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dk, she was warned not to trust Aegon, the mummers dragon, and she is the slayer of lies. He will be a problem for her for sure, especially since Arienne Martell will join Aegon cuz she blames Dany for her beloved Viserys death. Dany didnt go through all this shit just to submit to smo like Arienne with 1000 lovers or just because Aegon is born with a cock. And since Im sure Dany will help Jon, makes me wonder if Aegon will fight against them out of spite, just like Cersei is doing in the show now Shertavia Higgs Tahun Yang lalu anycullen21 So only ppl in the north believing in the WW threat is a show only thing. They bent the knee to Jon and crowned him King because they feel and know that he is the one to lead them onwards. Dnice Maki Tahun Yang lalu Love it Patty Nielsen Tahun Yang lalu I really enjoyed the clips you selected during your discussion; the editing was excellent. We may not know if the plot leaks are real but they are entertaining. Cornelia Echzeller Tahun Yang lalu Exactly -and Cold Pie is Azor Ahai. Terry Melendez Tahun Yang lalu Dujiansia Gee, now that would news breaker! GRRM. Hot Pie, that would be Epic! Miss T Tahun Yang lalu SMH Sean McGuire Tahun Yang lalu I want arya to kill cersae mel? Tahun Yang lalu Sean McGuire I'm convinced Tyrion will be the one to kill her imaychat Tahun Yang lalu This is amateur writing at its worst. Ty for keeping us posted during the longgggg off season. Wendy Pippin-Yarberry Tahun Yang lalu imaychat. Alicia Tahun Yang lalu First, Jons the king. t’s not his to give.

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People didn’t even know that Bran was alive, he wasn’t around for years. He is not the Lord of WF, he is three eyed raven now who doesn’t even care about swords, Sansa is the Lady of WF. You’ve said Dany can do it, so why can’t Jon do as well. If we connect that part of the prophecy with a child (which makes sense because Maggy mentioned the Valonqar when she answered to Cersei’s question about children), I think it’s more likely that the Valonqar is not the baby but someone who kills the baby. I had read this theory on reddit, which said that the little brother may kill her last child, not her, by “choking the life out of her”. That way it’s also connected to her “throat”, because she drinks it. And the leaker had said that Tyrion would demand a private meeting with Cersei after the Dragonpit meeting, so he can somehow make her drink it. I guess that theory was born out of people’s desperation to see her dead. Jon and Dany might not want to be the ones in charge of rebuilding the world, Martin could take a page from LOTR aka Frodo and they are tired of fighting and just want to rest. He is the one who will beat the Night King, just as Frodo killed Sauron by destroying the ring. So Jon can get that sort of a bittersweet ending like Frodo. But he is also like Aragorn, because he is a secret heir to the throne, and he is a also a warrior and a leader like Aragorn. Perhaps he later mixed Frodo and Aragorn, and will give Jon a bittersweet ending instead of a happy one like in LOTR. Podeswa be happening in Dorne (Sunspear, for instance). The In Production Trailer showed us the map with the Lannisters in Dorne, and this situation should occur pretty early in the season. I mean, if the Sands Snakes (or at least some of them) are on board of Yaras ship at the moment of the naval battle, it’s legit to assume that they will flee from Sunspear in the first episode. I also got an impression that Ellaria and her daughter may become Euron’s captives, and though that impression might be wrong, all in all there are enough hints that something is going to be happening in Dorne on the eve of Dany’s arrival.

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Congratulations to the winners and to the entrants for truly impressive work. . The platform, designed to provide a full suite of post tools, from ingest to delivery, directly integrated in a single ecosystem, includes significant improvements in quality, functionality and time to delivery. We want to thank the judging committee as well as HPA as a whole for its dedication to all advancements in technical and creative ingenuity. Congratulations also go out to all the winners this year. The built-in HDR toolkit that now comes standard in our 4K reference displays is a leap forward in creating and monitoring HDR content,” says Kazuto Ogawa, president and chief operating officer, Canon USA. One year later, it’s the backbone of Fox Sports’ FIFA World Cup post production workflow. It’s a tremendous achievement for both companies. . The event, hosted by comedian Michael Kosta, was a celebration of people and projects that featured the best sound mixing as well as what the Cinema Audio Society consider the top audio products from 2017. She is the first woman to receive the CAS Career Achievement Honor. War for the Planet of the Apes was named photoreal feature film winner, earning four awards. Coco was named top animated film, also earning four awards. Games of Thrones was named best photoreal episode and garnered five awards — the most wins of the night. Samsung; Do What You Can’t; Ostrich won top honors in the commercial field, scoring three awards. These top four contenders collectively garnered 16 of the 24 awards for outstanding visual effects. Academy Award-winning producer Jon Landau presented the Georges Melies Award to Academy Award-winning visual effects master Joe Letteri, VES.

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