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As I left, Kid asked me how I was going to dress, and I said without hesitation. But the mysterious Kashiselvis, who opened for the Gun Club at the Variety Arts Center, certainly knows. Thalia, of the NYC band Come, was the featured singer for the evening and would sing ALL of the songs besides my brief mini-medley. She may have had a petite body in a blood-red western shirt, but she filled the room with her super cool punk rock rasp - very melodic, like Jeffrey crossed with Janis Joplin, but also capable of cool whispery Morrison spell-casting. She was bringing an almost manly rock prowess to her reverent interpretation of the songs. Theresa was there as well, all smiles and honey smooth skin - later, in her new interviews that were included the movie, she looked like she was all of 18. Also milling about were loads of punk and post-punk legends, including Lisa Curlin and Ann McClean of the immortal Lotus Lame and the Lame Flames. To those of you in the Lame Flames know, where IS Jocko. The One Way was sort of the gay sister of the Anti-Club, sharing many of the same outrageous acts and savvy promoters, and proof that for one brief shining moment, fags could actually ROCK. Then back into the auditorium for the movie showing. Michael Des Barres, Silverhead cheekbones and Glam-era Garbo eyes completely intact, welcomed people to the opening night of the festival and the world premiere of the film with his usual sardonic snappy repartee, which, if not quite Oscar Wilde, was at least Oscar Levant, to the giggles of the sold out audience. Kurt Voss made a brief statement, and the lights went down. Then there was some puzzled silence as nothing happened for a couple of minutes.

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The maximum, however, appears to be locked at 100MHz, at least in the first-generation Ryzen CPUs. That could change with XFR 2. in the newer CPUs. Note that for XFR to hit its maximum allowance, PCs need premium air or water-based cooling solutions. Of course, keep in mind that the two second-generation Ryzen chips sampled out for testing are just that — samples. The numbers we see now could be preliminary, meaning AMD could squeeze out a bit more performance before they reportedly hit the market in April. AMD’s first wave of original Ryzen 7 and Ryzen 5 CPUs hit the market in March 2017 followed by the Ryzen 3 units in July 2017. That said, seeing an April 2018 release of the new Ryzen 7 and Ryzen 5 CPUs isn’t out of the question. Second-generation Ryzen 3 chips could appear in April as well, or follow the first-generation’s lead with a summer-bound release. AMD said in December that the new processors won’t need a new motherboard as seen with the original Ryzen processor launch. AMD plans to support its AM4 motherboard “seat” through 2020, indicating third- and fourth-generation Ryzen CPUs will be AM4-based as well. Apple’s AirPods wireless headphones already let you summon the voice assistant by physically tapping them, but the next iteration of them will allow you to simply say, “Hey Siri,” as you would with your phone, Bloomberg reports. This improved functionality is currently being worked on for the next generation of the AirPods, which are internally known as B288.

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Petit’s success may come as a foregone conclusion, but British filmmaker James Marsh’s pulse-pounding documentary still plays more like a thriller than a non-fiction entry--in fact, it puts most thrillers to shame. Marsh (Wisconsin Death Trip, The King) starts by looking at Petit's previous stunts. First, he took on Paris's Notre Dame Cathedral, then Sydney's Harbour Bridge before honing in on the not-yet-completed WTC. The planning took years, and the prescient Petit filmed his meetings with accomplices in France and America. Though still photographs capture the feat rather than video, the resulting images will surely blow as many minds now as they did in the 1970s when splashed all over the media. Not only did Petit walk, he danced and even lay down on the cable strung between the skyscrapers. It competed in the World Cinema Documentary Competition at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival, where it won the Grand Jury Prize: World Cinema Documentary and the World Cinema Audience Award: Documentary. In February 2009, the film won the BAFTA for Outstanding British Film, the Independent Spirit Awards and the Academy Award for Best Documentary. And although we’ve spent much of our history coming up with ways to detect these lies by tracking physiological changes in their tellers, these methods have proved unreliable. Little did he know that this act of vandalism would spark a chain of events that includes one of his rats being removed from a wall, Museums ignorantly turning down a free Banksy street work, and a NY gallerist who has made it his business model to remove Banksy street works from all over the globe doing whatever it takes to get the rat in his possession. A language with no unique words for colour or numbers. Linguistics professor Daniel Everett claims that the unique language of the Piraha people of the Amazon is exactly that. More than 30 years ago, he travelled as a missionary into the Amazon rainforest to teach the tribe, but they ended up teaching him.

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A co najlepsze rejestracja jak i pobieranie za darmo. Same nicki tych uploaderow w sobie daja ci gwarancje pewnosc ze pobrany plik jest tym ktory szukasz. Nie czekaj tylko rejestruj sie dzis i badz na biezaco z naszymi uzytkownikami. Takze mile widziane sa osoby ktore lubia alienowac (kopiowac) torrenty z innych stron. W zamian zaoferujemy rangi Uploadera, Vipa a nawet Przyjaciela. Administrator serwisu nie moze poniesc konsekwencji za to co uzytkownicy wstawiaja, lub za to co czynia na stronie. Nie mozesz uzywac tego serwisu do rozpowszechniania lub sciagania materialow do ktorych nie masz odpowiednich praw lub licencji. Uzytkownicy odpowiedzialni sa za przestrzeganie tych zasad. To sa darmowe torrenty wiec mozesz pobierac je bez uiszczania oplat. None of these apps hower work with my CGO2 camera. I'm starting to think this new drone isn't what everyone thinks it is. I power the machine on, find the wifi and get connection. When I open the app it says (no-sd) like its not reading the card.

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Even though here in the UK it’s rated a fairly tame 15, do not be alarmed. It is hardly Taken 3 levels of softened, jump-cutting guff. It has a strong cast (Ian McShane, Adrianne Palicki, Michael Nyqvist, Willem Dafoe, etc) all led by Keanu having something of a Reevesival (consider that term well and truly coined). I really enjoyed Man of Tai Chi, which was his directorial debut, but it’s good to see him doing well again in something like this. It’s a very entertaining, completely over the top, full throttle thriller. Again, as I said on the podcast and on Twitter shortly after watching it, John Wick bullseyed every target it aimed at. Unsurprisingly perhaps, Sunrise is still an excellent film. Whilst previously I’ve always thought very highly of this, I always remembered the middle part of the film being substantially weaker than its opening and closing thirds. I doubt I could tell you why exactly now, as I feel like I’ve not only enjoyed the film overall much more on this second viewing, but I think I might even appreciate its structure more. The build up to the collapse of Janet Gaynor and George O’Brien’s marriage was fantastically well constructed in the earlier part of the film, right before O’Brien succumbs to the alluring Margaret Livingston and her promises of taking him to the city, if he can murder his wife and make it look like an accident. The despair and kooky frolicking that follows the dark and grim first 30 minutes or so didn’t come across half as disjointed as the last time I saw it. Instead having the opposite effect of being almost tragic, knowing how close they were to ending it all. Murnau does a truly brilliant job at showing you that love between two people can be a magical, binding and unbreakable thing, particularly through its portrayal in the ending of the movie.

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I am sure that the Waif is being tested as much as Arya (she's clearly got something against Arya). The Waif's petty jealousy of Arya (which mirrors the younger actress's envy of the older one now that I think of it! is just as bad if not worse than Arya's desire to avenge her dead family. Gah, Maergary! Surely playing the High Sparrow, but I'm not sure if she has a longer game plan in mind, other than possibly stalling for time to save Loras. I like where things are heading but damn with only 4 epsides left this season we have still really to significantly pass the books. That's actually a good point, that the 3ER was not telling him you will fly in the sense you'll warg into flying creatures, but literally you'll be flying on the back of a dragon. I mean I really think that the 3ER knew glimpses of the future, if not more. It would be a nice follow-up also to him riding a horse back in season 1, thanks to a saddle created by Tyrion. Of course it's been an Arya-mentoring gig since the very start, and the Ds have been laying on the clues with a trowel. It's going to end with Jaq'en sending Arya on her way with some gift and the message that the God of Death didn't intend her to be a Faceless Person but has other death-related purposes in mind for her, now that she's proven herself worthy by undergoing so many trials including wearing the worst hair-do ever. So in reality we have no idea who is who at any given time. So when people predict the Waif is this or that and wants this or that it seems a bit pointless.

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Visual Communications Member presale ticketing will be available from Monday, April 1st to Friday, April 5th; ticketing for the general public will be available starting Friday, April 5th at 5:00pm PST. The Film Festival continues to be the largest festival of its kind in Southern California and is the premier showcase for the best and brightest of Asian Pacific American and international cinema. For program information and a complete listing of sponsors and partners, please go to this link. This is one of my favorites I’ve seen at the AFI Fest last November and it tops my 10 Best for Foreign Language Film so don’t miss this one. It’s showing Saturday, January 5th at 2:30 p. . An Opening Night Gala on January 5th will have a buffet starting at 5:30 p. . and following is Denmark’s Oscar submission “The Guilty” directed by Gustav Moller. This claustrophobic thriller, precisely paced and grippingly played by sole actor in the film Jakob Cedergren will keep you at the edge of your seat. Sunday, January 6 will have Finland’s submission “Euthanizer” at 11 a. . A 50-year old mechanic and animal whisperer prefers to personally deliver justice to careless owners who neglected their pets, but his life is disrupted when he encounters a neo-Nazi gang, and a young nurse who understands his psychosis.

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Keep in mind this meme started with Trump's upset victory to win the ''nomination'', months before the actual election. Kunta Kinte was MadeASlave and was flogged until he accepted the name Toby; Ramsay beats Theon until he accepts the name Reek. Send a Message Reason: None XFllo Oct 22nd 2017 at 9:03:56 AM Is there an issue. It's been popping up quite a bit on You Tube and a few other places. And eeven before Theon and diving, Jaime and swimming (more like sinking). And eeven even before Theon and diving, Jaime and swimming (more like sinking). Because all he heard from her was bend da knee, bend da knee - ben da knee - ben da nee - ben danee -- b danee -- danee -- dany -- Dany. Because all he heard from her was bend da knee, bend da knee - -- ben da knee - -- ben da nee - -- ben danee -- b danee -- danee -- dany -- Dany. Davos mentions that he, too, thought Gendry would still be rowing when they meet in Fleabottom. Ramsay, Tyrion, Jon, Euron Greyjoy and Daenerys are particularly popular for this, implying varying degrees of affection for the characters (and Drumpf), but it can be used to promote anyone in the show. Ramsay, Tyrion, Jon, Euron Greyjoy and Daenerys are particularly popular for this, implying varying degrees of affection for the characters (and Drumpf), Trump), but it can be used to promote anyone in the show. Is there an issue? Send a Message Reason: None DrakeClawfang Aug 9th 2017 at 6:47:28 PM Is there an issue.