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You can top up your Lydia balance with your personal IBAN, activate or deactivate features in real time and more. And if you don’t want yet another card, you can just enable the virtual card and add it to Apple Pay. While newer users still mostly use the peer-to-peer payment feature, older users and card users use Lydia more and more to pay businesses. With more than a million registered users, Lydia is the leader in this space in France. The company has recently launched its product in the U. K. Ireland, Spain and Portugal. More importantly, over 2,000 people sign up to Lydia every day. “We’ve never grown so fast,” co-founder and CEO Cyril Chiche told me. “In 2018, we’re probably going to grow more quickly than PayPal in France. “What’s interesting in particular is that the growth rate for transactions is higher than the user growth rate,” he added. In other words, the number of transactions per month per user is growing.

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The books obviously have far more detail which can be used to shed light on this or that. But you don't know if there are details to be revealed later by the show. Not to mention that many people have said they will read the books once the show is done. The books obviously have far more detail which can be used to shed light on this or that. Including me. Sorry not sorry if it accidentally slips given the malicious way I've seen show-only watchers spoil the story for people that only read the books. I have no idea what the show has shown vs what I've only read. If a book has been out for over a decade, it's part of communal knowledge and if it comes up in normal conversation, then it happens. I think this might be a common misunderstanding as well. I didn't initially respond to epeddy1's comment here because my response would include book info. Except, I didn't take them as a spoiler but as a theory. Based on the Book Series title, people figured it out.

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The Lannister forces standing all have weapons in their hands and look less bloodied. I don’t know, it just looks like Cersei’s forces seemed to get the upper hand somehow. Here we are now in a battle between Jaime and another, a main character with just as much fandom hope behind her if not more. The story is steaming in the direction of Daenerys being A victor in some fashion. However, it’s also indicating that Jaime is a major factor in the endgame as well. Having him completely destroyed, utterly defeated and humiliated in this battle would lessen his character for things to come. I think he needs to appear strong and worthy for his part in the final events. In battle death from both sides are certain no matter who won i think Jamie only could escape when the Ambush battle begins immediately other than that Danny on dragon i don’t think he has a chance to escape at all And i think Bronn saved him by stopping him from tries to to fight in the ambush That was also my impression. Dany can? lose because she has to fight the WW anyway. Personally im glad Jon Snow has less screentime in this season and saved us from snoozfest and facefalming at his stupidity So many dead lannister but where is dead dothraki. All three were spectacular set-pieces and so emotional to watch in very different ways.

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