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For the purposes of exploring and resolving these kinds of problems, the Psychodynamically based hypnotic procedures described in Chapter 19 may be of value. For example, the IMR signalling method may provide a safe means whereby to communicate information that is very difficult for the patient to broach in the normal way. The affect bridge regression method and 'part' or ego-state therapy are also commonly used. Conclusions concerning psychosexual problems The above represents a summary of hypnotic procedures that may be used in a structured programme of psychosexual therapy, and some additional papers are given in the reference list at the end of this chapter. These methods require a high degree of rapport and trust between therapist and patients. It is very important that sufficient time is allowed for the development of a good therapeutic relationship. The therapist must at all times fully inform patients of what each procedure entails and obtain their unequivocal permission to proceed at each stage. For example, we know of a patient with dyspareunia whose doctor used hypnosis to relax her while he conducted an intimate examination. At one point, he gave the suggestion that she would soon enjoy making love with her husband again. While this of course was her hope, she was shocked by what the doctor had said. He had not discussed with her beforehand whether she specifically wanted this aspect of her problem addressed during the examination and she assumed at that stage that her dyspareunia had a physical cause.

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I want her to fly Jon back to the North on her dragons for some reason, possibly so she could meet with more people who have seen the Night King, like Thormund. Davos sticking up for Jon was again as he did with Lady Mormont, but this time sparing no graces to say how things really are. Reinforcing the hilarious statement earlier of 'this is Jon Snow', by telling Daenerys Jon doesn't even have a proper name and was chosen anyway because of his achievements. I hope Cersei will be informed by Jaime that Tyrion did in fact not kill Joffrey once again. Also, uncharacteristic for me, I had trouble giving a shit about the Dornish girls being tortured the way they were. I really, really don't like their characters and what they stood for. Now, I hated what Theon did as well, but at some point I hoped he stopped getting tortured and consequently I hoped he stopped being Reek. So it's weird that I don't care about these Dornish people at all. I think it is because they have been acting poorly since the beginning and were pretty one-dimensional dicks. What I liked less was more implied storytelling and quick cuts of the battle for Casterly Rock. I am also not sure I like how weak the Unsullied have always seemed even though they were talked up to be some of the best soldiers around.

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Shiri, Keith, ed. Directory of African Film- Makers and Films. London: Flicks Books, 1992. . Africa at the Pictures. London: National Film Th eatre, 1993. . Celebrating African Cinema. London: Africa at the Pictures, 2003. peciale, Alessandra, ed. Th ackway, Melissa.

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