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Basil first appeared in Peter Firmin's kids' show The Three Scampies in, I think it was 1968 but too lazy to go back and check on Wikipedia. For all I know the show was a drama rather than Basil's later chatshow-style shows, but I couldn't find that out. The animal element which is part of a human is the operator's hand in the puppet, the mineral the nylon from which I fondly fancy the puppet is fashioned, with a side-bet on some vegetable elements in his clothes too. In the light of my reply to Inkspot, probably not relevant:-) Unless one can describe fruit as either alive or dead. No BTW - have just spotted a reference to this fruit in the current Film Club. Another good question:-) No - not cooked as such. Cheers, Chalky! OK, our next is ABSTRACT and MINERAL with ANIMAL connections. No Rosie - A geographical feature? Um. es, in one sense Projoy - To do with language? No. I refer the honourable gentleman to my previous answers. Yes Raak - Is it a building, i. . a structure with storeys and rooms? No CdM - Is it unique. Yes I probably should have clued this as MINERAL and ABSTRACT - apologies for any confusions. It's another of those borderline ones, where it all depends on what you mean by 'abstract'. I do think there is an abstractness to it, though - it's a location, which i wouldn't describe as 'something very concrete'.

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But the show still looks incredible and is really well acted. I was okay with the grunts preferring Edmure and an end to the siege. They've been fighting for years, and neither the siege nor the war look winnable for their side. The Blackfish's silly offscreen death and the Waif's incompetence were both harder for me to swallow. They do it because he says so, not because they don't want to fight anymore. It would have been easy to rewrite the scene with a satisfying outcome. We know that if you don't literally see someone get chopped to bits that they aren't dead in this show. Hell, sometimes even if they are killed on screen they come back. Great character. Could see him sitting around doing funny shit w Hound, Thoros, and Baric. Kinda bummed the Karstarks didn't come to Jon and Sansa's side during the battle. Ah well. Will miss the giant too. The man could read the phone book and I'd pay attention. Pedantic rant, no way Bolton hits Rickon at a dead run at over 100 yards with a long bow. Also, the press the Stark army into a tight circle tactic was poorly executed. You don't put all the spears 8 feet out from the shields. Weakest part of the episode for sure, but Ramsay had to be Ramsay one last time to setup the whole battle. The looks on the Bolton army ask he tossed them around was well done. That shit was awesome and very satisfying, although Tyrion did have his moment.

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Story of how paintball was created goes back to the late 1970s. A group of friends, Hayes Noel, Bob Gurnsey and Charles Gaines had been discussing for years survival in the woods. The debate went back and forth until 1981, when a friend discovered the Nelson Paint Company painting pistol in a farming catalog. With the equipment chosen, Noel and Gurnsey sat down and wrote the rules to what they called The Survival Game. The first paintball game was played on June 7th, 1981, in the New Hampshire woods. The twelve players in that first game included Gaines, Gurnsey and Noel. Each participant had a pistol, some extra tubes of oil-based paintballs, and goggles. Multiple flag stations were placed over an 80 acre area, with 12 different colored flags at each station. Whoever collected all twelve of their flags first or was the last player not eliminated was the winner. As interest was increasing steadily among the neighborhood, potential of this new paintball concept was further spotlighted by the friends. Eventually Gurnsey founded the new sport called the National Survival Game, and then contracted with Nelson Paint Company to become the exclusive distributor of its guns and paintball equipment. There are many different types of paintball games such as capture the central flag, last man standing, capture the opposing team s flag. Competitive tournaments have been going on almost since the beginning of the sport. The first major paintball tournament was held in 1983, with the team based in Canada. Originally developed as an outdoor sport, today, paintball is played in outdoor and indoor fields. The game can be played with any number of people, but paintball is generally a friendly competition, typically played with 2 teams of about 5-12 people. Everyone is equipped with a protective mask to protect eyes, face and ears. Players use markers and shoot balls, made with a gelatin coating, which break on impact, leaving a stain. This painting is completely biodegradable, non-toxic and usually washable, thus with protective gear, there is really no need to worry about danger 18 cinema cinema Genre: Drama Director: Jamshed Mahmood Raza Stars: Joshinder Chaggar, Nayyar Ejaz, Sonia Hussain Language: Urdu, English Release date: 2015 Runtime: 100 min. The rest of the cast includes Samiya Mumtaz as Palwasha, Ayaz Samoo as Imtisal, Abdul Qadir as Baggoo Baba, Soniya Hussain as Amber, Shabbir Rana as Zahir and Sultan Hussain as Lalu.

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Ser Meryn Trant: Because everyone wants to see this guy get repeatedly stabbed. He could easily be sent to Dorne as a guard for Myrcella if the role of Arys Oakheart is cut, too. (Same with Loras should he join the Kingsguard in season 5) Gendry: It would give him a chance to make a cameo. kay, I'm reaching with this one. Maybe she will take over for Quentyn Martell and marches with Tyrion and Co. Jossed; Obara (along with the rest of her half-sisters and her stepmother) only met Dany at the Dragonstone, then was sent to secure matters in Dorne. Either Grey Worm or Missanei's death will replace one of theirs. In the long run, the Starks are actually in a better position than the other houses. Season Six's ending shook this whole WMG up - detailed in spoilers below. Although they're decimated and scattered across the Westeros, its not completely out of the question for them to be able to make a comeback. Compare with the other major houses: Lannisters: As of Season 4 they're going broke, Tywin isn't exactly getting any younger, his eldest son can't legally inherit his titles, he refuses to name his only other son as his heir ( and given Tyrion's arrest, its quite unlikely Tywin will ever change his mind also Tywin is dead ), and Cersei isn't exactly the best candidate to bring the house back to its former glory. Tyrells: Their only male heir is gay and less likely to father any children, but of course averted if Loras decides to take one for the team. Appears to be confirmed, now that all Tyrell heirs are dead. Cemented as of S7E3; with Lady Olenna dead, the Tyrells are effectively extinct. Baratheon: Stannis' wife is unable to give him any sons, and his only daughter is an Ill Girl. With Stannis and his daughter dead, the only Barratheons left are bastards, aren't they. Targaryen: Daenerys doesn't currently have any heirs, and in the books its implied that she's infertile. If it's later revealed and proven that Lyanna went with Rhaegar willingly and they married, then Jon is Dany's legitimate nephew, and the legitimate direct male heir of the Mad King. With his obvious brotherly love toward Sansa, Arya and Bran, then the Starks do end up in a very strong position indeed, as well as all of the Northerners that proclaimed their loyalty to Jon. Bolton: House appears to be exterminated now, unless the Ramsey Bastard has a Bastard.


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A true Bollywood classic. 2. Mughal -E- Azam Source If I am talking about classic, I can not forget to add the best of the classic romance. The Bollywood love story movie of Prince Salim and Anarkali and their everlasting love that brought civil war and nearly ruined an entire empire. They united all the couples’ in love to stand and say, “Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya” 3. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Source Kuch Kuch Hota Hai had everything that builds a classic romance -friendship, romance, sacrifices, jealousy and true love. 4. Veer Zaara Source A love that transcended time and geography-eternal Veer Zara. If this movie doesn’t give you true love feels, I don’t know what will. Yash Chopra made movies that talked about one true love. A tour guide falls in love with a married woman and helps her rediscover her love for dance. Kabhie Kabhie Source Kabhi Kabhie is what I’d like to call a complete movie- it had all the fine elements. Good story, great dialogues, great direction- and great acting. “Kabhi Kabhie” was that kind of film, it changed the way people romanced. It changed love itself. 9. Taal Source Unlike the other movies that talk about one true love, Taal had a love triangle. A common girl from the village and one guy from urban city meet and fall in love. Instead of using modern social media, the virtual couple meets through a lunchbox mix-up that could only happen in India. 15.