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Euron is set up as the next big villain (and yes, the word is “villain”; he’s a pirate king who dabbles in sorcery and is trying to conquer the whole continent, and whose pastimes include slaving), and his interest in magic and dragon-control strongly suggests he will be facing Dany eventually (there’s been a lot of discussion on this point in the fandom, since we’ve had over a decade to analyze the clues GRRM has provided). He’s also very likely going to sack Oldtown (or try to do so). By your logic, the sequence with her at the end of Season 3 should not exist. It establishes her motivation for going to get Theon, as well as the fact that she’s going against Balon in doing so, and that Balon has written Theon off, and teases the viewer with events to come. The probable Iron Islands scenes at the start of Season 6 will follow this pattern. Establish the villain and the new political situation amongst the Ironborn, which kicks off their new plot, and sends Yara off into what will presumably be Theon’s story again. And the way they’ve handled Balon indicates the show agrees with me on this point. Then she could be involved with the Umber and the other Northern lord (from the casting calls) who are presumably involved in rebelling against the Boltons. I haven’t really kept up with AFOIAF since the “ranting and raving” hate-watch circlejerk reached its apex there (I’ve found greener pastures forum-wise since anyhow), so I don’t know if that possibility for Sansa has been brought up there, Colonel, but I think she’s poised to have a big hand in the ousting of the Boltons. Which will then reunite her with LF when he shows up thereabouts. Any big city has bad areas, but honestly I’ve never heard anyone I know saying anything but good. Euron is set up as the next big villain (and yes, the word is “villain”; he’s a pirate king who dabbles in sorcery and is trying to conquer the whole continent, and whose pastimes include slaving), and. He does not directly affect any of the major characters. The Iron Fleet might be a factor: but that is a very different statement from saying that Euron will be a factor. (And, no dabbling in sorcery does not make you a “villain”: villains exist only in very different types of stories than GRRM writes. . And, unlike either you or me, they know what GRRM’s Winter story is. Obviously, it was trying to tell the same story as Titanic, and Pompei is an equally powerful backdrop for telling that story. When they realize that the best thing they have for selling a film is someone’s body, well, you know that it went very wrong. Still, I did read a few places that Kit’s performance (and also Akinnuoye-Agbaje) turned in good performances.


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(Doesn’t matter, he looks GOOD. And is Podrick, aka the greatest lover of all time, going to save everyone alongside Brienne during the Great War. So the sight of her sprinting down a corridor, dragonglass knife in hand, looking absolutely petrified in the Game of Thrones season 8 trailer, has me shaking to be honest. But HBO are clearly reluctant to show us what’s pursuing the Stark assassin, as they’ve expertly blacked out whatever’s giving chase. But using our video wizardry we’ve managed to find a couple of frames that show what could be after her. I've pushed the colors so you can clearly see the mask that's been applied to the footage. The mask cuts across the pillar, meaning that it was definitely added in post-production, so HBO are most definitely trying to hide something. It might be some other being completely, or even a human. Arya could therefore be legging it to go and save them, as abandoning a fight to help those in need is more likely than her fleeing because her fears have got the best of her. If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, do that now here, then read INSIDER’s frame-by-frame analysis of all the new footage below. Likely enemy forces, but that would mean the army of the dead breaches the walls of Winterfell at some point during the battle. Unless there’s a threat coming from inside the ranks of the living. Unlikely, but with “Game of Thrones” you never know. We then see Varys, Gilly, and baby Sam in Winterfell’s crypts. When she says “this one,” Arya is mostly likely talking to someone about the Night King. This looks like a new weapon made from dragonglass (a substance known to kill both wights and White Walkers). He was going to hire the Golden Company, a legendary army of mercenaries, to fight on Queen Cersei’s behalf. In this shot, we see a new character named Harry Strickland standing in front of his sellsword troops. Tormund and Beric were a few miles east, at Eastwatch by the Sea. They barely escaped with their lives when the Night King brought down the fall on the final moments of the seventh season finale.


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