to my mind; she just had the better weapon. Though it’s to this show’s credit that they show us the palpable terror of the poor young soldiers on the front lines. I guess one small issue I have with the show is how they’re still pushing the potential DANY IS AN INCEST-BEGOTTEN LUNATIC stuff, which smacks of some kind of underlying GoT eugenics philosophy which makes me very uncomfortable as a trope, and when the whole arc of Dany’s character has been for her to learn what it means to rule as fairly and decently as possible (“as possible” being the most important part of that sentence). Despite the fact that royal inbreeding has had something to do with our real world historical outcomes, I am going to be very bummed if GoT ultimately delivers on what I hope is the false tension of Dany being descended from mad kings. So many more interesting things to do with that character without undermining her entire hero’s journey.

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The aim is to compare age estimation between 15-25 years using two Demirjian methods. Development stage of third molars in panoramic radiographs of 50 male and female samples were assessed by two observers using Demirjiana? ten stages and two teeth regression formula. Reliability was calculated using Cohena? kappa coefficient and the significance of the observations was obtained from Wilcoxon tests. Deviations of age estimation were calculated using various methods. The age estimations using the two teeth regression formula or the ten stages method are significantly different until the age of 25, but they can be applied up to the age of 22. Methods We conducted two studies of seniors aged 65-79 years. Second, we used data from a mailed survey conducted in 2013-2014 with a stratified random sample of this population (final sample: 849 non-Hispanic white, 567 black, 653 Latino, 219 Filipino, and 314 Chinese). Results Adults aged 70-74 and 75-79 were significantly less likely than 65-69 year olds to be registered to use the patient portal, and among those registered, to have used the. We conducted two studies of seniors aged 65-79 years. Adults aged 70-74 and 75-79 were significantly less likely than 65-69 year olds to be registered to use the patient portal, and among those registered, to have used the portal to send messages, view lab test. The first space race was between superpowers seeking to establish geo-political dominance in the Cold War.

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A concerned and worried Archie Andrews frantically followed you out with his friends. If so let us now and it can be longer, if you want? PART TWO. Every single time Ryan looks up at Shane with scared as fuck eyes waiting for him to have a reaction to the anything happening in that moment, even when he knows Shane probably doesn’t see it the same way as him and the fact that Shane usually says something stupid in that moment and makes him laugh. Shane looking at Ryan for prolonged times while he’s speaking or walking, without saying a single word, just looking at him. Those weird lil videos of Ryan and Shane going shopping and going to a pub. Bathtube moment in the Dauphine hotel. Come on. Also that one time they touched hands and Ryan didn’t jump in the Voodoo episode. Height difference moment in that same episode when Shane doesn’t have to even make an effort to see the damn graveyard and Ryan has to jump to see. I love them. Those moments when both do the exact same thing at the exact same time without even noticing. Also Shane doing this on purpose on the Rolling Hills post mortem.

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My expectations were in check for a multiplayer game when I arrived at the studio, which helped. I was given the chance to play the game and had fun, particularly with the Alchemist and Turelim characters. It was fun to launch a wall of fire towards an advancing Dumahim, then have a Razielim pick me up, fly into the sky, and drop me to my death. It was also (devious) fun to scavenge the blood from my team mates' kills. I had fun, thought it controlled well, and would like to play it further. I've not played any online battle games aside from Half Life 2 Deathmatch, a bit of Team Fortress 2, and some of Killing Floor (if that counts). I thought it was quite a different experience to them. I'll post more impressions when I do my proper write up (going on my holiday really soon). I've given my feedback too - I want more story components, and more links to the previous games (visual and story). I am hopeful that we'll get a single-player one day, and the loss of Dead Sun (and moreso The Dark Prophecy) still stings. Disclaimer: Square Enix paid approx ? 5 for me to get the train to London and back, and approx ? 8 for my hotel room overnight.

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That moment in The Silence comes shockingly early on. The monsters, which come to be called “vesps,” may be skeletal-spiny ugly bats but all they really want is some god damned peace and quiet after being awoken from a long nap. Shipka is a talented, ascendant actress but her inclusion as a hearing-impaired character puts both the actor and the viewer in a tough spot. When Shipka’s Ally verbally communicates for the first time, the audience has to brace itself to see if the movie will attempt the uncomfortable mistake of having Shipka approximate a “deaf voice. She does not, likely because her character is recentlyimpaired, but still, why take the audience out of the movie to have to even consider it. Acting is a kind of communication between an audience and an actor, and in not casting a hearing-impaired actor in the role, The Silence puts Shipka and the viewer in an awkward place (An Awkward Place, if you will). And I should know having seemingly exclusively reviewed Netflix’s horror and post-apocalyptic disasters. In fact, once The Silence actually gets around to telling the story it wants to tell, it does so rather capably. The Silence ’s second half includes some legitimately inventive applications of its silent horror concept. Monsters are dispatched in creative ways and the characters show real competency and mettle when it comes to silent problem-solving. Even the now perfunctory “humans are the real monsters” villains are fairly interesting. And those remaining 50 minutes are so granularly focused as to not feel like a feature film at all. In fact, most of The Silence feels episodic - right down to its bafflingly TV opening credits style intro, which look like a mashup of the True Blood and Doom Patrol openers.

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Ahead of his new book, Ask an Astronaut, we’ll be joining him to answer your questions on Thursday 26 October at 1. 0pm 2. 2pm BST Until the day that Elon Musk starts selling supersaver returns on his proposed moon shuttle, Tim Peake has experienced something that 99. 99 per cent of us 7h Latest Science News — ScienceDaily 20 Using sound waves for biomedical breakthroughs Sound waves could be the future of biomedical research, diagnosing and treatment, according to a chemistry professor. A study based on new genome sequences of four columnar cacti, including saguaro and cardon, illustrates why this is. Classic Nintendo GameCube controllers can now work with the Nintendo Switch via a USB adapter, following a version 4. . system update released late last week. While Nintendo didn't list the feature in its official release notes, the new controller support was discovered and spread on Twitter yesterday, 7h Gizmodo 1K Neanderthals With Disabilities Survived Through Social Support Image: Erik Trinkaus A re-analysis of a 50,000 year old Neanderthal skull shows that, in addition to enduring multiple injuries and debilitations, this male individual was also profoundly deaf. Yet he lived well into his 40s, which is quite old by Paleolithic standards. It’s an achievement that could have only been possible with the help of others, according to new research. You can’t write with the graphite at its core until a pencil sharpener chews away its wooden tip. In return, it gets an extra arrow in its self-driving quiver.

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Muppets. Shall We Dance: a book of Opposites: a Golden Book: CTW Sesame. Clean and Unmarked Text: New York: Golden Book, 1998, Television Show Tie in. Sesame Street. Elmo Loves You; Elmo's 12 Days of Christmas; Elmo's New Puppy. State University, Lieutenant United states Army Air Forces. Illlustrated. Aged But Clean and Unmarked: W. R. Mathews and Son 1957, 1957. Washington. Wilderness Experiences: practical Studies from the Book of Exodus. Handy Boys, the Handy Boy, Etc; Norman P.