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etroitnews. om Quake near Oklahoma oil hub causes substantial damage article. n. om Quake strikes Oklahoma near major oil pipeline hub article. n. om The Latest: Governor says no damage at Oklahoma oil hub charlotteobserver. om Oil town in Oklahoma rattled by strong quake article. n. om. This is Beijing’s most direct intervention in Hong Kong’s legal system since the 1997 handover from British rule.

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Ghost had nothing to do with this: he was in the room because that is where a dog (or wolf) would stay. And any dog would have reacted the same as he did: Jon’s physiology kicking back into gear would have been loud and smelly to a dog. In particular, his master’s scent would suddenly have started to get stronger: and dogs look up when they smell their masters coming home several seconds before humans hear the same person coming home. Whining about my points accomplishes nothing though. They have been refusing to eat sheep, etc. brought to them. They are not eating for some reason: presumably because mummy is gone. If they are not ripping apart nice tasty sheep, then humans (which are pretty foul smelling and foul tasting) would not be particularly appealing. It would be when they are devouring the sheep on site that I would not get near them. Tywin is a big death, and he gets shot taking a shit.

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With Melesandra heading south and possibly running into the Brotherhood without Banners who are headed North, the remaining 4 would be together. We only know that the Waif called her out for saying she did not have any feelings for Sandor when they were playing the lying game. You could make an argument either way, but I think he's off. He was right J Lannister was smiling at his sister. Joseph Weston 2 ? ? In game of thrones did they clean house for next season. Littlefinger didn't know that Ramsay was going to do that to Sansa, even Aiden Gillan (actor who plays littlefinger) confirmed this. The plot for this character this season is atonement for the mistake he made for marrying Sansa to Ramsay. P.

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The plot of the third film in particular seems to involve a djinn who comes into the lives of a recently widowed mother, Anne (Ozay Fecht), and her young daughter, Eda (Merve Ates). After they move into a new house, Eda starts acting strange, and both Anne and Eda begin to have encounters with creepy figures and black magic. Anne's struggle to help her daughter is reminiscent of 2014's The Babadook, which won critical acclaim for its fine acting and psychologically gripping portrayal of the pressures of single motherhood, while the grotesque imagery reminds me of Guillermo del Toro at his surreal best. My Outlander Purgatory's Carol and Tracey are back to recap another episode of Outlander, the Starz series based on Diana Gabaldon's best selling book. I mean I objectively understand that the Germans did some horrific things to Jews during WW2, however I imagine that actually seeing a pregnant woman being gassed to death would leave me with psychological scars. I imagine that seeing a man's body dragged out and hung despite already being dead would have the same affect on Claire. Also, I'm not sure why Carol was mad at Claire, when it was Jocasta who started in on her, Claire was just trying to beat a hasty retreat. Had that been me, I'd have had some choice words to impart to Jocasta, elderly or not. Claire was way more graceful than I would have been, for sure. Can I also add, all this empathy and sympathy for Jamie, when the fact is, it's Claire who has sacrificed everything to be with him.

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I don’t mind having the 3 of them be equally compelling as long as there’s still something for each one to contribute. We’ll see in this next episode if the hint of discord seen by some in episode 5 is real. She’s understandably not trusting but I don’t think she would like to take everything for herself. Sounds like she already gave up on him (but she still wants that sweet revenge and Winterfell). Bet she secretly wants one male Stark heir out of the way. After what happened to him, why is he still so trusting of people. He sentenced a child to death and he’s seen the worst of war. There’s no rational reason for him to be front and centre in ep7 because he’d much rather be on a beach in Dorne, getting a suntan. Who is there to tell Sansa all that LF is and has done. I so want Bran to return south and put her in her place.