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Leer mas. Please avoid personal criticism, rude comments, direct attacks or personal ridicule, or insulting epithets of any kind, be they against the authors, any other commenter or the company that owns this page. You have the right to comment anonymously, but please do not use anonymity to tell people things you would not say in person. Try to maintain a comfortable environment in which people can comment without fear of being insulted or disqualified. Do not comment repetitively on the same topic, much less with multiple identities or impersonating other commenters. Also, make sure that your opinions are related to this post. Comments that are off-topic, promotional or do not comply with these basic rules will be deleted. The 32 nd edition will take place the 3 rd of February in Madrid, the city that has been the stage of some main Spanish films of our history. Thanks to the upcoming event, we are going to tell you some curiosities about the history of the awards and what films aim to be the winner of the Goya for the best film. Let’s see if one of them makes you to go to the cinema. The Academy of Cinematographic Arts considered that Goya should represent this popular ceremony since they found in his paintings a marked cinematographic concept. Throughout all its editions, the Goya awards have recognized the work of many great actors, filmmakers and workers of the Spanish film industry; some of them even made the leap to Hollywood and became Oscar winners. Alejandro Amenabar for example is the film director that more Goyas won of all editions (14) with Mar Adentro. The same film would win later an Oscar as the best foreign film. The most successful actor is Javier Bardem with 5 awards, an Oscar winner too. Other directors and international Spanish actors such as Penelope Cruz (3), Pedro Almodovar (6) or Antonio Banderas (1) have also been awarded.

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How easily fooled a lot of Americans were with that. The problem is films can put the slogan 'based on a true story' then do what they like to it. So (continuing to use the same example but there are lots of others) U-571 would have been advertised as such, because it was 'based' on true events. Unfortunately there are a lot of people who would take this as gospel and believe that America was the hero (including British people! . I've got nothing against Americans, I have family in America, I just hate the concept of rewriting history and how ignorant a lot of Americans are to the rest of the world and lets face it you say that everyone in America knows movies and TV shows aren't real, do they also know that a lot of the news channels they watch also isn't real. This was so successful that the Internet Movie Database ( ) even had the cast listed as deceased. Thus, anyone who decided to research the film couldn't find anything to disprove it. Genius. Personally, if someone wants to believe what they see in a film is true, I couldn't care less. Their own lack of education will not affect me. et them be content to be ignorant. The original film was a load of pants anyway - apart from the naked bits when the lady is banging on the wall! Isn't that what people watched it for. Click 'Report post' or contact us for any content that may breach our terms of use. Welcome to first episode of LEGO Disney Princess Charmed Adventures.

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I can’t believe we’ve had the three magical days fly by us and leave a coating of snow behind. I love reading and seeing what my fellow bloggers received (as I’m a nosey bitch! P) as it’s nice to see goodies they’ve wished for throughout the year as well as special meaning behind them. If you feel this is me showing off, click off of this post now because, ain’t nobody got time for that. I’m going to pop it up in the office somewhere so I can look at it whilst doing blog work. It may not look like much to many, but we’ve had quite a few cocktail evenings together and my cocktail shaker isn’t the best. It gets stuck and then you struggle to get the lid off. So they bought us this Smirnoff kit, with a gorgeous red and silver shaker in (it matches our kitchen! as well as a glass and measure cup in. She sent us some little Japanese sweeties (which sadly we ate before I took my pictures! P), a Pusheen tote bag and some Pusheen socks, as well as a pair of fox socks. I can’t complain at getting socks and I’ll be wearing them to work to keep my feet toasty over the rest of the winter months. OH and she also put in a cute little Pusheen keychain too, which I’ll pop on my tote bag. Dane’s brother and his girlfriend bought me a gorgeous boxed Pusheen mug with socks. I love it so much and am currently drinking some lemon green tea from it. The socks that came with it are so adorable and have paw prints on the feet.

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Wolfman (3:25) 5. The Last Fuck (2:37) 6. 5-10-15 Hours (3:20) 7. Take No Prisoners (2:32) Big Time Bossmen is Belgium's newest roots rock-sensation. The foursome started out in 2012 as a straightforward rockabilly-band. Ever since, they have been expanding their musical horizons by injecting a variety of influences, such as blues, swamp rock, soul and even some funk and some hard rock. Along the way they created an original and powerful rock'n'roll-sound that empowers them to generate a huge amount of energy on any stage. Right now, armed with a strong repertoire, that mostly exists out of self-written songs, they're on their way to be the hardest rockin' roots-act across the country and beyond. Download file BigTimeBossmenPlanLL2017. ar ( ) DepFile ? secure cloud storage ( ) Download file BigTimeBossmenPlan2017. ar ( ) DepFile ? secure cloud storage ( ). Time Out 05:02 04. Badlands 04:51 05. Wave 08:33 06.