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Maybe the costume designer will give us more details in an interview or something. It’s nice to see the contrast with all the other sets (they’re good too). Even if it’s just a throw away comment, they’ll make mention of the switch. It would be awfully cute and sad. Poor Lady. Oh the feels. But I thought, setting it up early by having LF convince Sweetrobin (and Lord Royce obviously) to help his cousin, it wouldn’t come totally out of the blue and I’d be fine with it. He quit Night’s Watch and gotta wear something else. Guest would’ve sit on the other side of the table and not beside Edd as new LC. Jon’s given him command of CB, but what exactly is he in charge of. The first ranger, the master builder, and the head steward are all dead. They’re down to about 35 dudes and they’ve got Wildlings hanging out in the courtyard. If I were Edd, I would’ve said “thanks, but no thanks” when Jon handed him command. Now there’s a warrior woman worthy of Tormund Giantsbane. Is there any way Bran could communicate with Arya through the statue. Especially after Shaggydogs death it would be so cool to see Sansa interact with Ghost, and for Ghost to recognize her immediately. Killing a White Walker and surviving battles are worthy accomplishments, but RT won’t believe that WW exist and won’t believe anything worthy of Sam. RT already told Sam to his face that he wished Sam were dead.


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From covenant and worship to the incarnation and the Trinity, this lavishly illustrated resource unpacks 100 key concepts. Each entry features a Scripture verse highlighting the idea, a brief definition, a non-technical explanation, and an application that will deepen your knowledge of God’s Word. 256 pages, softcover from Barbour. Filled with thinking, laughing, and praying points, Dark’s lively conversation will bring you to a better understanding of the reality of God’s kingdom. 173 pages, softcover from Westminster John Knox. Cole Despite today’s growing charismatic movement, many Christians remain unclear about the person and work of the Holy Spirit. Commissioned to maintain the tradition of up-to-date definitions and explanations, this edition incorporates the latest findings concerning major personalities, events, facts, and movements. Featuring nearly 1,400 authoritative articles from more than 200 contributors, it covers the early, medieval, and Reformation periods. 768 pages, hardcover from Westminster John Knox. Volume 1 traces the creeds’ development through the 19th-century revivals. Volume 2 explores the original creed forms. Volume 3 includes the evangelical Protestant creeds with translations. 2547 pages total, three hardcovers from Baker. You’ll find it in Cross and Livingstone’s accessible dictionary. Previously published as The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church, Third Edition. 1568 pages, softcover from Hendrickson. Includes Exploring Church History from the day of Pentecost to the modern age; The Truth About Worldviews such as Buddhism, Islam, and various cults; and Biblical Ethics, reviewing hot-button issues through the lens of Scripture. 352 pages, softcover from Crossway.


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