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The latter also showcases nicely textured electric and acoustic guitars before the inspired introduction of jazz horns, as Taupin’s evocative lyric describes someone “holed up in your house of wax, just waiting for the fire”. At times, as on “I’ve Got 2 Wings”, the sense of Americana in sound and imagery recalls the atmosphere of, say, Madman Across the Water, whereas the bare “Blue Wonderful” evokes the Eighties era of Too Low for Zero. Wonderful Crazy Night is not an album of hit singles, but John knows his game is to sit on the sub’s bench these days. But still to be delivering such carefully and enthusiastically forged handiwork says much about his respect for his legacy and his audience. The main character is a fictionalised version of the real-life studio exec Eddie Mannix, who was Louis B Mayer’s enforcer at MGM. If a male star was gay or a female one got pregnant, Mannix was the one who either kept the story out of the papers or spun it to the studio’s advantage. Here, Josh Brolin portrays him as a genial workaholic who charms rather than bullies actors, journalists and cops into behaving themselves and whose only real vice is smoking too many cigarettes. It has a tongue-in-cheek voice-over from Michael Gambon, a bit like Sam Elliott’s one in their earlier movie. Brolin’s super-efficient Mannix is very different from Jeff Bridges’ hapless, permanently stoned “Dude”, but what the two characters have in common is their tendency to get caught in the most outlandish scrapes. Clooney, who spends much of the movie in a toga, plays him in a thoroughly winning way. One part John Barrymore, one part Errol Flynn, he’ll listen to everyone, even the communists who are trying to give him a crash course in dialectical materialism. In Hail, Caesar!

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He refused to write the part of a will that included disposing of a slave and, in that case, convinced the client to set the slave free by manumission. Many Friends believed that slavery was bad— even a sin. Other Friends kept slaves but considered trading in slaves to be sinful. While in his 20s, he decided that the retail trade demanded too much of his time. He addressed issues of economic injustice and oppression in his Journal and other writings, and knew international trade had local effects. Despite supporting himself as a tailor, Woolman refused to use or wear dyed fabrics, because he had learned that many workers in the dye industry were poisoned by some of the noxious substances used. Concerned about treatment of animals, in later life, Woolman avoided riding in stagecoaches, for he believed operators were too often cruel and injurious to the teams of horses. Woolman decided to minister to Friends and others in remote areas on the frontier. In 1746, he went on his first ministry trip with Isaac Andrews. They traveled about 1,500 miles roundtrip in three months, going as far south as North Carolina. He preached on many topics, including slavery, during this and other such trips. Anti-slavery activities In 1754 Woolman published Some Considerations on the Keeping of Negroes.


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Randall loves animals—even the ones that terrify him. He may not agree with how these animals conduct themselves in the world, but Randall wants everyone to know who they are. Just as he introduced the world to the honey badger, the Jesus lizard, and others, so will Randall shed light on twelve bizarre and interesting animals. Designed with callouts, sidebars, and more than fifty photos, Honey Badger Don’t Care presents a wildlife book for adults—hilarious, irreverent, profane, yet charming, chatty, and informative. Randall’s father was a cameraman for Marlon Perkins’s “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. Randall is a graduate of both St. Olaf’s College in Northfield, Minnesota, and the Exotic Animal Training and Management Program at Moorpark College in Moorpark, California. Its ok im glad i ordered it on here and saved a few dollars, but its a good conversation piece and some of the animals are sorta cute but i like the comments that are added to make it a little more funny better than just a stale boring animal book so if your a fan i would say youll probably like this book i got a laugh from it especially the honeybadger getting her hair all did and nails done FIERCE. However, it does resemble a children's book on the cover, but is definitely not for kids given the very strong language. If you have, this will seem tame because the key to the video's success is the gay narrator. I ended up reading the whole book--my mother did too. It's a humor book with an undertone of bringing attention to endangered species.


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Pages are Aged, Yet Clean: EEPTU 1979 Edition, Cover Shows Minor. ISBN: 0340224789. Paperback: soft cover edition in good to better condition. Electric Co, Chicago, Tool Engineer, Automatic Electroc co. Practical Designs. Reference Book for Designing Drafting and Using Modern Types of Drilling Milling. Love. ill. Cover Illustration. Westminster, Maryland, U. . .


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But in our experience—you know, I talked about, like, Glenn and Shari Frilot. You know, this was our first wave of a younger generation, and also our first awareness that we're not young. We, now, definitely cannot describe ourselves as young. We're definitely older, and these are people that we are responsible for, and people that we need to learn from. And so, in the best of situations, and I think at that point in time, these are sharp, on fire people. It was George Towne, Shari Frilot, did a show at ABC No Rio. Because in concert, we tried to constitute an all-queer directorship of ABC No Rio. There was Dirk Hauska from Hamburg, who had come from the Hamburg Queer Film Festival as the general director. Jocelyn Taylor, who was partners early on with Julie Tolentino in the Clit Club, as also performance. It didn't work because the litigation with the City of New York and the building structure, it was just impossible. But they branched into other places very quickly and have come into their own. So that was kind of our first iteration of a younger generation.