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As the fine print of that 1972 article read: “We are indebted to the inmates of the Attica Correctional Facility who participated in this study and to the warden and his administration for their help and cooperation. This esteemed physician, a man working for two of New York’s most respected hospitals and receiving generous research funding from the N. I. H. was indeed conducting leprosy experiments at Attica. But which of Attica’s nearly 2,400 prisoners, I wondered, was the subject of experiments relating to this highly contagious disease, without, as Dr. Brandriss admitted, adequate consent. Might it have been the 19-year-old who was at Attica because he had sliced the top of a neighbor’s convertible. Or a man imprisoned there for more serious offenses. Either way, no jury had sentenced them to being a guinea pig in any experiment relating to a disease as painful and disfiguring as leprosy. And what about the hundreds of corrections officers and civilian employees working at Attica. Even if no one in this extremely crowded facility was actually exposed to this dreaded disease, one in which “ p rolonged close contact” with an infected patient is a most serious risk factor, were these state employees at all informed that medical experiments being conducted on the men in their charge. This is not the first time prisons have allowed secret medical experiments on those locked inside. A 1998 book on Holmesburg Prison in Pennsylvania revealed that a doctor there, Albert Kligman, had been experimenting on prisoners for years. After the book appeared, nearly 300 former prisoners sued him, the University of Pennsylvania and the manufacturers of the substances to which they had been exposed, but none of the defendants was held accountable. Dr. Brandriss died in 2008, and it’s unclear whether the men, even if they could be identified, were at any real risk from the experiments he had been authorized to conduct on them.

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I think they're thinking about what this implies. There is a lot of talk about it. There's obviously some sensational aspects to this sort of topic, that lead to the type of conversation and rumors and all that kind of stuff. They recognize, for the most part, that you've seen now negative consequences to individuals and that obviously gets their attention. So I guess I would say it feels like it is an appropriate response. Recode: There are some contrarian investors here who are making a different case. I don't know if this is news to you, but Vinod Khosla a couple weeks ago was giving a talk. And Khosla made an interesting argument: He said that he did not think that there was as much harassment or sexual misconduct in the venture capital industry as there is in other industries — he thinks the more well-publicized incidents in Silicon Valley sort of misrepresent what he described as a fairly hospitable place for women. Franklin: I couldn't agree with that just because I don't know enough about what it looks like in other industries. Like I said earlier — when we do feel like we're at the end of the shoes dropping and everything else, I think that would be the time to step back and go 'OK, do we have a better feel for how much has happened? Recode: Tell me more about what the reaction is in Washington. You represent the intersection of the industry and the gover n ment here. Have you had any t alks with the administration about this issue. Have you had any feedback from insiders in DC about the way this is headed. Franklin: No one has personally kind of raised it with me. I'd like to believe that it's because we took a very proactive approach to it when it first happened and kind of got out there and said 'this is unacceptable'. But I think Washington does care about the lack of diversity in our industry.


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Billed as an unrated director's cut, the DVD version will surely send them swooning with even more latex guts and buckets of Kool-Aid-colored blood than they might remember from midnight theatrical shows. Green is intentionally riffing on slasher films not only with the comic dialogue and dopey characters, but also by employing icons of the genre as actors. Unfortunately, Green's sense of insider humor and commitment to a limited demographic seems to have clouded what could have been a more interesting movie. Welcome to a depraved domain of outrageous comedy, non-stop ultra-violence and bad-ass theme songs. When the Campbell family moves to upstate Connecticut, they soon learn that their charming Victorian home has a disturbing history: not only was the house a transformed funeral parlor where inconceivable acts occurred, but the owner's clairvoyant son Jonah served as a demonic messenger, providing a gateway for spiritual entities to cross over. Now, unspeakable terror awaits when Jonah, the boy who communicated with the dead, returns to unleash a new kind of horror on the innocent and unsuspecting family. Both are so devoted to their professions that their personal lives are a disaster. While Ryder's character mulls over the consequences of giving up one set of friends for another, her association with a new boy (Slater) in school turns out to have deadly consequences. Director Michael Lehmann turned this unusual film into something more than another teen-death flick. There is real wit and sharp satire afoot, and the very fusion of horror and comedy is provocative in itself. Heathers remains a kind of benchmark in contemporary cinema for bringing surreal intelligence into Hollywood films. --Tom Keogh Stills from Heathers (Click for larger image) Beyond Heathers Heathers - 20th High School Reunion Edition Heathers - Limited Edition Box Set Heathers (THX Version). Instead, the aptly named Hellboy is raised by the benevolent Prof. Bloom, founder of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, whose allied forces enlist the adult Hellboy (Ron Perlman, perfectly cast) to battle evil at every turn. He's red as a lobster, puffs stogies like Groucho Marx, and fights the good fight with a kind but troubled heart. Meanwhile, Red's relationship with girlfriend Liz (Selma Blair), who can burst into flames at will, is going through a rocky stage observed by Red's fishy friend Abe (Doug Jones), himself struck by love in this film. Del Toro brilliantly integrates the ordinary and extraordinary, diving into an extended scene set in a troll market barely hidden behind the facade of typical city streets.


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Get a notebook. You'll record your everyday free tarot reading which would mean that you looks back later and master what they meant. Provide you. helpful to me, after i often find what I expect instead of coughing up attention as to the they claim that. Instead of seeking tarot reading outside your property and acquiring it, ought to better a person try free tarot reading online so you wouldn't want to spend lots of money on just a few minutes having a tarot readers. Like anything else, it takes practice, listening, and popularity. Ongoing. Over and over again. Alter the discover which is to devote more time to in nurturing yourself throughout. Because period managed to flex on, the tarot a charge card blood pressure measurements located pass. I had to undertake many unusual work after i relocated. We lastly got fed track of it and decided it's here were at me to maneuver upon. I am choosing to try to get employment in our great Army. Within the armed forces told me they just experienced one placement available for me as well as that's ended up being to go to South south korea. I'd very little choice but to accept job because I did not have more money and this had been the only place they will for everyone. The free tarot reading card reader had been immediately after just about all. Within the armed forces taken proper care of all of my aircarrier and I started working as quickly when i departed belonging to the airplane.


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JUPPE: Introduce parliament-approved quotas on immigration. Increase deportation of illegal migrants. - SECURITY - FILLON: Strip jihadists who travelled to Syria or Iraq to fight alongside Islamic State of their nationality and bar them from returning to France. JUPPE: Arrest jihadists returning from Iraq or Syria. Place suspected Islamist radicals believed to pose a threat under house arrest. JUPPE: Opposes national burkini ban. - FOREIGN POLICY - FILLON: Develop closer ties with Moscow. Lift sanctions imposed on Russia over its annexation of the Crimea peninsula. Bring Russia into the US-led anti-Islamic State coalition, along with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime. Create a eurozone government to harmonise economic policy. Strengthen European defence cooperation. - GAY MARRIAGE - FILLON: Wants to amend a 2013 gay marriage law to prevent same-sex couples jointly adopting. Proposes making it harder for children born to foreign surrogate mothers to obtain French citizenship. JUPPE: Would leave gay marriage and adoption untouched. The ex-Germany international, 64, is confident he retains support of Bayern staff and has been given the go-ahead by his wife to pursue the top job at the club's AGM on Friday. Hoeness was forced to step down from his Bayern role in 2014 when a conviction for seven counts of tax evasion saw him serve jail time. Before Hoeness began his prison sentence in May 2014 he received a standing ovation when he spoke at the club's AGM, stating 'this is not the end' in an emotionally charged speech.


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SOSBI's mission is to give everyone and anyone the chance to talk about bigfoot without the fear of being made fun of or taunted. In this episode's interview, I am joined by Melissa D. Melissa is an author and investigator of various Fortean subjects from Hauntings, Sasquatch to Black Eyed Kids. She and her daughter Cari come on iNTO THE FRAY tonight speaking mostly on the subject of Black Eyed Kids and her book, ' Black Eyed Kids: My Three Months of Hell A True Story ' as relayed by a family that had very close encounters with these unknown beings we call BEK's. This harrowing story of a family unaware that their dream home was about to become their worst nightmare. Along with that story. elissa and Cari will also share their personal experiences with a dark entity. Purchase Melissa's book HERE and visit Melissa on her website. Visit David Weatherly's website to purchase books on strange entities including Black Eyed Children. Ryan Sprague's article: ' Can We Come In? The Lore Of The Black Eyed Children ' Week-in-Weird article: ' I Let the Black Eyed Children into my Home, and Now I'm Slowly Dying ' Follow iTF: Facebook: interactive group page and official radio page Twitter: Official iTF and Shannon’s personal account Mister-Sam’s napkin doodle’s and his FACEBOOK page. UFO Disclosure with Blink 182 front man Tom Delonge. Black Triangle UFO's seen by my fellow hosts, Civil War sans Superman, Past Lives Phenomena, Steven Greer calling craft in the desert and much more. His website: Mister-Sam. om Find Ryan Sprague on his website somewhereintheskies. om Follow iTF: Facebook: interactive group page and official radio page Twitter: Official iTF and Shannon’s personal account Subscribe to iNTO THE FRAY in iTunes and Stitcher, and if you have a moment to rate and review, we would surely appreciate it. Marie is a best-selling author, screenwriter, researcher, radiopersonality and public speaker.


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Wallets present details about the quantity of currency balance available within the account (address). On the Bitcoin aspect, the Eidoo Bitcoin wallet will manage the generic belongings within the Bitcoin Blockchain only. Jaxx goals to become the last word dashboard for all things blockchain, tailored to provide newcomers and energy users with a simple, intuitive expertise. You own your private keys with this program, however they’re stored as a file in your laptop and aren’t encrypted. Trezor is the original hardware pockets and helps both Bitcoin and Ethereum. Typically, your pockets will generate a public cryptocurrency tackle for you, together with the corresponding personal key. Jaxx helps lots of the main cryptocurrency platforms. To transfer money to a paper pockets, you employ a software program pockets (any of the above mentioned) to ship cash to the public key printed on the sheet of paper. Eidoo wallet is multicurrency and a multiasset pockets with Ethereum, Bitcoin and all the other ERC20. What are some good multi currency wallets to store tokens like VOX. Unlike traditional wallets, digital wallets don’t retailer the forex. Thanks for sharing! 2018 Sac Modelleri Styczen 28, 2018 at 3:54 pm Thanks for sharing your info. Bitcoin paper wallet Styczen 28, 2018 at 9:13 pm I? amazed, I must say. Rarely do I come across a blog that? both equally educative and interesting, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head.


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Or maybe I’m just doing too much thinking yet again. Unless you have knowledge that AT isn’t going to be on the show, it’s best to say that AT is probably not or even most likely not going to be on the show rather than inflating your guess with more certainty than it deserves. It would be awesome to see those two reunited as uneasy traveling companions and potential allies after they came so close to killing one another the last time they met. I’m just a little disheartened because Tyrion is my favorite character and I see him as a guy who’s this larger-than-life badass. And then in the books there is the meeting with LSH. Apart from simply missing things in the moment (due to distractions or pacing or what have you), there are so many expectations one has in their minds before an episode, and if they’re not met, can be deflating. And then you get to that point where you start looking at the clock to see how much time is going by during a scene that isn’t essential (e. . Tyrion’s wine party) and the viewing experience can start to go downhill. I mean, the first time around I sometimes zone out dialogue because I am waiting for the next thing to happen. The second viewing is a much calmer experience, where I don’t have to worry about whether or not there’s time for them to show us this or that. So especially in the case of a talky episode like this one, it is dramatically improved with a second viewing. And he left KL with Tyrion because he believed in him. So no, he’s not leaving because he’s betrayed Tyrion and the rest of Meereen to death. If anything has been consistent in this show, it’s Varys’ character. To me Tyrion has leaned more toward the drink as opposed to great idea side. Dany was smart enough to move the wine bottle from his side.


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The widening public rift between the incoming president and the nation’s powerful intelligence community could pose high-risk problems both for his administration and for national security. Read more Louisiana voters Saturday chose to send Republican state Treasurer John Kennedy to the U. S. Senate, filling the chamber’s last seat and giving the GOP a 52-48 edge when the new term begins in January. Kennedy had always been the runoff election's front-runner in a state that overwhelmingly supported Donald Trump. He defeated Democrat Foster Campbell, a state utility regulator whose chances were seen as such a long shot that national Democratic organizations offered little assistance to Campbell's campaign. Voters also filled two open U. S. House seats Saturday, for the 3rd District representing southwest and south central Louisiana and the 4th District covering northwest Louisiana. Read more Trump digs in on Russia, faces potential confrontation with fellow Republicans latimes. om Top U. . spy agency refuses to endorse CIA assessment that Russia hacked to help Trump win dailymail. o. k. As Reuters conveniently notes, the ODNI position could give Trump fresh ammunition to dispute the CIA assessment, which he rejected as “ridiculous” in weekend remarks, and press his assertion that no evidence implicates Russia in the cyber attacks. The ODNI, headed by James Clapper, was established after the Sept.


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Directed by Julius Avery, the film stars Jovan Adepo, Wyatt Russell, Jacob Anderson and John Magaro. Gintoki Sakata, Shinpachi Shimura and Kagura are in need of money in order to continue running their Yorozuya office. The bumbling detectives decide to do take on part-time jobs to pay their rent. Strangely, whenever it is their shift at the shop, they meet Shogun-sama. Around that time, the special police forces Shinsengumi, led by Isao Kondo is divided among itself. The internal conflict of Shinsengumi connects the conspiracy involving Shogun-sama. But now Grindelwald has escaped custody and has set about gathering followers to raise pure-blood wizards up to rule over all non-magical beings. Albus Dumbledore (Jude Law) enlists his former student Newt Scamander to thwart his plans while facing new threats in a more divided wizarding world. Henson, Jack McBrayer, Jane Lynch, Gal Gadot Genre: Animation. Reilly) and Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) discover a WiFi router in their arcade, leading them into a new adventure. They navigate the vast and dynamic world wide web in search of a replacement steering wheel to save Vanellope’s game, Sugar Rush. To do that, they need money, leading them to join a free-to-play violent racing game, Slaughter Race, where they meet Shank (Gal Gadot), one of the game’s drivers. Shank quickly becomes Vanellope’s big sister figure, making Ralph concerned that she has no intentions of returning to her game. He enjoys living a solitary life inside a cave on Mt. The Grinch carefully carries out his plan, only to have his heart changed by a young girl’s generous holiday spirit. Academy Award nominee Benedict Cumberbatch voices the titular character in this funny and heartwarming screen adaptation for the family. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, Tessa Thompson, Wood Harris Genre: Drama.