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Edwin Bryant was shot in the chest and back and was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 3:45 a. . according to the Cook County medical examiner’s office and police. His brother suffered gunshot wounds to the chest and head and was pronounced dead at Northwestern about an hour later. Carter said Edward played on the Demons’ traveling team since 6th grade. Earlier this year, the Demons won the Bigfoot Classic in Houston and the Las Vegas Live tournament. I’m not surprised they were together at that time of night. Kobe Mapp, a junior at Bogan High School, had known Edward Bryant since sixth grade. Mapp and several of his friends have changed their Twitter avatars to pictures of Bryant as a tribute. “He was my best friend,” Mapp said. “He never got into any trouble, he just loved playing basketball and being around people who cared for him. 17 killed as Chicago sees deadliest weekend of the year rssfeeds. satoday. om. The former radio sports announcer faces charges of alleged illicit enrichment, unlawful association and money laundering. Police said six former officials in his government were also arrested. Former President Mauricio Funes, who succeeded Saca, is under investigation for corruption. Another former president, Francisco Flores, died last January while awaiting trial for allegedly diverting millions of dollars in earthquake aid. The Russian troops will be joined by Serbian and Belarusian forces. The joint Russian-Serbian exercise will last between November 2 and 15, and will also involve over 50 soldiers from the Russian Military Transport Aviation along with combat vehicles including the BMD-2 infantry fighting vehicle, the Tachyon drone and four ATVs for raids and reconnaissance missions.

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Mr. Kurosawa is one of the most influential filmmakers in history, his film “Seven Samurai” has been copied, remade, and updated hundreds of times. How could an updated version of a film, which was already a remake, work in today’s remake saturated film world. Because stories of good versus evil and the journey of heroes facing insurmountable odds can still be an interesting element when done the right way, even when it’s been done so many times that even the most novice of film fan can see the path of the story a mile away. The 2016 version of “The Magnificent Seven” is entertaining and fun many times throughout; it's as mediocre of a popcorn movie as one could be. Faced with the option of leaving town or meeting death, the townspeople employ the services of a bounty hunter named Chisolm (Denzel Washington). Needing more help than the townspeople can offer, Chisolm employs the services of six other men; a gambler named Faraday (Chris Pratt), an outlaw named Vasquez (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo), a famous gunman named Goodnight Robicheaux (Ethan Hawke) and his knife-wielding associate Billy Rocks (Byung-hun Lee), a famous hunter named Jack Horne (Vincent D’Onofrio), and a lone Native American named Red Harvest (Martin Sensmeier). Justice needs to be served and the innocent need to be protected. Mr. Fuqua does a great job introducing these characters, even the villain who is offered the very first introduction is provided a startling and violent scene that makes the viewer despise him. This helps warrant the vigilante mentality of getting bounty hunters, gamblers, and outlaws together to fight the good fight. Still, Mr. Fuqua does not shy away from displaying the character flaws of some of the seven justice seeking men, specifically with group leader Chisolm who plays all of his emotional cards close to the chest. Mr. Washington doesn't need to say much but the little mannerisms that the actor brings adds a sense of mystery, and also danger, with every deliberate move. Chris Pratt provides much of the humor, the actor is best when he is allowed freedom with the character but he also brings a natural likability to a character that isn't the most righteous of the group. Another standout in the film is Ethan Hawke who plays a prideful but tormented gunfighter. The talented Mr. Hawke has a knack for making these kind of secondary characters better than they should be. However, this also moves the film far away from being anything remotely memorable, in fact in some instances it makes the film rather boring.


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On the other hand, we will always keep fond memories of institutions that have disappeared, like the Substation’s Moving Images programme and Sinema Old School, who gave us a turf to roam and create. In fact, over the years, we have been silently extending our radius to capture more stories beyond our shores (and I did not steal that line from Channel NewsAsia). It’s a natural transition when you are living in a region like Southeast Asia, never short on stories and folklore. So, 10 years on, we know the drill better but we are experimenting like a teenager all over again. Trying to create reading material for an audience like Southeast Asia is inherently a knotty problem because no other region is as culturally diverse as this. In Indonesia itself, there are over 300 native languages spoken. But if films could transcend cultures like a K-pop song, we will naively believe we will be of use to quite a range of readers, who wear anything from a sarong to a longyi. STOP10, our regular Top 10 listical opens with 10 of the most life-changing Southeast Asian films. We spent time looking for films that would disturb, jolt your personal philosophies, haunt your intellectual senses and change your opinion about something. If one takes a cross-sectional gaze of potentially powerful films from the region, one gets drugs, religion, ghosts, spirits, crime, race, politics and human trafficking. Gasp! But in between all that we also found love, beauty, humour and even sensuality. There is so much to love and hate in the 10 films we have amassed in this STOP10 list. And our team has never put so much passion and emotional investment into STOP10 as this one. Each writer has revisited the film and produced a love letter to the film as a way of keeping log their individual epiphanies in their journey through each film. Each piece of writing is also an ode to cinema as much as an ode to the story told. A memento from the glorious Malay language film industry of the 50s and 60s in Malaya, Seniman Bujang Lapok will tickle you, albeit in monochrome, with the hopelessly endearing mishaps of its three signature bachelors Ramli, Aziz and Sudin. In this third instalment of the Bujang Lapok (dirty bachelors in Malay) series, the three men stumble into a Jalan Ampas film studio in Singapore and deliver one of the most hilarious auditions ever. So wrong and yet so right that they were actually hired as actors. Starring the iconic P Ramlee, the film, itself a satire on the Malay film industry, earned immense popularity among the film-going crowd then and till today, a certain immortality as a textbook name.


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CS: In both “Lights Out” and “Annabelle: Creation,” you’re working with child actors. Is that something for which you feel a particular skill? David F. You hear people say, “Never work with animals or kids. I used to think that that was about kids sucking as actors. But that’s not the case, at least not with any of the kids I’ve worked with. They’re all fantastic actors and they’re so dedicated. The only drawback and the real reason not to work with them is the hours. The kid’s out. When you work with an adult, you keep going with a scene until you’re done with it. So that’s kind of stressful in working with a child actor. CS: Do you ever have to worry about it getting too scary? David F. Lulu Wilson, who is in this, is sort of a horror movie pro now. She already had her own horror movie with “Ouija: Origin of Evil. It was funny. She recently did a comedy because her mom was like, “Maybe you should try doing something different? So she did a comedy and was like, “No, I like horror movies. They’re more fun. CS: How much work is involved making sure “Annabelle” fits properly into the world of “The Conjuring”?


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Forty years ago, there were more than 60,000 tobacco farms in the New South, which produced 1. billion pounds of crops. In 2012, according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service, there were just 2,478 tobacco farms in those four states, producing 492 million pounds. The decline is even more pronounced in the textile industry: Nationally, employment in textile mills has fallen from about half a million in 1990 to just 109,000 workers today, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Almost 60 percent of the textile jobs in America are located in the four New South states — but the number of jobs in those states has fallen by almost half just since 2005, according to the Census Bureau. As a consequence, rural counties in the New South are shrinking. Forty-one percent of North Carolina towns lost population between 2010 and 2016, according to the UNC Carolina Population Center. Eighteen of Virginia's 40 state Senate districts have either grown substantially slower than the rest of the Commonwealth or lost population since November 2011, according to the Virginia Public Access Project, a nonpartisan think tank. The vast majority of those districts that have lost population or grown slowly -- including the district where Danville sits — are in the south and southwest corners of the state. Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia have experienced some of the most robust long-term population growth in the nation, but the core of the New South's economy has shifted entirely, away from rural counties that once clothed the world and toward booming metropolitan areas that serve as global hubs of modern finance, education and information. North Carolina's Research Triangle has nearly doubled in size in recent decades. Bush actually won Mecklenburg County, home of Charlotte, by 7,000 votes. Sixteen years later, Clinton took two out of every three votes in the Research Triangle, and 62 percent of the vote in Mecklenburg. Across the state, the six largest counties in North Carolina all shifted more than ten percentage points toward Democrats between 2012 and 2016. In Virginia, Richmond is growing and the suburbs around Washington, D. C. make up a massively disproportionate share of the Commonwealth's economic and political activity. In 2000, the four counties and five independent cities that make up Northern Virginia accounted for a little over a quarter of the statewide vote; Gore beat Bush in those counties and cities, which made up a little over a quarter of the statewide vote, by a combined margin of just 1. percentage points while losing the state. Sixteen years later, Northern Virginia accounted for 39.


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He turns to walk away but the Mountain stands in his way. She gives the smallest possible nod and the Mountain draws his sword. He just stares at his sister for a long beat and says very quietly, “I don’t believe you”. After a long beat, he turns and walks away, right past the Mountain and his drawn sword. Maester Wolkan also stands near the high table and dozens of Knights of the Vale are along the walls, watching Arya. Littlefinger is leaning against the wall, watching Arya with the faintest trace of a smile. Sansa tells her she is there because it’s what honor demands, honor demands that she defends her family from those who would harm them. She must defend the North from those who would betray them. Sansa says he murdered their aunt, Lysa Arryn, earlier he conspired to murder Jon Arryn. The conflict between the Starks and the Lannisters, it was him who started it. He conspired with Cersei and Joffrey to betray their father. Littlefinger is shocked, how does she possibly know all of this information. Thanks to him, Ned was imprisoned and later executed on false charges of treason. Littlefinger denies it but then Bran speaks: “You held a knife to his throat. You said, I did warn you not to trust me. Now Littlefinger knows how all of his crimes have come to light. Arya pulls out the Valyrian steel dagger, saying he told their mother the dagger belonged to Tyrion, just another one of his lies. She then nods to Arya who walks toward him, dagger in hand. She swipes the dagger so fast across his throat he doesn’t even see it happening until it’s over. Jaime is no longer wearing his Lannister uniform, no longer commanding an army or representing his house.


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I hope she lets him know next episode, as anything else would be insane. Great acting, solid dialogue (coherent with the characters), great dynamics, fun and sad at the same time. I can see why some might see it as superfluous but I really think it was a very strong scene. Or The only way the waif will stop trying to kill Arya is if the waif thinks Arya is dead. So the stabbing is a trick to get the waif to quit pursuing Arya. My issue is that she seemed condescending toward Davos in an episode where his strategy had proven to be much more on point than her own. I suppose the Cerwyns might support the Starks given the flayings if they are not afraid of another flaying. Hopefully retaining some of the changes he’s been through. I’m really curious to see where her hatred towards Arya comes from. This isn’t making sense to me any which way I look at it lol. If Arya killed the waif off screen and took face then who was Arya with Waif’s face stabbing. I like the ambiguity of it right now, but I’ll hate it if it ends up not making any sense. But that is an interesting point about the difference between the book and the show: and, of course, given what happens to Stannis, it’s possible that they won’t be a factor in either medium. If she’s smart, she knows Littlefinger is ambitious and can’t be trusted. It would be better if she takes his powerful tools away and use them against the Starks’ enemies. They’ll never respect and pledge their allegiance to her, regardless of her Stark name. If the Vale does save the day does she try and take credit for it in a power move against Jon. We know LF will probably still try and pit them against each other. At this point, they might as well kill them all except for Bran. They might be reuniting but this reunion will end in tragedy.